Magie Noir by Gerard Goupie for Lancome 1978

Hello everyone Fume obsessed or otherwise,

I am a frag whore, slag, slut, it’s true. If you could see the crazy collection of bottles, decants, samples and paraphernalia that i have collected you would be aghast at my disgustingly hoarderish, greedy, spoiled brat ways. Even I suffer the odd pang of WTF sometimes when faced with the ridiculous enormity of my obsession and then something comes along that reminds me why I go to all this trouble and expense.

Magie Noir by Lancome

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bulgarian rose, galbanum (bitter, green, musky), hyacinth, cassia/cassis (blackcurrant buds and leaves), raspberry, bergamot
Heart: Ylang yland, orris, cedar, jasmine, narcissus, lily of the valley, tuberose, honey
Base: Patchouli, incense, musk, myrrh, vetiver, amber, sandalwood, oakmoss, civet, spices

Magie Noir (Mah-Zhee Nou-Ah) means Black Magic which frankly scares me to widdling my pants. I am reviewing the current formulation that I bought as a decant. The opening on my skin and to my nose is all old school perfume with a bitter, sexy, animal rush that is like a prelude, as if Magie noir wants to show you everything it’s capable of in a moment that lasts almost a minute before the leaves, stems and unripe fruit take their places at the head of the parade. I think it is the galbanum that already seems to have its base notes of wood, musk and civet on the sustaining chorus parts.

Photo Stolen lovespells-magicspells

Not too far further in and the flowers, spicy, honeyed rose and sensual white flowers with the siren call of narcissus all combine to explode upon your person and drift into the ether like the cartoon snakes of fragrance that reach out and capture peoples minds and hearts, all the while leading the inexorably to their doom. It’s hard to feel any less that a saucy seductress with a Salome like power when wearing this lovely and alluring wildcat of a fragrance. Magie Noir is only a loud, strong and pervasive scent for about an hour. After that it quiets down to some seriously sexy and lavishly luxurious accords that put me in mind of the way my imagination tells me that Scheherazade’s skin must have smelled, spicy, sensual, cool but inviting and slowly ripening as the night wore on. I can only imagine how outrageously naughty Magie Noir must have smelled originally and in extrait form. The mind sincerely boggles.

Unfortunately at around the 4 hour mark I become anosmic to Magie Noir but I still get compliments on it long after I have lost any sense of being perfumed. Maybe i am a little bit spicier that normal but really it’s the way I would expect me to smell always if I thought about it.
Definitely NSFW, no matter how scent OK your workplace is this will fuddle everyones brain’s, you could wear it to dinner if there was at least an hours window between spritz and sitting down, same with cinema but most other activities you would be good. Especially good for sexy rendevous, if this doesn’t work on them nothing will because Magie Noir could wake the dead and bring them back.

Dali-LaFemmeVisible Photo Stolen centaurgalleries

PerfumeSmellin’Things and PerfumeShrine for further, deeper reading
TradeServices are still offering what looks like an old 50ml EdT $54 (pictured at top)
FragranceX has the current 75ml EdT $63
MyPerfumeSamples start at $2/ml but I bought 5ml for $7 (CRAZY good value)

Hopefully your world’s magic will stay white but if it has to be black make it Lancome or Sarah Vaughan (below).

Have you tried Magie Noir? Do you remember the old formulations and what is different to you?
Till tomorrow, take care of yourselves,
Portia xx