Scent Diary: 10.2-16.2.2020




Hey there APJ Crew,

Even though it’s been rush, rush, rush to get things organised all week I’ve felt calm about it. Going at it at my own pace and getting things done one at a time has allowed me to focus on each thing. At times it’s felt quiet zen.
Fragrance has, as always, played a major part. There are some cool spritzes from the vault.
Saw some friends but all in all it was work, organise, sleep, repeat.

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Chloe Nomade by Quentin Bisch for Chloe 2018


Kate Apted


Greetings APJ good people.

Ever have one of those moments when you suddenly become aware of falling head over heels for something, or someone, that really makes no sense? Maybe it is that weird tasting cereal that has ingredients that you usually despise, or that little weekend hideaway in the hills you keep returning to that is far from your beloved beach.

I fell in love with Chloe Nomade. It was only because I was repeatedly typing into in my Facebook perfume group as my Scent of the Day that it dawned on me how often I was wearing it. The glorious Drew bag shaped bottle gives nothing away of how much I have used. It has snuck into my top five list of most loved and is first for most worn.

My very dear friend, Karen, recommended Nomade a year ago. I eventually tried the scent on a card and found it unimpressive. I loved the bottle and the laid back advertising, but the scent underwhelmed me. I am not sure what prompted me to buy a 50ml bottle at the tail end of winter other than a Fragrantica review of it had me return for a closer smell. Freesia caught my eye and I realised I had not tried it on my skin.

Chloe Nomade by Chloe 2018

Quentin Bisch

Chloe Nomade

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Portia’s Best Of 2018



Heya APJ,

Obviously my Best Of will be the best of what I got my nose on. Seriously. I’m smelling ALL YEAR the newest stuff and still I’ve hardly scratched the surface. Some of these may have been released in 2017 but were new to me this year. Soz about that, just doing my best here.

Portia’s Best Of 2018

Kolonya by Rasei Fort

Seriously folks. If you don’t get your nose on this you are missing out. You know I whinge and bitch about people releasing cologne for large sums of money that could easily be replaced by a $20 bottle and the difference is minimal. Kolonya is a game changer for me, pieces of so many fragrances all put together in a way so unexpected and surprising that i smile from ear to ear when I wear it. There is so much in this fragrance and every time I wear it the ride is different, like it’s temperature, weather or venue specific. All the fun of cologne with all the bells and whistles of finest fragrance. SNIFF THIS IMMEDIATELY!

Niral by Neela Vermeire Creations

An homage to British silk maker Sir Thomas Wardle. Niral is a rosy iris backed by dry tea and leather. Wears like the sussurus of silk as you walk down stairs, quiet, expensive and attention grabbing. I drained my press sample and recently purchased a full bottle. Quite distinct from the rest of the NVC catalogue and an interesting new direction.

Memory Motel by Une Nuit à Montauk

We were all blown away by this strangely gorgeous BarBQ sauce and leather fragrance opening that had a smoothness we thought might be elemi or even labdanum. On second smelling I got none of the BarBQ and loads more of the patchouli with tobacco, vanilla and frankincense. Another MUST TRY! I don’t know why the internet hasn’t blown up about these guys.

Taj Garden by DSH Perfumes

Taj Garden’s is lightly floral, like peonies and hyacinths as the sun just hits them and starts to warm the day, a green floral, delicate and calming. It has the spirit of warm water without feeling particularly wet and sunshine seems to be captured perfectly, that feeling of it hitting the back of your neck on a cool morning with incense burning not very nearby.

Le Participe Passé by Serge Lutens

A return to the Serge that we know and love. Fruit mince drizzled in caramel, sweaty cumin and resins with a lovely green overlay that gives a considered counterpoint and surprise. I bought a 100ml bottle it and am glad I did. MMMMMMMMM

Nomade by Chloe

This has not yet been a purchase but when Nomade was released early this year the Duty Free in airports were full of squirt bitches (men and women) trying to douse us. I was initially reluctant and asked for a card. I was back in 15 minutes to get some on my skin and loved it sick for the next couple of hours. A mossy, fruity floral that wears like expensive leather goods on my skin.

Les Eaux de CHANEL

Biarritz, Deauville and Venise are so much better than they ever needed to be. Cologne plus. Loved the new bottles, that soft touch packaging and the carefree vibe of them all.  I couldn’t help myself and purchased them all.

Cloud by Ariana Grande

I know! It’s a budget, screechy Baccarat Rouge 540 but still. That freaking bottle is hilarious and the scent is not the worst thing I’ve smelled this year. For almost zero dollars I think it’s cool.

Belgravia Chypre by Penhaligon’s

This series of Penhaligon’s Hidden London doesn’t seem to have been a big hit for them, in Australia anyway. From the moment I tried Belgravia Chypre (doesn’t really feel like a chypre at all to be honest) I fell madly in love. My bottle gets fairly regular outings, but not in the crazy heat of summer and I think it is a very 21st century niche offering, bordering on bro woods. It smells amazing while walking around art galleries and I can so imagine it being the choice of the suit brigade if ever they tried it.

Antique Ambergris by Aftelier Perfumes

Animalic, chocolatey, earthy and rich yet light as a feather. This will fully fit the animalic cravers yet anyone who is terrified of that won’t be overwhelmed. There’s a lot more going on here than the animalics. Lightly salted chocolate covered caramel, woodiness, resins and amber all combine like a sheer gourmand.

UR ± Silk 19 by UER MI

This woody, white floral and fruity concoction has grabbed my heart. It’s so pretty and easily worn yet weird enough to maintain my interest all day. The brand Uer Mi is cool but kinda try hard. I love their scent aesthetic though, good stuff and not ridiculously pricey either.

Hermessence Cèdre Sambac by Hermès

Infinitely more than the sum of its parts, Hermessence Cèdre Sambac is so wearable and yet still a little bit Hermès weird. Christine Nagle has stamped her signature hard but managed to remain well within the oeuvre. I can’t believe how many people, and from such different taste ranges, have fallen hard for this sheer hefty beauty. My 15ml travel is about 30% empty.

Iris Rebelle by Atelier Cologne

I spent about 3 hours wandering Selfridge & Co perfume halls solo earlier in the year. I must have sniffed 50+ blotters and the one that stayed in my hand and at my nose the whole time was Iris Rebelle. A peppery, patchouli/oudh iris and is both creamy and gritty. So unusual. YUM!

Savannah’s Heart by Olibere Parfums

Another one I tried and then HAD TO HAVE in my collection. Coffee, woods, oudh and musks with a sheer veneer of green over the top. It’s fairly standard niche fare but done with a happy, enticing twist. I love it but know that if Val the Cookie Queen smelled it she’d wrinkle her nose. Hot sand, coffee and woods is how it smells on me. Fabulous!

Maison Christian Dior Collection

In 2018 the old Prive collection got a review. Everything is now grouped into the Maison Collection. I’m thinking that means there are some quiet reformulations and the addition of about 700 new fragrances, all of them light, bright and tight. The Asian market and the office seem to be the focus. Lightweight, wearable, pretty and durable scents that will not announce your arrival but will be nice to be next to. My personal faves of the new line up, and now bottles gracing my collection, are Sakura, Purple Oud and Santal Noir.


There are MORE! I can’t bloody remember them off the top of my head.

What did you love (or hate) in 2018?
Portia xx

Still Beijing Autumn Air – finding scent that works


Kate Apted


Heidi ho, APJ family!

Last month, I went to Beijing for a week of random pottering around. It was actually to escape my family and responsibilities, but it sounds so much more romantic to state the other. Admittedly, I didn’t really do much other than eat lots of street food and go to a few of the sights I hadn’t been to on previous visits.

Still Beijing Autumn Air PXHerePDI

Still Beijing Autumn Air

Finding scent that works

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Scent Diary: 2.10 – 8.10.2017




Hey Hey APJ Crew,

I don’t know why but this week has felt freaking hectic. There aren’t even that many things involved but I always seemed to be playing catch up. Hopefully things settle down a little this week (HA! As If)

Scent Diary: 2.10 – 8.10.2017

Monday 2:

Jin just left for work. 3.15am. I’m still up fart arse-ing around at the computer. Going to bed.

PUBLIC HOLIDAY TODAY!! Sydney is closed. Everyone is having BarBQs and doing warm weather stuff.

Spritzed Amouage Dia Extrait to walk the dogs in the morning and was happily engulfed in fragrance till I bathed late at night.

I had organised about 4 things to do. Friends, friends families, lunch, dinner, swimming. It all came to nought when I realised that Jin had taken the car AND my motorbike key. With public transport on Sunday/Public Holiday times I wasn’t going out at all.

Jin and I went for dinner when he got home from work. This picture seemed to capture spring dusk in the city perfectly for me.

Wrote my Trivia Q&A in record time

Tuesday 3:

Scott and I made up a Sale Doc for the Aussie FB page. Once it went live there was a feeding frenzy.

We also got the office work done for this week. Very productive day.

While we were going through the things to cull we rediscovered a bottle of Chloe Narcisse. It was going into the sale pile till we spritzed it. NOPE! Keeping it. So then I wore it to work but I forgot how big it is and overspritzed. Let’s just say I was in the middle of a fragrant cloud and felt like my scent was dry cleaning everyones clothes. HUGE!!!

Wednesday 4:

Today jumped out of bed bright and early, walked and fed the dogs.

Spring is here so I grabbed my Penhaligon’s Ostara and spritzed with abandon. The perfect spring scent.

Then Jin drove me to the station where I jumped a train for the city. Destination Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens with my childhood buddy Eve and her beautiful daughter Lola.

We caught the Choo Choo Express around the gardens, had a delicious picnic on the grass and we wandered over to the new pavilion The Calyx where they have a Pollination exhibition on currently. Then we sat outside in the shade and had a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. It was a beautiful day, perfect.

Wednesday night I jumped on my motorbike and went to see a frag buddy. bought 10ml of Creed Vanisia off him.

Thursday 5:

Lazy morning.

Lunch was two buns. One had ham & salad, the other chicken mayonnaise salad. They were bloody delicious.

Wore my new Creed Vanisia day and night to work. I love it so much and it was also a big compliment getter.

Below is my friend Warren who comes and plays trivia irregularly. He and I went to the same school.

Friday 6:

The day was spent packing and posting my frag sales.

Also Jin is looking to refinance his mortgage. We ran from pillar to post through Parramatta meeting with banks and mortgage brokers. We think we know which way he’s going but they really make it hard. The bank we are currently with and turned up for a booking we had had organised a week ago flat out said we’d have to wait till he’d done something else, could we come back in an hour or two. Jin immediately struck them off the list. This guy was so arrogant about the whole thing too, unbelievable.

As you can see below Paris was looking at me with pleading eyes for a cuddle, so of course he got loads of smooching.

Bubble bath today in LUSH Rose Jam and then wore Aftelier Parfum de Maroc out for dinner with Alice, Kath and Jin to the Original Balkan Restaurant on Crown St. We ate so much I couldn’t even fit ice-cream in but the other guys indulged. Here they are suffering a sugar high.

Saturday 7:

Today was rush, rush, rush.

Jin needed to get something at the shops, a few shops. I thought we’d be out for 40 minutes but then we kept adding stuff. I also managed to end up buying all my absolute essential needs and a couple of extras at the 70% off GAP sale.

Came home, quickly bathed and then TinaG came over for a cuppa and a chat, sniff and laughs. It was great to see her but my mind was half on tonights gig and I couldn’t really concentrate.

My fragrance for tonight was the original Agent Provocateur EdP. Bloody lovely roses and stuff.

BIG gig tonight. Fundraiser with 240 people. It was a huge event, so much fun and a great crowd. Here are some of the group at half time. I think we raised LOADS of money.

For bed I spritzed some Annick Goutal Grand Amour. Floating away on creamy clouds of floral vanilla. MMMMMMM

 Sunday 8:

I stayed up late and rewatched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. What a fun movie. Colin Farrell is so good as the evil guy and Eddie Redmayne plays the doesn’t-quite-fit-in geek to perfection. Really enjoyed it the second time around.

It’s cloudy, dry, warm and lovely today. Perfect weather for everything. Wandering the dogs this morning it was nice to see so many other people with the same idea. We bumped into loads of happy Sunday strollers with their dogs and some with kids. Everyone chatty and smiling.

My morning scent was the one and only vintage Miss Dior parfum. Fits every situation perfectly.

Pedi day with Rose. So nice to catch up with her and spend some quality time.

After pedis Phil joined us for lunch but we were so busy chatting and laughing that I forgot to take a happy snap.


What happened in your week? Please share a story, encounter, fragrance or fun time you had.

Portia xx