Scent Diary: 7.1 – 13.1.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

WOW! This week was FULL ON! Non stop fragrance, food, friends and fun. So many catch ups, adventures and thunks.

Scent Diary: 7.1 – 13.1.2019

Monday 7:

Well I was going to the Aquarobics class this morning. No memory of it going off but it must have because the dogs are in the house. I must have got up, taken them for a wee and then left them in the house and fallen asleep on the couch. What’s happening to me?

SOTMorning: Knize Sec. Thunked my LuckyScent Sample that must have been sitting around here for 5+ years. Barbershop done right.

So I’m up now at nearly 10am, doing the blog, emails, social media and have to get myself spruced up for lunch in town.

Jin got up and is continuing the AmEx saga. Now the bloody thing is being declined as he is booking our holidays. GRR. Poor bugger.

Off to lunch with perfumer Rasei Fort. He’s up in town for a week. We had the best time. Lunch in Darling Harbour at one of my favourites, Blue Fish. The weather was misty and drizzling, so beautiful. The view was made utterly ethereal.

So Excited. I finally got my hands on one of the extremely limited edition Kolonya by Rasei Fort. It is so freaking beautiful. Fine fragrance with nods to the old barbershop but so much more than that. It became my SOTD.

Rasei and I went and checked out GentSac and MensBiz.

I came home determined to go do an Aquarobics class but instead Jin and I had some dinner, watched TV and chatted. It was so nice.

AmEx update: The declined were overseas hotel and event transactions. AmEx puts a block on that till you let them know, in case it’s fraud. Why couldn’t someone have told Jin that, and fixed the problem last week? He’s been so stressed and upset by the experience.

I spent the night writing TRIVIA Q&A! Yes, back to work this week. I’m SO HAPPY! Missing it quite a lot over the break. Especially the people.

SOTBed: 1000 Lilies by DSH Perfumes. Imagine a bunch of Asiatic lilies in a spice and resin market. Yep, you got it. AMAZING!

Tuesday 8:

It’s warm again today. Jin and I took the dogs together and we were really hot and sweaty by the time we got home.

SOTMorning: Niki de Saint Phalle

Scotty came over and we smashed the office work today. Bills paid, shredded 10 years of business documents, organised mail and post, generally made good.

Manscaped the face, dyed the beard and shaved the excess in a Molton Brown bubble Bath. YUMMY!

SOTDay: Working on thunking my 100ml Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden. It’s so good for this heatwave we’re currently experiencing. I’ve drained about half of what you see in the pic this summer, fingers crossed for anEMPTY!

Jin went and bought me an 80 litre backpack for travel, as our new check in baggage. It’s going to make running for trains and planes 100% easier. I walked around our block today in 32C super humid heat at midday with about 12kg on my back, that’s around 800m. No worries. My next goal is to catch a bus to the railway station 1.3km away and walk back with it on me. If I can do that then I’ll feel much better about the whole adventure. It does also come with wheels and a handle for ease of both. It’s also GREEN! My favourite colour.

SOTBed: Tresor Midnight Rose by Lancome, I find it freakishly addictive. Super sweet berries, rose and vanilla fairy floss. I adore it but it’s right on the border of unbearable./ MMMMMM

Wednesday 9:

I must have snored during the night. Woke up so dry and disoriented.

SOTMorning: Equistrius by Parfum d’Empire

Grabbed Wendy and we went for lunch with the girls. Sue was our host and the food was absolutely freaking terrific. Great stories being told around the table and lots of laughs. Oh yes, and THEY all hated The Favourite movie too, walked out. PHEW! I’m not alone.

Came home and had a sleep under the ceiling fan. HEAVEN.

SOTEvening: A Quiet Morning by Miller et Bertaux

Collected Wendy again and we went to Greystanes Inn for Trivia. Had a fun night.

Home. Wrecked.

SOTBed: Bois Bleu by Robert Piguet

Thursday 10:

Jin was up and off to work at 4am-ish. When he left I woke and that was it. AWAKE!!

SOTMorning: Cuir Beluga by Guerlain

I walked the dogs in the chill of morning. So beautiful out there today.

Got ready, jumped a bus at around 6am then a train and arrived in town just before 7am. I got off at the station before (Town Hall) and walked slowly, window shopping and checking out the changes to George St Sydney City. Grabbed a coffee as I hit Wynyard and sat on a bench in the misty rain and read my book till Anna Maria arrived at 8am. It was a luxurious, quiet, calm way to start my day.

Anna Maria and I walked down to Barangaroo where we met Alice and Michael for breakfast. Loads of catching up to do and now Alice works three floors below Michael in the same bank we thought it was time for a celebratory meal.

We did some department store perfume sniffing. Anna Maria doused herself in CHANEL Coco EdT and I had Chloe Nomade on one arm and yellow bottle Gucci Flora on the other.

After, Anna Maria and I walked across town to the Art Gallery of New South Wales to see the Hermitage exhibition. We had the best guided tour I’ve had of this show by far. Interesting, informative, fun and not ever dwelling too long on anything particular. We loved it.

These Hermitage Multi Entrance Tickets have been the best investment. It’s enabled me to take about 9 of my mates through the exhibition for not even double the price of a single entry.

The we trotted back to the centre of town and met Evie, Georgie, Willa and Rocco for lunch in the David Jones Food Court. I forgot to take a damn photo. SORRY!

Then we did some window shopping through David Jones, Hermès, Gucci, Cartier and Tiffany & Co before it was time for me to catch a train and bus home at nearly 5pm.

This Hermès cashmere and silk scarf is my favourite thing that Anna Maria had on all day. The colours were absolutely perfect for her.

Gucci! Forever over the top.

Tiffany & Co. These gold balls are so simple but I thought them a stylish look for Anna Maria.

What a sensational day. I came home, spritzed some L’Artisan Batucada and fell fast asleep.

Jin came home after work, food shopping and the gym at about 8pm. We spent an hour or so catching up and now he’s gone to bed.

Anna Maria and I did over 12,000 steps together today. That’s a lot for me.

Thunked a sample of Micallef Vanilla Fleur. It’s an odd bird. Vanilla and roses, with a dash of fruitiness.

Watched GRIMM till all hours of the morning.

Friday 11:

I don’t know why but my body woke me up at 7am. I gave the dogs a quick wee walk. Came to the computer to answer comments and do the social media.

Thunked what was left of my Press Sample of Ma Bête by Eris Parfums. Raunch overlaying a very pretty aldehydic floral.

Spent a couple of hours reading and doing loads of washing, after each load i did some cleaning. Once the washing was done I really went into super clean mode. This place sparkles.

Had a list of shopping for dinner tonight from Jin. It was nice to get out of the house. Even though my T-Shirt is wringing wet from sweat after doing the cleaning.

SOTAfternoon: Cuir Amethyste by Armani Privé

Had a nap.

Showered in Jin’s bathroom because mine is spotless for guests. Spent 15 minutes cleaning the shower stall before I used it. Seriously, how does he even use this? BLEAUGH!! We have a deal that he cleans his own bathroom but I think he doesn’t. I’m going to secretly add it to my cleaning roster about once a month. Or maybe I’ll do a different bit each week, shower, toilet, basin, floor.

SOTNight: Vintage Miss Dior EdT

Jin is making the base mince and veg for dumplings. Then our dinner guests are going to make up the dumplings and then Jin is going to make them into soup. I think it will be heaps of fun with a couple of wines and good company.

Well, that was a stellar success tonight. The girls were so perfect. Jin was an excellent teacher. We all mucked in and made dumpling magic. Linda made a huge profiterole for dessert. We all had a few drinks and LOADS of stories. The girls made so many dumplings that we gave them take Home packs.

Here’s Wendy

Linda packing away her hand made dumplings.

Marian, Sue and Liz

These girls light up our lives. They are wonderful.

Clean up was done within 15 minutes of them leaving and now jin has the TV on and I’m at the computer. HEAVEN!

SOTBed: In The Woods by Cult of Scent. Spiced and minty cedar surrounded by the cool unburnt resins of incense and citrus.

Saturday 12:

Today dawned bright and clear, the air is warm and dry. Sunshine is lovely.

SOTMorning: Opium Poesie de Chine by Yves Saint Laurent. Opium for summer 2008. All the building blocks of Opium but less dense, more airy, an altogether lighter and more wearable sibling.

Jin has done something to his back so he had today off work and went and saw the doctor and had a bunch of tests. They think it’s a pulled muscle pinching.

He decided it was a perfect day for Roast Pork and Crackling at 35C and sticky humid. HA! I added in roast potatoes, carrots and onions. Also made up rissoles out of the leftover dumpling mix from dinner last night with some added veg, eggs and breadcrumbs. On the strength of our culinary preparations we invited Kath & Alice over for dinner. It was a huge hit! Finished with last nights dessert left overs.

SOTEvening: Liberté by Cacharel.

We took the extras around to Kath’s Ma & Pa for lunch tomorrow.

Gym. We did shoulders and calves with a little aerobic cardio. Sweat POURING off me. When we got home I couldn’t get my polo shirt off because it was so stuck to me.

SOTBed: Thunked a 2ml spray sample of Midnight Spirit by Olibere Paris. Citrus, booze, pepper and greenery with a very nice dry grass heart and amber woods base. PHWOAR! I am fragrant indeed.

Sunday 13:

Woke up too the sizzling of Jin frying dumplings, and the smell wafting through the morning air. There aren’t many better ways to wake up.

SOTMorning: Pichola by Neela Vermeire Creations.

Lazy, chill morning together watching TV and chattering.

Beard dyed, bathed, shaved and ready to face the world.

SOTAfternoon: Versace Blonde EdT and Extrait. Big white floral with naughty narcissus and creamy ylang.

Nap time.

More Versace Blonde for work. I smell freaking AMAZING!

Work was quiet for the first Sunday back at Austral Bowling Club. Still we had a fun bunch and we all told our Xmas NTE stories. It was good to catch up.

SOTBed: Madonna Truth or Dare


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

56 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 7.1 – 13.1.2019

  1. Another fun filled week for you! You will be thunking that bottle of Green Tea in no time! and good for you thunking those samples! 2ml in one wear! You go!
    Had a crap week into a crap weekend but I promised not to talk about it. So, best part of the week was receiving a fragrant package from a dear friend. I have been reeking havoc and diving into the bucket (much to the chagrin of Mr. M) and sampling away! I think at this point I probably only have a few more things to sample. More good news is we found another fragrance for the “frisky” dept that sits next to his St. Clair First Cut. It’s the DSH (also from the Beaux Arts collection) Kyphi & Cardamom. So delicious!
    And I am still going strong with my New Year’s Resolution.
    Hope everyone has a great upcoming week!!!!


  2. Mighty impressive backpack, although for sartorial purposes I rather fancy myself sashaying around with that Hermès scarf wrapped around my neck.
    It’s been a lean and mean week around here. Non-stop work and brutally cold. The temperatures have not shifted much since Friday morning’s -30. Unbearable.
    A low buy policy on perfume purchases has put a damper on any new sniffing which added another layer of dreariness. On the upside, I’ll be receiving a large decant of Anubis this week and by weeks end Mr LH and myself will be at the airport waiting to board a plane to Guadeloupe. We’ll be thawing out sunning ourselves by the ocean and sipping cocktails in no time at all.


  3. Denver had a huge dump of heavy, wet snow this weekend! Both yucky and beautiful at the same time, Fortunately not very cold so I got the big boots out and still went dog walking.
    My thunk was a decant of Guerlain Ne m’Oubliez; described as plum, cumin and cardamom accords in the top, with rose, immortelle, carnation and cinnamon in the heart. I definitely get the cumin in the dry down. It reminds me of Rochas Femme?
    Portia, I am still enjoying and savoring the sample of Guerlain Quand Vient la Pluie you so generously sent in my win package. I’m loving the powdering gourmand floral with an herbal twist. Not ready to thunk the sample yet!


  4. I went through all my samples this week and have been busy thunking away. This morning I finished a decant of Kenzo Amour. Since I retired I got out of the habit of putting perfume on first thing in the morning, but I’ve started doing it again. As soon as I get up @ 6:30 I spray an entire sample all over myself. Then I have a nice slow morning with the dog and DH, shower around 9:30, and apply my designated scent of the day. Later in the evening I spray another sample all over myself. I’m going for 2 mls per application. No sense in being parsimonious with all the juice I have lying around here!


  5. Oh wow, what a week of fragrance for you. Some of my absolute favourites 😍 And that 1000 lilies, might just have to do a little ahem, detective work there. The only way your new travel bag could be better is if it was red😉 When is the big trip happening? How exciting! I could annihilate some of those dumplings around now. But I will have to settle for a trip to our local Asian street food restaurant. Still, not too bad, it’s a rare treat. I’m all fragrant and ready to go, waiting on friends to pick us up.
    My own week was uneventful until Friday which was our anniversary. Nice meal out followed by a visit to friends to plan what we’d do on Saturday night. We went out on the town and met more friends, quite a big gang of us. Mini pub crawl, fun night, we haven’t been all out together in ages. Your pic of the misty and grey day is like looking out my window on any given day lately, except the streetscape is a little different. Yours: 🌇🌆 🚦🚖🚘🚑🚞🚐 Mine:🐄 🐮 🐑 🚜 🚲🚗.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. What week?! I remember nothing. Seriously, we’ve had one more New Year today because of the differences between the Julian and Gregorian calendars. This one’s called the Old New Year, and even though it’s not really a holiday, it’s a reason to grab a bottle of champagne and have a celebration. I did!

    Glad to hear the problem with AmEx was resolved (it was, right?), poor Jin. I hate when big companies do it 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  7. The highlight of this week was my nephew’s wedding. While it was pretty low key–this was just the paperwork part of the wedding at City Chambers, and a small gathering for people who can’t join him and his new husband in Hong Kong in the Spring–it was still a lot more family than I’ve dealt with in years. And a bunch of organising which was annoyingly knackering because I’m still in post-viral washout.

    It was so good to see him so bloody happy and to finally meet his incredibly handsome and sweet man, though, that the various complicated family dramas are irrelevant. (That said, the next time I see his brother we are having *words* because I’m bloody seething about his behaviour.) There was booze, cheese, snacks, chat, cake, jollity, style, gossip, and shade a-plenty.

    Awesome Niece stayed with us for a few days, which is always fun. We finally got to go and train too, as we’ve talked about getting her to bench for years but never managed to go to the gym together before. She was really good which is not hugely surprising for an ex-gymnast, but a 2/3 body weight on a first session is impressive–particularly with a competition standard pause. (It’s been a good week for proud aunt moments.) Though she wasn’t half feeling it the next day. She headed back south with a bagful of new decants and samples.


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