Saturday Question: What Face Cream For Jin?




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Saturday Question: What Face Cream For Jin?

Here’s my conundrum. I need to buy a moisturiser for Jin. Jin has decided he needs moisturiser because he has hit 40 and wants to stay young forever. To me he looks like the man I fell in love with, whose heart and soul are more important to me that any passing thing like looks. Seriously. Although, I must say that he seems to get more handsome and attractive every year rather than the other way around. His roguish good looks and sassy air had me from day one.

I don’t use moisturisers or products. Soap and water and shave stuff. That’s it. So my knowledge of what’s good out there is extremely limited. Actually, my knowledge of most beauty products is zero.

There are a few things to keep in mind. It can’t be expensive or he won’t rebuy it. I’m pretty sure he won’t care if it’s for women but he has quite old fashioned mens taste in fragrance and something that smells ultra sweet or fruity will never get used. A single application daily after a shower is the most dedication we can hope for from him.

So I need your recommendations please….


My Saturday Question to you is:

Saturday Question: What Face Cream For Jin?

80 thoughts on “Saturday Question: What Face Cream For Jin?

  1. Well, I have no knowledge of the fancy stuff that is out there but I will tell you that a good oil works wonders. I suppose the best oil would be jojoba but I have used olive oil in a pinch if you don’t mind the smell. Currently I am using organic rosehip seed oil because I was told it’s good for mature skin but it does have an interesting odor so not sure if Jin would like that. Jojoba oil…that is my answer. You can transfer it into an amber or dark blue glass container with a dropper for easier application.


  2. Portia! I think Jin is gorgeous too! If he wants to look after his skin I recommend the Korean brand Whamisa, their rich flower toner is a wonderful moisturising fluid, 1 or 2 applications for glowing skin. If his skin needs something extra 2 drops of their facial oil is great. That’s it! Organic, skin biome friendly and no scary ingredients. And Korean for easy label reading!

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  3. i am personally a friend of the multistep asian beauty routine, but he should invest in an mild face cleanser, like Cerave hydrating face wash, then an hydrating toner and a moisturizing lotion or cream. Cerave PM is a very light lotion, which would suit most men in a hot climate. And tell him he should use sunscreen daily, this is the most anti-aging cream at all!

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  4. Vichy has a very nice men’s range which comes in a no mess pump dispenser. Unfussy and effective. Will keep Jin’s chops looking cheeky😋
    And Wohoo! Happy new year to meee 🥳 Thank you.

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  5. Awww, how sweet you and Jin are! ❤

    I love Neutrogena Naturals Multi-Vitamin Moisturizer. Simple, easy, inexpensive. Comes in a plastic tube, not at all frou frou. A lot of people natter on about CerAve but that stuff broke me out and I looked like pizza face for 2 weeks after just one use.

    Neutrogena also makes Hydro-Boost, which is a gel moisturizer with hyaluronic acid. I use that at night before bed. It's light, sinks right in and I am not aware of a scent. It can be used during the day, too. Night time is just my preference.


  6. 1. If Jin cares about ageing (and generally being sun safe!) sun cream is 100x more important than moisturiser. So if he isn’t already using a good, broad spectrum sun cream, that is most essential. Can’t stress this enough. There are also two types of sunscreen, chemical vs physical. I have found that my partner really doesn’t like physical sunscreen (the thick kind with stuff like titanium dioxide and zinc dioxide) but likes the chemical type, which sinks into skin faster and not as greasy.
    2. For a good daily moisturiser, I recommend Cerave PM. It has everything you want, it comes in a handy pump pack, fragrance free and it’s reasonably priced. I buy mine online via iHerb.

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  7. Portia, I’m a skincare geek, as well, so here are a few suggestions for Jin which really have some potent ingredients in them:
    1. This one can be ordered on iHerb: Neutrogena, Men, Age Fighter Face Moisturizer with Sunscreen, SPF 15, 1.4 oz (40 g). It’s got retinol in it which means Jin should probably wait for less hot months to start using it or apply some additional sunscreen (which he won’t probably do). Retinol is hands-down my favourite antiage ingredient, one doesn’t need to own a hidden portrait that looks like all kinds of crap to stay young 🙂
    2. iHerb has discontinued this one but it can be found on eBay: Bulldog Skincare For Men, Anti-Ageing Moisturiser, 3.3 fl oz (100 ml). I should probably buy some for me.
    3. Cedrat Global Face Gel (and Cedrat Energising Eye Gel, if Jin needs one, too). It contains salicylic acid and lemon so again, maybe not the best choice for hot summer.
    4. Clinique For Men Oil Control Matifying Moisturizer with caffeine which brightens one’s complexion and can be worn throughout the year.
    I’d recommend first getting Clinique and/or Bulldog and Neutrogena for autumn/winter. Seriously, retinol works wonders.


    • Thanks Diana,
      You’re right. I really don’t think he’ll do more than one step.
      Clinique is something my Mum used. It was all hypo-allergenic long before anything else and she was 100% into their stuff. I should have thought of it myself.
      Portia xx


  8. Congratulations Cassie! Expecting deets when you get the PPP.
    It sounds like Jin wants a one and done sort of approach. I used to dabble extensively in the facial lotions and potions. I’ve tried everything from the ultra pricey La Mer/Chanel/Sisley products to pharmacy brands and dabbled in retinols and everything in between. For me, Cetaphil moisturizing lotion is a no brainer. It does what it’s supposed to do. Hydrate and protect the skin. It doesn’t have a lot of dubious ingredients that make outrageous claims. It’s fragrance-free, oil-free and not greasy. It’s affordable. The moisturizing lotion is also available with an SPF 15 which I would recommend highly.
    I wonder if he would like to try a pre-shave oil? I bought a gorgeous sandalwood pre-shave oil for Mr LH that he just loves. It leaves just a very faint scent behind and gives a beautifully smooth and nick-free shave.

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  9. Can you get The Ordinary products in oz? Super cheap and very good stuff. Their Natural Moisturising Factors is impressive as hell for the money (under £7/100ml here).

    The Clinique moisture surge range is excellent, and not greasy-feeling (Plus the spray is *amazing* if you are on a long flight.)

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  10. I agree with marcellavmiller. I have also tried and use a huge variety of skin care products (besides perfume, my other obsession). There are a wide variety of options that would work equally well, it is simply a matter of preference and budget. However, as per most dermatologist recommendations, Jin would likely be happy with Cetaphil moisturizing lotion (Cerave also highly recommended). Both lines are fragrance free, oil free, not greasy, dermatologist recommended, and affordable. They are easily purchased at most drug/grocery/stores. I also agree with all the recommendations for sunscreen; the most important anti-aging step in skin care.
    Congratulations on the win Cassieflower!

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  11. Chiming in with another vote for Cerave PM. Inexpensive and works great- no fragrance, etc. I also use Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel, but I prefer my moisturizer in a pump like the Cerave, the Neutrogena is in a tub.

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  12. Congratulations Cassieflower! For Jin, I’m going to recommend an author, not a skin cream. Her name is Paula Begoun and she has written a book called “Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me” that has been reprinted in many editions, with information and specific product reviews about both skincare and make up. (She has her own skincare line too, but she is very up-front about that and her books still have TONS of helpful information and recommendations about other brands). Apparently she has written a newer book just about skin care, The Best Skin of Your Life Starts Here, which I haven’t read but it has strong reviews on Amazon. Note: she is generally opposed to fragrance in skin care products if it is an added ingredient, but she explains her reasoning very clearly. She has saved me tons of money by pointing out which drugstore brands are just as good as, or better than, the pricier department store brands!


  13. I use the regular La Roche Posay large pump bottle moisturizer: Lipikar Fluide for summer and Lipikar Baume AP for winter. No scent, hypoallergenic, great stuff. One and done. You can use it on your whole body, face and all.

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  14. Hi Portia, I vote for Neutrogena Hydro Boost. It’s light and fresh and won’t leave his face shiny. It has a pleasant scent which disappears within a few minutes. It is inexpensive, so no great loss if he doesn’t like it.


  15. My word! What a task, Portia. There are SO many lauded South Korean products that I have no idea where to start. Given that I use my shower gel to wash all of me, and I use only SPF if I am in the sun, I cannot make any suggestions.

    I watched a video of one of my favourite Youtubers having a live conversation. She was doing her skin care at the same time. At the end of the 38 min, I NOTICED NOTHING DIFFERENT ABOUT HER. All those tubes of creams, the bottles of that, the copious brushes she interchanged… for what?!

    Jin, in case you read this, I respect your feelings on wanting to preserve what you have, but I concur with Portia on this matter. Best of luck with finding a product that suits you and have loads of fun trying the different things.


  16. I am not expert in this area though I used to buy some until few years ago, the usual brands such as Clinique, Lab Series, and so on. But this question does remind me of a funny memory in high school when my dad got Gucci Nobile mini shave balm during an international flight and I used it as both a fragrance and a face moisturizer before going to school. Why don’t our skin stay soft like they are as kids or teenagers 😦


  17. Another vote for Neutrogena. Very affordable as well.
    My sister’s partner has very sensitive skin and soon comes out in a rash. He uses the whole range from Nivea. Shave stuff..after shave balm…moisturisers. Don’t know if they are available in Australia.Cheap as chips. Available in supermarkets as well as drugstores.


  18. Natio has a good men’s range and often on special at the big chemists. jojoba oil is great too.
    The Ordinary is available at Priceline i think – I got one of their serums after reading some great reviews on it but my vote for Jin is an Adelaide brand Skyezone and it’s called Grumpy Blokes moisturiser. Not that Jin is grumpy! Other half here has never be inclined to moisturise used any but after a few hints we found this stuff and he loves it. I buy two or three pots at a time covering off bday and Xmas gifts. All natural and it smells lovely ( ok, lovely is probably not a description that Jin will like, so say citrus) Jennifer makes lots of awesome stuff – we found her at a local market ages ago and she’s online. Plus same person now uses beard oil too – how times are changing 🤣🤣


  19. Ok.
    I turn 44 in a couple of months and I’ve tried all sorts of shit at every price point.
    Only cream I’ve re-purchased is The Jojoba Company Intense Overnight Renewal Cream.
    I’m on my 4th tub now.
    You get it at Priceline. It’s around $ 52 a tub but I wait for their big skincare sales and buy it then, at like, 30 or 40 % off.
    I use it morning and night and this stuff sinks right in to my face and leaves NO greasy residue. I can’t recommend it highly enough.
    Here’s a link:

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  20. Hello gorgeous.
    Hope you are well.

    A long post ahead:
    First and foremost Jin is adorable.

    Moisturisers I think that may fit into what Jin wants are (almost all of them have been mentioned)
    – Clarin’s men – the regular line should be ok and it’s always a bargain if you can get them in packs. The anti ageing line is great but much dearer.
    – Clinique dramatically different moisturiser/gel – gel for summer and lotion for winter. You can get them at EL shop (just saying)
    – Aramis LAB series are great but on the dear side. You can usually get them at EL shop as well.
    – Weleda – Skin food is great, especially for winter, and organic but can be greasy. Shiny face warning.
    – Jurlique and Aesop – Love these stuff but pricey (Jurlique can be a bit floral as well)
    – blend you own face oil using jojoba oil with added rosehip oil and you can scent it with some other essential oils. – Brigitte mentioned this in earlier post. This can be time consuming but at least you know what you are putting on. Some people may use both face oils and moisturiser.

    I know you also like L’Occitane stuff but I have no experience with them.

    One of the things Jin needs to be aware of is that he may encounter some undesirable initial effects when first using products or changing products. Typically for me it involved in breakouts/pimples especially when you start using heavier moisturisers. Jin may need to persevere a little with them while until his body adjust to it.

    Another thing is that he may look into some beard oil which I have no experience on either.

    That’s all I can think of now. Hope this helps.
    XXX… Tim


  21. My brother (mid-40s) swear by a gel by Biotherm. I think it is one with moisture and anti-aging. Other male family members have had great results with a light cream containing borage seed oil.

    With Jin’s Korean skin and all the sun exposure perhaps it is best after all to try some local Australian brand or something Korean? But when I see Korean tourists they do seem to cover up and avoid the sun? That plus green tea (so healthy!) must be a plus for skin.


  22. A bit late to the party, but I’m echoing what everyone has said about sunscreen. In addition, count me as one of the Cetaphil camp. I think it would work well for him, and since it is unscented, it won’t fight with whatever he may be wearing, (or whatever you may be wearing).

    Would he be open to the idea of a BB cream? They contain sunscreen and moisturizer. I’ve had good luck with several: Llang, Skin 79, Dr. Jart, etc.


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