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Hey APJ,

My mate Ainslie Walker has started working for the Glasshouse group who are an Australian Candle, Fragrance and Cleanliness crew. They happen to have a luxury line called Circa Home. From the thick waxy cardboard, brightly coloured modern art exterior to the vessels and fragrances themselves they feel and smell like luxurious homewares should. She gave me a bunch to test and I wanted to share some of my findings with you all. Circa Home Soy Wax Candles are handmade in Australia using natural soy wax, high quality fragrant oils and lead-free cotton wicks Continue reading

Last Sydney Sniffy Get Together 2016




Hi there crew.

On the 30th December 2016 a small crew of fragrance/fragrant enthusiasts got together to troll the Sydney City department store David Jones. Then we headed down the road to extremely Ra Cha Cha hotel and watering hole QT Sydney at 49 Market St for nibbles and beverages. It was a fun, frolicsome crew with loads of smiles and laughs, spritzing, bitching and fabulous repartee. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and got to spend some quality time with people I’d only ever spent skim time with.

Last Sydney Sniffy Get Together 2016

Normally we would fit in more than one fragrant store but on this particular day David Jones had enough to keep our noses and credit cards working hard for about 2 hours before we all catwalk down to drinks.

Here is a small snapshot of our afternoon.


Here are TinaG, Jocelyn Fullerton of Cult Of Scent and Angela.


With the handsome Simon


Kerri & Gina


Angela, Gina & Chairman Meow



Angela, Gina, TinaG, Chairman Meow, Kerri



At QT Sydney




Maybe you should get together with some like minded frag heads in 2017. It’s amazing how much fun we all have together.
Portia xx

WEDNESDAY!! MASTERCLASS with Robert Piguet CEO Joe Garces

Hi there Perfumistas,

It’s getting so close to our APJ EVENT brought to us by Libertine Parfumerie (who are always so supportive and generous with APJ), David Jones and Robert Piguet. I hope you are all as excited as I am.

For those that missed the last post, we have had a person drop out and there is a space. I would be so sad to not fill the event completely.

Fracas Robert Piguet Ad vk.comPhoto Stolen

What is happening? The CEO of Robert Piguet fragrances, Joe Garces, is in Sydney, Australia in June to celebrate the 65 years of Fracas by hosting four one hour Masterclasses that will take us through some of the Piguet fragrance line notes, creation and intent with a Q&A section afterwards. The seats are limited to only 14 per class and Libertine Parfumerie has offered the 2.30pm class on Wednesday June 26 to AustralianPerfumeJunkies!

What: FREE Fragrance Masterclass hosted by Joe Garces
When: 2.30pm Wednesday June 26 2013
Where: Meet 2pm David Jones Sydney City Store cnr Elizabeth & Market St Sydney

Should you purchase any Robert Piguet Fragrance Product on the day there will be a VERY special gift to take home.

Should you like I thought we could sniff through the halls of David Jones, have a spot of afternoon tea and then trot down to Christian Dior’s flagship store and smell the Couturier range.

Would you like to come and talk perfume with people who are TOTALLY interested and won’t think your habit absurd or you mental? Maybe you can’t wait to pick the brains of someone who makes the perfume world run? It could be that you have never yet smelled Fracas, or any of the other wonderful Robert Piguet line and you’d like to remedy that. Personally, I hope we get a run through of one of the newer fragrances, Bois Noir, which I love and am already considering a purchase of.


Please add your interest in the comments below.


Portia x

Neroli Portofino by Rodrigo Flores-Roux for Tom Ford 2011

Hi APJ Family,

Well I do love to eat and today I get to eat my words. I was on a blogging black ban of the Tom Ford fragrances because they cost more than my house and at David Jones, Sydney City they wouldn’t make or give me samples to test. I was like, “You want us to pay $600 for a bottle of your juice and I can’t even get a sample to try at my leisure? Are you FECKING BARKING MAD?” I was in there today though and policy has changed and they make you samples to take away and try, it’s very personal and Joel the SA at Tom Ford could not be lovelier or more helpful. I know he, and the juice, will charm me into penury, beautifully fragrant penury but penury nonetheless. The stench of poverty this season by Tom Ford.

I was out with my girlfriend Alice (Hi Girl!) and we were having a sample and spritz-fest and I told her about the last time I was at the Tom Ford counter and the ensuing debacle and she was all, “Let’s go see then, I’ll sort them out.” Well we get there, problem solve and Alice looks at the aqua bottle for Neroli Portofino and asks if she can have the bottle without the juice. Joel & I look at her as if she’s just laughed at an autistic child and then stolen her doll. “OOoh,” she says, “I love the aqua bottle but the juice just doesn’t do it for me.” Joel kindly made me a review set of the 6 fragrances available for sample at the time. I then used the pipette from Neroli Portofino to swipe my buddy Alice, 10 seconds later there was a soft MOAN from behind us and we turned to see RAPTURE…

ALL Photos Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords/notes:
Top: Bergamot and mandarin orange
Heart: African orange flower
Base: Amber.
MyPerfumeDiaries gives
Notes: bergamot, lemon, mandarin, lavender, myrtle, rosemary, orange bitter, Egyptian jasmine, neroli, orange blossom water, pittosporum, woody amber accord, ambrette seeds, angelica root.

The bottle is gorgeous, it’s true but the juice is even better. Tom Ford has not pushed any fragrant boundaries here. Neroli Portofino is a fine, fresh, spicy cologne style scent. All citrus and herbs mashed up into a very, VERY expensive smelling and quite fragrant whole. It is a really delicious sparkling version of an old favourite that I would happily part with my hard earned cash for because it lasts for AGES!! Finally a cologne-esque spicy, almost masculine white floral that I can wear and forget because I know that 6-8 hours later I will still smell glorious. What’s not to like here? And Tom Ford does an excellent skincare, bath and body set in the same fragrance meaning you can layer for even longer lasting, deeper and richer results.

I am now putting all sample/decant/online shopping on hold till I have the cash to get this wonderful fragrance. It’s an investment but I want Neroli Portofino to be my shared memory scent of Aussie Spring/Summer 2012 with Guerlain Lys Soleia. One salty, suntan, coconut-ish white flowers, the other green, herbal, amber white flowers. I feel an awesome summer ahead down here.

EayMG does a great review of the 2007 release of Neroli Portofino and MyPerfumeDiaries (which is Aussie BTW) has the new one.
Tom Ford counters everywhere have samples
SurrenderToChance does decants $6/ml

Isn’t it nice when the world changes to the way you want it? Has that happened for you in any way lately? Do tell, I love happy stories, I don’t think there are enough of them shared so here’s your chance in the comments below.

Thanks for dropping in,

Portia xx

PS My mate David C begged me to do some Tom Ford because he is LGBTI family and now I have, and will do so more because I am now able to sample the range.

Annick Goutal Reviews III

Hey all,

Last month we did a 3 day epic Annich Goutal story that talked about the woman, her family and the business (Annick Goutal Story) then we went on to review some of the houses better known and loved fragrances (AG Reviews #1, AG Reviews #2) but there are so many more in this lovely collection that I felt the need to show you three more. Here is a link to the Annick Goutal site, but I have also found some great deals on FragranceNet and Parfum1. In Australia if you are desperately looking for Mother’s day, David Jones has a selection of Annick Goutal and there is something for everyone in the range.

Ambre Fetiche: Yes, we had the lovely Dionne from Beauty On The Outside give us a glowing report but at the time I had not smelled it. Well I went straight to the Surrender To Chance site and ordered 5ml, while I was there taking a sneaky peek (and purchase) at the Daily Chance specials, He He. This starts out raw and sexy, anyone whose personality is strong enough to carry such a statement scent will smell amazing wearing Ambre Fetiche; men, women and inbetweenies. I am sure I’ve smelled a woman wearing this at the local mini mall and remember registering olfactory delight. My nose gets loads of incense, balms and leathers right from the outset, almost a clean synthetic oud smell without the cow poo backdrop. It’s rich and ambrosial, there is a honeyed sweetness here too alongside the vanilla. After such a bam bam bam start we settle into a very comfortable, soft and warm leathery vanilla. This is haute couture gown, frock and jeans wear if you want to smell warm, delicious and sexy.

Fragrantica or Anick Goutal’s site says

Classic and modern at the same time, a very textured and sensual interpretation of the amber.

  • Creation date : 2007
  • Olfactory family : Amber, Vanilla, Leather (Frankincense, labdanum, styrax – Benzoin, absolute of iris – Vanilla, geranium, patchouli, Russian leather)

Un Matin d’Orage (A Morning Of Storm): “OH MY GOD! I LOVE THIS!” is what I say in my head every time I spritz myself with Un Matin d’Orage. Does it smell like a stormy morning to me? No. Maybe the sunshine an hour after a stormy morning, when all the flowers are getting their scent on as if to make up for lost time. The lemon and ginger are so fresh, green and crisp, the warm jasmine as it saunters in swinging its hips is doing sexy dances with the gardenia and magnolia (I wouldn’t know what champaca smelt like if you hit me with it but it’s name does remind me of the hairy guy in Star Wars, I’m pretty sure I can’t smell him though) calling, yearning, begging you to come closer and sniff deeply and luxuriously, the sandalwood giving a creamy and delicious base for this all to float above. This smells like money to me, loads of it.

Fragrantica or Anick Goutal’s site says

The perfume of a flower of gardenia floating in the mist of a Japanese garden.

  • Creation date : 2009
  • Olfactory family : Floral, fresh, white flowers (Sicilian lemon, green perilla leaves, ginger, magnolia, jasmine Sambac, Indonesian champaca)

Passion: Passion was the Annick Goutal I thought I would definitely love, Love, LOVE!!! And to an extent, I do. Like a very excited young lover the party is over long before I’m ready for it to finish. The opening is spectacular, all white flowers, broken leaves and stem and as it warms up the ylang-ylang and jasmine bring some vanilla with them for a very short sashay past my nostrils and then the whole shebang is eaten by my skin. This is not what I’d hoped for. At times like this I feel jealousy for those lucky enough to have scent keeping skin, rather than scent eating skin. It does make Passion a super good choice for days when I want a short sharp burst of delicious before moving on to something else, or for a nap fragrance so I can enjoy the ride and wake up ready for new scent vistas. This was the first fragrance Annick Goutal made for herself.

Fragrantica or Annick Goutal’s site says

The mystery intoxicating of chypre accented by Egyptian jasmine and Grasse tuberose.

  • Creation date : 1983
  • Olfactory family : Floral (Jasmine, ylang-ylang, tomato leave, tuberose, patchouli, oakmoss, vanilla)

Thanks for coming along for the ride again today. I love the Annick Goutal range so there will be another update soon. I did notice a new blue fragrance on the site and am intrigued. Hmmm, do you have a favourite Annick Goutal? Is there one I should try but haven’t? I’d love to read your thoughts so leave a comment.

I hope you have a happy and safe weekend.

Portia xx

All the pictures today are stolen from Fragrantica, except the Annick Goutal image from multibrand. AustralianPerfumeJunkies is not affiliated with any of the businesses talked about or recommended, except as a customer.

Shopping Experience, The SA Counts (Dune by DIOR, Cuir Amethyst by Armani)

Hey gang,

It’s been a lazy day here in dappled sunny Sydney, Australia. I had a super smart blog friend around to help me do some stuff and to teach me some basics that I am as yet uninstructed in. We got some done but before Julie, and her partner David, came over for our Sunday Bar B Q I had washed the keyboard, um, BROKEN!!! You spray the cloth not the keyboard. I have a new keyboard now.

Photo stolen from ECorner Secure Ebusiness Solutions

As we had to go out to get a new keyboard TSO Jin and I decided to troll the fragrance counter at our local suburban shopping center while out.

This can be a harrowing experience. Often the 16 year old sales person (absolutely gender non specific) will sneer down their prolapsed rhinoplasty at you and mumble a curt something unintelligible about your desired perfume try, as if you’re ruining their day by being interested in the product. Other times they are so desperate for the sale that you think they might get a bit stabby if you turn them down or dare walk to another counter. Even worse are the ambush marketers who come round behind you and spray you liberally and without warning, often with scents that burn holes in your clothes and singe your skin, if walking too near a cigarette smoking person you are liable to need an extinguisher. And just because you work at a cosmetics counter doesn’t mean you need to wear everything in the line, AT ONCE. What was the Golden Girls line? “Just because you put your make up on with a butter knife, doesn’t make you Tammy Faye Baker.” I wish I was a stronger person so I could cut all three of these people types where they stand with a withering two sentence cut, but no, every time they get me and I obsess about what I would, could or should have said. Sad, I know. First world problems? Definitely! Honestly, I don’t even have a hearty “Fuck you” in me sometimes.

Having said all this then it’s lovely to find an SA that is charming, interested and involved in their job. one that knows about personal space and limits, and boundaries. One who has obviously done most of their homework and can help you understand what you are smelling on the card and your skin, why the price point is where it is and maybe some extra items to help keep the scent on you. I will try just about anything the SA says to keep scent on my HUNGRY skin, I swear it eats everything. Like host, like skin, I suppose.

Today was such a day. We were dressed like Sunday arvo (Australian for afternoon) homeless looking for a berth, unshowered, unshaven and under dressed for a jaunt through the hallowed halls of perfumery. Yet, by happy coincidence, we were welcomed into the Armani counter at David Jones, Chatswood, (where I wanted to sample the Cuir Amethyst from the Prive series. Spectacular BTW I liked the card so much that I let her spritz me. On my skin, to DIE for, the leather has stayed front and center for about 2 hours and the amber and vanilla are singing along in the middle to background) as if we’d just jumped out of a helicopter with Tom Cruise at the helm. But as we made our way around found that she was not in fact the Armani girl particularly but a general dogs body and she was all over the place, helping, hinting, smiling, generally making the few customers in the area feel welcome and giving as much information as she had, even going as far as looking up the book for a new release. I was not shopping, but I will go back and order something from her because she earned it. Not this month though. Fragrantica has this to say about notes and accords, BoisDeJasmin has a far less than loving review, and is pretty indicative of the other reviews I read. I am still enjoying the fragrance though. Maybe my untutored nose is a blessing.

Photo stolen from Fragrantica

Moving on to the DIOR counter, as Jin was being served sample sizes at CHANEL, there was another lady, also smiling and wanting to help: rather than intimidate or push. Had I tried the new DIOR Homme Sport? So fresh, so manly? No, sorry, not interested today but can I please have a spritz of Dune on a card? Certainly but it’s women’s. Yes, I understood but do you think the perfume minds who wears it? Without even blinking she said, “All perfumes are unisex and it’s only tradition that has taught us otherwise.” She had clearly thought about it too, come to a fair conclusion and was happy to be able to set it out for me. I was so happy that I let her spritz me with a double whammy on my other arm.WhooooooEEEEEEYYY! Nearly blew my damn head off. WOW! What a perfume, what a punch. Fragrantica has it all here, the PerfumePosse has an excellent Dune review, I wish I was so eloquent. This is definitely FBW (full bottle worthy) a good 6 hours later and I can still smell gentle wafty reminders that I’m perfumed on that arm.

Photo stolen from Fragrantica

Oh my, these two perfumes are AWESOME alone but together they are EPIC!! Maybe you all know a fragrance that is a mash of these two that I am ignorant of? Leave me a message if you do.

Thanks for sharing what’s in my fragrant mind today. Hopefully see you tomorrow too,

Portia xx

I am not in any way affiliated with any of the businesses within this article.