Scent Diary: 3.7 – 9.7.2017




Heya Fumies, Friends & Family,

This week was kind of unexpected. Stuff broke down at the Tasmania property so we had to go fix it. Sadly Jin was working so it was done without my personal tradie. He was missed.

A couple of things I forgot to put in last weeks Scent Diary from Sunday. Anna-Maria and Kim from the team Sluts United and me in full halo/God mode. Also Coffee Creme Brûlée with Cream and Ice-Cream. Hello heart failure, so worth it.

Scent Diary: 3.7 – 9.7.2017

Monday 3:

This morning I was up bright and early because my mate David asked me to speak to the seniors group from the RSL at their Church Hall. I was scared the whole thing was going to cave in around me. It was a lovely morning, the oldest in the group is 101 and they were all totally together and with it. Firstly I gave about a 15 minutes potted history of my life and family history which they loved and even laughed at my crap jokes, I even said bullshit and there were some hearty giggles. Then we did 12 Trivia Q&A and boy did they get into it. They were even giving me cheek! I was there around 40 minutes with them and enjoyed every moment. So sorry I didn’t take a picture of the group but I did get a shot outside.

I wore Divine EdP for the event and I smelled beautiful.

Then I was chained to the computer for the rest of the day with some quick breaks for four, dogs, washing some towels & mats and Jin was home so we had chats too.  Really good day. When life is this calm & good, it’s great to be alive.

Late in the evening I took some time to pack my bag for Tasmania with Neela Vermeire Creations Bombay Bling, Guerlain Ambre Eternal, Hermès Muguet Porcelaine and Boucheron original parfum. A varied selection that should keep me interested over a three day stint.

Made some dinner and had a long hot soak in the tub.

Tuesday 4:

Up and walking the dogs in the very cool morning darkness of 4.20am. They were quite surprised at my early awakening. Me too.

Jin drove me to the airport on his way to work and we were both a bit bleary on the drive in. Met up with Johnny, the best plumber in town, and we hopped a 7am plane to Launceston, Tasmania. How cool is it that Sydney Airport runway is right next to the water, could not have asked for a more perfect winter day. Johnny and I both had windows so the views were spectacular till we hit the Tasmanian clouds, which were still lovely in their own way.

Once there we hired a car and drove up to George Town, there to fix an ailing kitchen and bring the laundry from the garage into the house.

It was a busy scramble and our tenant Dale worked solidly beside Johnny and the boys got loads done. We had a few conferences through the day and had to do some surprise shopping but so far we have only blown out the shopping budget by 15-20%. Not bad considering there were some surprises.

For dinner I had talked up the local burger joint. I was so excited to get back there and have one of the best burgers in my memory. Sadly the shop had been so quiet that they turned off the stoves 1.5 hours early and we had to make do with some very ordinary schnitzel sandwiches. BUMMER!

The cottage I rented us was super cute. 2 bedrooms and a beautifully comfortable living room. The bathroom was a bit weird though and not very private. We were fine and staggered our ablutions so it was all above board.

So it’s 9pm, I’ve been running on under 3 hours sleep all day and now I’m bushed.

Wednesday 5:

BLOODY HELL! Early morning, straight to it. I ran Johnny to the house then came back to our cottage and showered. It was lovely to have a moment of peace amongst the madness. After the shower I doused myself in Neela Vermeire Creations Bombay Bling. So funny. Down here in Tasmania the air is so clean and clear that the fragrance was 100% huger. It was like I had done 20 sprays.

After the shower I went and bought some postcards and organised the mens lunches. In both shops I apologised to the shopkeepers for wearing so much perfume. Really it felt like I had 1980s amounts of scent on. Fortunately both women said they loved my fragrance and that I was wearing exactly the right amount (Sweet lies).

Johnny and our tenant Dale got so much done today and then we went to Bunnings in Launceston as a group with Katie (Dale’s wife) and their two kids. We had Bunnings Sausage Sandwiches, a total win. The men were like kids in a candy store and took hours to get their shit organised. Katie, the kids and I went through the garden section and then had coffees & cakes while one of the kids jumped around in the kids playground.

This is my new husband Craig, really Jin couldn’t complain if I brought home a tomboy, could he? I’m nice, I share my toys.

We came home at 6pm and Johnny cooked himself some bacon sandwiches. He was so freaking proud of himself and happy eating them. Then we had cream buns for dessert! Not my favourite bakeries ones but pretty good nonetheless.

Now it’s time for bed. Goodnight.

Thursday 6:

If you think yesterday was full then today was 150% more action packed. We had plumbing, electrician and helper doing the garage, kitchen, laundry and bathroom. We added extra things in all day long and still managed to finish 20 minutes early. It was a wonderful day, everyone working together and helping. Sure, I spent a bunch of money, basically a years rent but we expected to have big bills in the first year and these are them. Fingers crossed that we can leave the houses alone to rent peacefully for the next couple of years.

First we went to the Simpson house where the tenants are moving out Monday. They have left the house about 170% more beautiful than it was when we bought it. Even the gardens are pristine.

Johnny the plumber works fast, is clever and I trust him to go full steam ahead all day long. The extra it cost me to bring him was easily made up for in sheer hard work and the joy of having him around. Can’t praise hips work ethic enough. He knows all the tricks to shortcut expense yet end up with a perfect finished result. Calarco Plumbing if you need him.

We used Tasmanian Electrical Services for the sparky work because Jin was working. Greg came and he was a lovely man, full of fun and went to with gusto. Though he is a bit slower than Jin he did his best and got all our extras done in tidy and finished manner. I’d call him again.

The big surprise though was Dale, our tenant, who took three days off work and was the best supporter we could have asked for. Nothing was too hard, dirty or boring for him. He ran to the hardware to get extras, helped, joked, worked like a house elf and was excellent company.

I know, I’m raving but the three men got five days worth of jobs done in three, with a bit of time to spare.

Our cottage let us keep the room till 7pm for only a $50 extra charge and were very accommodating.

While Johnny took a last minute shower before we left I went and watched the sunset from the waterfront which is two streets away from the cottages. Heavenly. It was a serene moment and I probably shouldn’t have ruined the spell by clicking pics but I wanted to share the magic with you lot. No filters have been used to enhance these shots in any way. Not even cropped, this is how they came on the phone.

All in all a successful and productive adventure. Currently Johnny and I are at Launceston Airport ready to go home on the 8.40pm flight. I am bushed, and I hardly did anything except point, organise and pay. He must be shattered.

Can you believe it? We arrive at Sydney Airport and standing one taxi rank away from us is Andrew Denton. I told Johnny and he was so excited because he and Anna-Maria LOVE him. So I sent him off with my camera to take a selfie and tell Andrew how much his family love him. Watching it was beautiful, I think it made Johnny’s whole trip and Andrew Denton looked really pleased that someone had bothered to go thank him for all his hard work.

It was a really nice moment. Thank you Andrew Denton for treating Johnny with such affable respect.

Friday 7:

My head is not right today. I’m not sure what’s going on but my focus is bad. I’m going to rest for the day because we have a crew coming tonight. See you later. I’m going for a big long soak in the bath. Bath and Body Works Pretty As A Peach bubbles, Madonna Truth or Dare Naked lotion and Guerlain Mitsouko EdT. I am a peach princess.

Tonight was HUGE. A whole crew of us got together for Pumpkin Soup dinner at ours then we all went to Parramatta Winterlight. There was Ice Skating, Rides, Food, Fun and general mayhem aplenty. I’m not going to give you a blow by blow account but we had a ball then trundled off to McDonalds for a midnight snack before bed. Yes, I know. we’re disgusting, but it was really fun. Here’s some pics.

Saturday 8:

Lazy morning.

Tim came out to Parramatta for lunch. We sniffed and laughed but I bloody forgot to take pics. SORRY!

No, I tell a lie. We did take a pic of my newest new arrival. Arielle Shoshana EdP. WOW! It is the fruitiest damn thing EVAH! People are saying it loses its strength after a short time but I can smell it HOURS later.

Dinner with Hyun, Steve and Alice. I’d never had Hot Pot before and though it’s not going to bump Korean BarBQ, Pizza or KFC on my faves list it was fun and delicious. We had fun chattering and eating, conversation jumped all over the place.

From there we trotted off to Messina Ice Cream and went CRAZY! It was bloody delicious.

Caught the bus home and while walking from it noticed the moon was giving full rings like a circular rainbow. The picture hardly captures the magic but does give an idea.

Phew. Home now and bushed.

Jacomo Silences PdT was my evening frag choice because Mals86 was talking about it in her Scent Diary on Muse In Wooden Shoes. Its sharp green fuzz is beautiful in the cool of a Sydney winter. Crystaline.

Sunday 9:

Beautiful morning. The dog walk was lovely. I do wish other people with dogs would pick up the poo though. I picked up three not my dog poos this morning just left in the walkways. Some people are assholes.

It’s pretty cool here in Sydney but not really cool enough for the heater so we are both rugged up. Jin finishes nights tomorrow so I’ll get some quality time with him hopefully.

I went to a local barber today. Problem is I’m getting so blind that my beard is going in all directions. So I thought I’d get an expert in to do the shape and I can maintain. He did an OK job but really it’s not perfect. Once I dyed it and did a little bit of reshaping it seems to be nearly OK. Not a biggie but all I asked for was a reshape.

Used the last of my LUSH Rose Jam bubble bath (I’m going to miss it), Kiehl’s Original Musk lotion and Keiko Mecheri Un Jour d’Ete fragrance.


OK Crew! It’s your turn. What’s your week been like? Did you spritz, meet, hang or go anywhere? What about your family & friends, see them, do stuff? Maybe you read a book that we all need to know about.
Please comment and share something of yourself, we love it.
Feel free to comment respectfully on someone elses comment too. This is all about sharing ourselves and communication. Yours may be the only positive interaction that someone has all day, take the plunge.
Portia xx

What Fragrances Did You Wear Last Week?


Post by Portia


Heya Fumie Family,

It’s been a riotous week here in Sydney. So much happening and I was so involved I forgot to take photos of everything so here’s a smattering of what my week looked and smelled like.

What Fragrances Did You Wear Last Week?

portias-week-24-to-30-9-16-1 portias-week-24-to-30-9-16-2

KFC Brunch with buddies and BFF Kath’s family. It was short and sweet because I had to work that night, fun though.


Hosted the most sensational Hen’s Night that night. The girls were hilarious and we had a wonderful time.


Pedi Sunday. You can tell my Hobbit feet a mile off.


Yum Yum Cha Cha Cha with the crew. These are the heart of my friends circle and I love them.


Sunday night the JACKPOT went off at Austral Bowling Club. $1000 split 4 ways. Wonderful.

portias-week-24-to-30-9-16-7 portias-week-24-to-30-9-16-8

Tuesday it was head shave day and now you can see why I get it done so regularly. What a spunky barber. So sweet and he does a good job too.


Down at the local pool I’m up to 700m. Weather is perfect for getting my swim on. At 9am I have the pool pretty much to myself.


Morn to Dusk by Eau d’Italie: A vanilla-centric fragrance that is perfect for me. It’s warm, sweet and I’m surprised it doesn’t have more notes because it tells a beautiful story.

Divine EdP: Old fashioned BWF glamour done for the 21st century. I know it’s older than that but never feels dated or retro.

Mohur by Neela Vermeire Creations: All the roses set as a centrepiece with an enormous backing lineup that makes Mohur smell only of itself and slightly different every wear.

The Aoud by Mancera: Simple synth oudh with a minty kick in the heart and a longevity that beggars belief. Don’t get it on your clothes because they still smell after washing. I love this baby though and wear it quite a bit.

Tokyo Bloom by The Different Company: Lovely soft green cologne. Wears for me like an EdT but loads of people have problems with its longevity. Like walking on grass after the rain, so fresh and alive.

Antaeus by CHANEL: Just scored this vintage tester and it smells exactly like the bottles we had of it in the 1980s/90s. Jin stole my other bottle so I had to replace and it was well worth it. YUM!

Cabochard parfum by Gres: Not sure how old this baby is. I thought it was a vintage buy but it smells absolutely perfect, clear as a bell with that heavenly chypre dry down. Calm , cuddly and ever so elegant.

Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier: The original and best. One of my partners in the 1990s and I wore this exclusively for nearly a year. Good times, great memories. I just opened this new bottle so it’s getting quite a bit of wear.

No 19 EdC by CHANEL: One of my great green loves. The old EdC is surprisingly tenacious and spectacularly furry in dry down. MMMM

Boy by CHANEL: I had about 20ml left after I split this and it’s down to 5ml or less. I love it. Easiest wearing thing in my wardrobe right now. It’s very lavender-centric on me with a soft focus dry down of sweet nothings. I really like it.

So! How was your week? What did you do and what fragrances did you wear?
Portia xx

Dear God, a prayer

Hey All,

I’m sure you’ve all seen this before but I loved it so much that I felt it needed to be shared. It totally tickled my funny bone.

What am I wafting while writing to you? Just dabbed on some elegant and glamorous white flowers: Divine Parfume. Gorgeous.

Have a super great, fragrant day,
Portia xx

Girl PrayingPhoto Stolen Alpha Flickr

Dear God,
Please send clothes

to all those poor ladies on

grandpa’s computer.

Divine EdP by Richard Ibanez and Yann Vasnier for Divine 1986

Heya BWF Freaks and everyone else too!

The other day at lunch with my buddy Cassandra and she passed across a decant of something I may have heard about but seriously had no recollection of, we had eaten and it was super sniffa time: this was maybe the 10th or 15th frag that had been spritzed on touches. It was like my whole body went en pointe.

Divine EdP by Divine 1986

Divine EdP Divine FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Tuberose, peach, coriander
Heart: Orange blosson, rose, spices, patchouli, gardenia, jasmine
Base: Sandalwood, vanilla, musk, oakmoss

Divine is the most aptly named fragrance I’ve come across in ages. WOWIE!! Straight out of the spritzer and WHOOOSH Big White Flowers and peachy/coriander skank bomb. The tuberose is excellent and lushly indolic, I am surprised there is no ylang here because I am reminded of its sensual lushness, maybe it’s the orange blossom/tuberose melange. So this smells like money, good old fashioned money spent on VERY sexy ladies who dress well and swear like truck drivers. A wall of old school glamour from when fragrance was used as a weapon in the arsenal of the huntress. Divine is what movie stars of a certain age must still be wearing.

Divine EdP Divine Joan Collins Sophia Loren WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Sold as a chypre (Arielle at Scents Of Self writes that a Chypre is defined by a lack of florals) so my conclusion is then FlOriental. With a super Double WOW! So reminiscent of bygone fragrances, deep and soft and satin sheened fragrant magic. The heart stays BWF on me but slowly I can smell the bases creeping in, underneath to bolster but not obscure. The creeping and sneaking continues until suddenly you’re left wondering how the dark green woodsy vanilla has overcome the spicy, sensual florals and now are in charge. The white flowers are still there though, just quietly humming along and adding a breathy counterpoint to one of the prettiest drydowns still left in modern perfumery.

Divine EdP Divine Ginger Rogers Swing Time HollywoodDreamLandPhoto Stolen HollywoodDreamLand

Wear time 6-8 hours and heat helps Divine bloom even more invitingly, though it wears beautifully in the cool also and will be gorgeous in the snow. This is a BIG perfume in a genre nearly forgotten. People say it’s high, dressy evening but I will be more likely to wear it selfishly for cleaning, shopping and other drudgeries that need a glamorous something to help me endure them. Divine may become my paperwork fragrance.

Further reading: I Smell Therefore I Am and EauMG
Divine has an online boutique that sends to the world. I just went and bought 20ml Parfum for 140€ shipped to Australia.
LuckyScent has refillable 50ml goldtone atomisers $120
Surrender To Chance starts at $3/ml

Have you tried this? Can you believe it?
Portia xx