Divine EdP by Richard Ibanez and Yann Vasnier for Divine 1986

Heya BWF Freaks and everyone else too!

The other day at lunch with my buddy Cassandra and she passed across a decant of something I may have heard about but seriously had no recollection of, we had eaten and it was super sniffa time: this was maybe the 10th or 15th frag that had been spritzed on touches. It was like my whole body went en pointe.

Divine EdP by Divine 1986

Divine EdP Divine FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Tuberose, peach, coriander
Heart: Orange blosson, rose, spices, patchouli, gardenia, jasmine
Base: Sandalwood, vanilla, musk, oakmoss

Divine is the most aptly named fragrance I’ve come across in ages. WOWIE!! Straight out of the spritzer and WHOOOSH Big White Flowers and peachy/coriander skank bomb. The tuberose is excellent and lushly indolic, I am surprised there is no ylang here because I am reminded of its sensual lushness, maybe it’s the orange blossom/tuberose melange. So this smells like money, good old fashioned money spent on VERY sexy ladies who dress well and swear like truck drivers. A wall of old school glamour from when fragrance was used as a weapon in the arsenal of the huntress. Divine is what movie stars of a certain age must still be wearing.

Divine EdP Divine Joan Collins Sophia Loren WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Sold as a chypre (Arielle at Scents Of Self writes that a Chypre is defined by a lack of florals) so my conclusion is then FlOriental. With a super Double WOW! So reminiscent of bygone fragrances, deep and soft and satin sheened fragrant magic. The heart stays BWF on me but slowly I can smell the bases creeping in, underneath to bolster but not obscure. The creeping and sneaking continues until suddenly you’re left wondering how the dark green woodsy vanilla has overcome the spicy, sensual florals and now are in charge. The white flowers are still there though, just quietly humming along and adding a breathy counterpoint to one of the prettiest drydowns still left in modern perfumery.

Divine EdP Divine Ginger Rogers Swing Time HollywoodDreamLandPhoto Stolen HollywoodDreamLand

Wear time 6-8 hours and heat helps Divine bloom even more invitingly, though it wears beautifully in the cool also and will be gorgeous in the snow. This is a BIG perfume in a genre nearly forgotten. People say it’s high, dressy evening but I will be more likely to wear it selfishly for cleaning, shopping and other drudgeries that need a glamorous something to help me endure them. Divine may become my paperwork fragrance.

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Divine has an online boutique that sends to the world. I just went and bought 20ml Parfum for 140€ shipped to Australia.
LuckyScent has refillable 50ml goldtone atomisers $120
Surrender To Chance starts at $3/ml

Have you tried this? Can you believe it?
Portia xx


14 thoughts on “Divine EdP by Richard Ibanez and Yann Vasnier for Divine 1986

  1. Oh Dear! I have to discipline myself and start out with a sample. This one sounds absolutely gorgeous. I have more paperwork to do than I care to think about, so the perfect excuse!

    Azar xx


  2. WOW! This has everything I love. Great description of the women who would wear this! I hope my nose and skin love it too. This could be fun with skinny jeans, spiky heels, and a sexy top!


  3. This was one of the first perfumes I trued when I was getting into alternative stuff. At least 10 years ago. Their package of samples are BEAUTIFUL.


  4. I have a bottle of this bought from the Paris shop in winter a couple of years ago. It is a sensational old school chypre with plenty of dirt as you say. No prissiness here at all but glamour and direct talking. The shop assistant spritzed some on me before I left the shop ‘Je vous parfume, Madame?’I love that question. I had on a coat with a fur collar and it retained the scent for at least a week. Hard to wear in the heat so definitely a winter pleasure for me


    • Catherine, we need to do Paris together one day. imagine the fun and trouble we could get ourselves into.
      Portia xx


  5. Increasingly over time, I love big white florals. They remind me of my Louisiana childhood, where all those white flowers grew practically wild, and they also remind me of the Southern women of that generation who, in their feminine clothes and heavy floral perfumes, didn’t formally work but got an amazing amount of stuff done. I will have to try this one.


    • Hey there FeralJasmine,
      Society needs a certain class of people who have time to make happen what governments neglect. It is so sad for many charities and institutions that that class of women is now out running businesses and creating a new world. The world has turned.
      Portia x


  6. Oh honey that bottle is singing my name like Judy Garland at the Palladium on the third curtain call. Wow and wow this sounds utterly fab and you know how I love a glammed up tuberose! Does one have to be under the thumb of a 7 year contact with M.G.M. (with options) to own it? (I am between studios at the moment) Most definitively on my must blind buy list.


    • Ha Ha ha!! I think it very reasonable priced too Lanier. When it comes I may spring for the EdP too, in which case I’ll send you some.
      Portia xx


  7. I love this stuff, as well as L’Ame Soeur and L’Infante, plus the men’s one L’Homme de Coeur. I bought them at the Paris boutique and the bottles are refillable. Great line!


    • Hey there Tara C,
      In January I hope to find that boutique and smell the whole set.
      Those refillable bottles are lovely aren’t they?
      Portia xx


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