Kidnapped For Christ – Official Trailer

Hiya APJ Family and Friends,

This is the story of Escuela Caribe, an evangelical Christian reform school that kidnaps young adults and through abuse and regimentation tries to change them. I am appalled and so sad for these kids, imagine your parents feeling that this is the answer to homosexuality instead of love and acceptance. I’m sorry but I see very little of Jesus in the actions of the adults here. There is nothing scarier than evil done in the name of good. My memory of Jesus teachings was to love yourself, your brother, neighbour, family, the world and everything in it. LOVE everybody and let God judge.

Kidnapped For Christ David

Sorry if this is preachy or offensive to anyone. I think that this should be known about and talked about and stopped.

Sometimes the world makes me so sad that I’m left feeling absolutely helpless: awash and drowning in the sadness caused by this kind of horror.

Thank you Tamsin Simmill for bringing this movie to my attention.

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22 thoughts on “Kidnapped For Christ – Official Trailer

  1. In my profession, we look askance at people who shrilly insist on “converting” others. We call that an unresolved latency issue. I’m just sayin…


        • Right,
          That makes a LOT of sense now you put it so succinctly. It makes the whole merry go round even sadder in this case. Imagine the daily agony of pretense and then to wish that upon others. Tragic.
          It tears at my stomach something awful.
          Portia x


      • I’m with you. I think that, for all of us, learning to be happily ourselves is a lifework, and the last thing that’s called for is for society to make it any harder


    • Hi Sally M,
      Thanks to you too. It doesn’t fit in with my idea of Jesus and his words of love and acceptance either.
      Portia xx


  2. That’s incredibly UGLY! There’s nothing for God to judge, since homosexuals are born that way, just like heterosexuals are. If anyone needs to judge someone, base it character. I think that much of the BEAUTY in this world comes from our differences. Underneath the differences, we are all the same – human beings together in this space and time.


    • Maya,
      That is a wonderful paragraph. If God in all his wisdom can create gays, then how can homosexuals or anyone else be a mistake? We are all the same.
      Portia xx


  3. This child abuse is literally heartbreaking. Apparently these kidnappers are not familiar with the very old saying: “There are as many ways as there are hearts men.”



  4. This is my issue with organized religion – so much hate, destruction, and evil has been done in its name. True spirituality is about love and acceptance. If we are all created as unique spirits, then our differences should be celebrated and treasured, just as Maya and Steve say above. This is just so, so sad that children would be treated this way. Thanks for making folks aware of this Portia.


  5. Preachy or offensive? I am only offended by people who use Jesus and religion for their own benefit or to impose their own insane beliefs. Earth is full of religious fanatics but they need to remember one thing, God gave to the people a thing called “freedom of will”. Because you have freedom of will you can be whatever you want to be. I will repeat myself “FREEDOM OF WILL”. The end!
    As for the case… What parent in the right mind would allow this kind of horror?


  6. Hi Portia,
    It is sad that religion is the excuse for the mean actions of power trippers. Someone needs to create a wand that sprinkles sparkly white light on those that judge, so that they can realise there is beauty in everyone. xo


  7. Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about things being done in the name of god. Mostly the Catholic one that gets bandied about for any “cause” religious people believe should be upheld (we recently had a movement for a referendum to put into the constitution the definition that marriage can only be between man and woman).
    I get very upset as I was raised a Catholic and that is not what Catholicism is about. If you want to judge and stone people, you’re in the wrong religion – the Old Testament is Judaism, the New Testament promotes only love.
    I’m sorry for the rant – I just get so upset that people find religion as an outlet for their mean and violent tendencies.


    • Ines,
      I too was raised as a Catholic, Nuns and then Jesuits for my schooling. Yes, politics and religion should be segregated but people should not.
      Any religion that becomes based in finger pointing, hatred, bigotry and war mongering needs to examine its worthiness to stand for any of the many good people that religions are based around.
      Rant away! I love spirited debate.
      Now I’m going to read about Cuirelle on your blog.
      Thanks for dropping by,
      Portia xx


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