Hey All,

Thank You for another year of amazing fragrance chatter and beyond. Last year I wrote that the world was in trouble. SHIT! Seems the world took that as a challenge. Brexit, Putin, Trump, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, almost everywhere there is backlash against saving our planet, it’s flora and fauna and people. Big business has us all hoodwinked and most governments are in the pockets of Pharmaceuticals (drugs), War (guns) and Oil. The big picture is bleak.


Around me though I see regular bright sparks of creative giving and helping that gives me hope for the small picture. Jin cut his beautiful hair for leukaemia fundraising this year and raised thousands. He did it on my Mum’s The gang at Hair by Phd Parramatta Store cut it for free so we could send it off to become a wig for children with leukaemia. Jin is a dead set hero in my eyes.



My friends Rita and Cathy (and a GF of theirs whose name I can’t bloody remember) are fundraising and cooking with the One Meal crew here in Sydney to provide one decent meal a week to families who are right on the edge of the poverty line and street people. We did a Turbo Trivia Fundraiser for them and raised nearly $22,000. In a year filled with fundraising this was a major highlight.



Another mate Matt Moore and his buddies Matt White and Ben Dunley have started the idea of using the Aussie men’s mates’ mantra ‘Grab a pie, Grab a mate, Have a chat’ helping men to talk about their feelings. From Matt’s own depression problems sprung this idea of doing something so regular, so common amongst Aussie mates and making it a moment to discuss life issues. In 2015, preliminary data showed a total of 3,027 deaths by suicide (12.7 per 100,000), 2,292 males (19.4 per 100,000) and 735 females (6.2 per 100,000). Aussie guys are 3x more likely suicide and at a rate of over 6 per day, from a population of just over 23 million. That’s bad, anything that can help is good. Go visit Guys & Pies and donate.


What do I do? Well, I give myself at a heavily discounted rate for fundraisers, help a few people who I know are struggling sometimes with food, time or cash, give regularly to charities that I feel the money is being spent on helping not admin and we rescue dogs. While none of these things are earth shattering they are game changing for the people that are helped. That’s all I can do.


So Happy New Year Australian Perfume Junkies. To everyone that’s contributed, commented, lurked and followed I wish you a peaceful & prosperous 2017. Fill it with fun & laughter, fragrance and stuff you enjoy. Make time to care for yourself, push yourself to be the best you can be and treat everyone you come in contact with as you’d hope to be treated.

We love you all,
Portia xx



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Another year APJ!

Well, we have survived another year. The world is uneasy and peace less assured, money markets are unstable and the wealth distribution imbalance becoming more and more obvious, we are being bought and sold by powers that care nothing for us and governments are owned by multinational arms and pharmaceutical producers (that’s guns & drugs). The earth has fewer and fewer trees, fewer animal species, the seas are being fished dry and the ice is melting so fast at our poles that surely the water will be lapping at our front doors in a decade. It all seems so bleak.

What do I wish for 2016?

Peace. Sensible choices for our planet. People who care about the little people in power.


I’m sorry this is not a happier Happy New Year.

Wherever you are I wish you the best year possible in 2016. Let the joy outweigh the tears, the comfort outweigh the lack, the good outweigh the bad. I wish you more than enough money to live your life well, a roof over your head, clothes to wear and food in the pantry and fridge. I also wish you good health, mental and physical, and the good sense to take care of yourself in both ways. I wish you gainful employment. I wish you well, satisfied, comfortable and peaceful.

If you cannot actively do good, please do no harm.

Smile at people in the street, you may be the only smile they see this week.

Do something nice just for you each day.

Do something different each month.

Try to go easier on yourself. You’re not perfect. NO ONE IS.

Be happy with the best you have to offer and know that it is different every day.

Thank You for being part of the APJ International Fragrance Family. You are special to us. We love you.
Portia & the APJ Crew

NEW YEAR COMING: Welcome 2015!

Here It Comes!!

A new year! 2015. Which adds up to 8 in numerology, excellent number 8. Not only is it lucky but it looks like infinity and they say if you start things in an 8 year that they are more likely to succeed. Maybe that’s true.

Liberte by Cacharel FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Before we get to the resolutions and wishes you’ll be asking what I will be wearing to New Years Eve for 2015? The answer is Liberte by Cacharel, its fun and fizzy BarBQ citrus is exactly what I would like to smell like to ring in the new year. What will you be wearing and why?

NEW YEAR COMING: Welcome 2015!

2015 geralt PixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

Let’s take a little moment to reflect on 2014 and the years before it, are there some repeat bad choices, ways of acting or reacting, or even outlooks that could do with some fine tuning? How can we make our close environment a better place or less toxic? What about the greater environment, are there things we can do to help?

Portia’s 2015 New Years Resolution

Seriously try to minimise my footprint on this beautiful earth. Already we recycle, we upcycle to charity in the forms of unwanted clothes and furniture, we buy about as much as we can eat and use (except in my fragrance addiction), by using public transport and our motor bikes more we are minimising our fuel consumption and I am going to cut down my meat consumption a little too, maybe save it for eating out. We are also committing to a travel moratorium except to see Jin’s family.

Another resolution is that I will try to be more content with my amazing life. Also to treat the wonderful people I get to live it with as well as they deserve.

I will continue to cull the people and situations from my life that are toxic. If my life is full of rubbish then there’s no room for amazing to come along. Definitely trying for a life filled with as much amazing as possible.

2015 is a year where I will try to cut myself a little slack. I will try and forgive myself the mistakes I have and will make and let them go. Learn from them and move on.

happy_new_year_color christmasstockimagesPhoto Stolen christmasstockimages

New Year Wishes

What I wish for all you wonderful APJ family is a year filled with peace and prosperity, a year where only our good dreams come true, a year where we are productive and acknowledged for our hard work, a year at the end of which we can sit back between Christmas and New Year and be proud of our achievements and content where we are in our life. I wish for us all a year where every day we have something to be grateful for and that there are some people in out circles that are grateful that they have us.

I am proud to be among you as a friend and fragrance buddy. Thank you for sharing your time, hobby, passion and life.
Sending out a huge cyber hug to you all.
Happy New Year
Portia and the APJ Family xx