Welcome 2019




Hi there APJ.

Val the Cookie Queen is unwell but wanted me to wish you all Welcome to 2019.

Welcome 2019

From all of us here at Australian Perfume Junkies a wish.

May your year be peaceful and prosperous, bring you health, wealth and satisfaction. We hope your highs are stratospheric and your lows negligent but if the black dog comes to bite that you have coping mechanisms pre-prepared.

Spend the year making memories, meeting new people and taking small chances.

Eat the best food you can afford.

Keep only the friends who act like friends should.

Stand your ground but do it respectfully.

Try something new. Doesn’t have to be earth shaking. Sure, it could be parachuting from an aeroplane if that yanks your chain but I’m really talking little things. Try a new cultures cuisine, a new form of exercise, learn how to make coffee or mix cocktails, go sit in a cafe or park and read a book.

Catch public transport instead of driving. It’s nice to watch the world go by and you can also get some reading done, or catch up on the blogs.

Treat yourself the best you can. An old adage says, “Be nice to yourself. It’s hard to be happy with someone picking on you all the time.”

Thank you for being a part of Australian Perfume Junkies in 2018. We are so grateful that you choose to spend your time with us, so many of you comment and share your lives here. It’s amazing, and special, and a source of great joy to me and the whole APJ Crew. Let’s really enjoy our fragrances this year, you don’t need to buy new stuff to love scent but you must love to smell fabulous.

Hugs and squishes,
Val the Cookie Queen, Sandra, Kate Apted and Portia xxx


96 thoughts on “Welcome 2019

  1. Those are superb new year’s wishes. Here’s the traditional Scottish one: lang may yer lum reek!

    (Literally, this means “long may your chimney smoke”, but more, on several levels it unfolds as “may your fire never go without fuel.”)

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  2. May 2019 well be happy for all of you. Starting the day in LยดAir de Rien, which is such a snuggly scent on this grey winter day. Tomorrow will have to go to work again, so will go for a walk today despite the weather

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  3. Thanks Portia. I seldom feel so crap that I cannot do something. But yeah …. there are some weird viruses around. Not too sick to have not had a good Christmas, although I passed out after cooking dinner, but too sick to go to the gym. Which makes me sick and depressed. Hahahahahaha. Not having my normal energy is way hard for me. I feel stuck in a hole. Luckily my BFF is a psychotherapist. But sheโ€˜s sick. LMAO. Bussis. I will be back in a fortnight. โค๏ธ

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  4. Thank you all for these well-thought-out wishes, or should I say “APJ commandments”? Sending you lots of warm wishes, you are the best! Thank you for making everyone feel welcome here.

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  5. Thank you Portia for hosting and creating this beautiful forum and thank you all APJ contributors and readers…this place has been the highlight of my 2018 and expect it to be the same in 2019. You have all inspired me in so many ways and have contributed to making my life richer and better….and i thank you for that!

    Feel better Val!!! I have exercised for you!!! (early this morning I FINALLY got my bony a$$ on the elliptical machine for aerobics, did some free weights, a hand stand (an inversion to get the blood to my head), the balance board and abdominal exercises….I will now eat some tunafish for breakfast and have a protein shake and salad for lunch)….

    Happy New Year to all of you!!!! Love you guys!!!!!

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  6. Fantastic message, amen! Thanks so much to everyone at APJ for this wonderful blog, I appreciate how hard you fought to bring it back after the hacking disaster. Wishing us all a great 2019, full of great smells, health, happiness and prosperity.

    And get well soon Val! I despise any illness, no matter how slight.

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  7. Thank you for sharing the APJ wishes on this first day of the New Year. I appreciate the APJ crew’s time and efforts for leading this wonderful blog, and all of the readers/commenters. It is such a warm.supportive, and fragrant community. I wish all a very fragrant and healthy 2019!

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  8. Thank you for the wonderful encouraging words, Portia! You, the crew and all the members have given me so much joy and laughter during 2018. Here’s to an even better 2019!

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  9. Happy New Year to you all too! With gratitude for all you do and the inspiring words.

    And Val, that virus appears to be transatlantic, at the least. Everyone I know in New England has been felled, including me. I hope it passes soon.

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  10. Wishing all a fabulous fantastic 2019. I am as broke as a church mouse, so any perfume money will be only spent on designer/ mainstream scents, except for one niche splurge. I received a voucher from hubby to Sweet Fern,so I will buy a bottle of Le Chasse Aux Papillion, and for my birthday I’m planning on buying 15ml decant of De Profundis from Luckyscent or Surrender to Chance.{my birthday is June..6 months ought be enough time} To those who are unwell, I send healing vibes. To ALL OF YOU I send Peace and Love. btw, until I get my emails sorted ,you are most welcome to ‘friend’ me on facebook…sally anne mcgeachin.

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  11. Happy New Year! Hereโ€™s to an awesome start for 2019. APJ is such a lovely place to be. I enjoy reading the posts and comments and canโ€™t imagine my daily routine without this safe haven.
    Love to you all,
    Sandra xo

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