Yin & Ylang by Laurie Erickson for Sonoma Scent Studio 2014


Erica Golding


Hello fragrance junkies all over the world!
It’s summer all up in my hemisphere, and I’ve just discovered a gorgeous perfume that I wager would be equally perfect to bring a breath of wanderlust to a chilly Aussie winter’s day. This morning, I am sampling:

Yin & Ylang by Sonoma Scent Studio 2014

Yin & Ylang by Laurie Erickson

Yin And Ylang Sonoma Scent Studio FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, blood orange, aldehydes
Heart: Ylang oil, jasmine sambac absolute, tuberose absolute, beeswax absolute, rose damascones, ginger CO2
Base: Mysore sandalwood, oakmoss absolute, patchouli, amber, vanilla, musk.

The lush roundness of tropical blossoms is shot through with an effervescent zing of bright freshness, while being grounded by a patient hum of gentle musky woods and amber. The balance is striking. This perfume takes the concept of Big White Floral and gives it a whole new edge and versatile wearability. The floral absolutes are exquisite and luxurious, while the sunshine citrus notes aren’t the least bit contrived or sharp. (I guess I should say Big Tropical Floral since ylang ylang is yellow, heh!) As the perfume continues to develop, a hint of oakmoss anchors the composition, conjuring visions of wild adventures in the forest.

Yin & Ylang was released in 2014, and I am so thrilled that I have discovered it even though I am a bit late to the party. This perfume is an absolute dream. I am insanely picky with floral fragrances, and this is just over the top magnificent. Hearts in my eyes over here! I have two more samples from Sonoma Scent Studios in my little package waiting for me to try, and I’m super stoked.

Yin And Ylang Sonoma Scent Studio Henri_Rousseau_-_Exotic_Landscape WikiMediaWikiMedia

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Sonoma Scent Studios has $21/5ml and samples

Have you stumbled upon a perfume recently that made you wonder “how the hell did this escape my radar?!” Tell me about your treasure excavations!

Love and light,

Rose Musc by Laurie Erickson for Sonoma Scent Studio 2007


Post by Portia


Hi there APJ,

Reading about Rose Musc on the Perfume Posse made me laugh, Tom is hilarious. There are a LOT of rose fragrances in my collection, from my all time favourite rose Mohur by Neela Vermeire Creations through a bunch of Parfum des Rosines, a few oudh/rose frags, and some from independents, designer and niche. There’s something about roses that call to my soul. The ultra smooth, modern sheer heft of Voleur de Roses by L’Artisan Parfumeur to the dark, bitter, unfettered and pulsating Ballets Rouges by Olympic Orchids, I love them all. So if Tom rates it, though not for him, then I thought I better gran some and get it on me.

Rose Musc by Sonoma Scent Studio 2007

Rose Musc by Laurie Erickson


Rose Musc Sonoma Scent Studio FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Sonoma Scent Studio gives these featured accords:
Rose petals, amber, labdanum absolute, skin musks

Roses, Roses, Roses! big a full and fabulous. Blooming dark pink roses with their sweet and spicy, tart apple and plum skin overtones. You know the ones? Maybe 7 to a stem, fabulously opulent looking, as big as your hand and when you touch their open flowers the petals float off the bush leaving a carpet of cerise, as if the bush has been bleeding. Rose Musc is all of that and more.

The labdanum/amber warms the rose and bolsters it, keeping it vegetally sweet and engaging. Where Ballets Rouges is darkened by twig, branch and humus Rose Musc is lighter, smoother and more regal. You still know you are wearing an independent perfumers fragrance, there is none of the pasty and pastel hum drum of the department store designer, nor the delicately overproduced loveliness of the designer prive lines. Rose Musc is adamant, strident and over the top gorgeousness, an oldie-worldie rose that has a Mucha picture as its focus. I chose another Mucha picture that I think captures the soul of Rose Musc even better.

Rose Musc Sonoma Scent Studio Alfons_Mucha_-_1898_-_Dance WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

Laurie Erickson at Sonoma Scent Studio writes: …I wanted Rose Musc to be a true rose softened by a powdery musk base. I like the innocence of the rose paired with the dusky labdanum and musk. The blend has a very light touch of animalic notes.

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Sonoma Scent Studio has $75/34ml and very reasonable samples

Which is your rose? Have you tried any of the Sonoma Scent Studio work?
Portia xx

Nostalgie by Laurie Erickson for Sonoma Scent Studio


Post by SarahK


Hello AJP family.

Sonoma Scent Studio is a line created by indie perfumer Laurie Erickson. They aren’t that easy to get hold of if you’re outside the United States as the company won’t ship internationally but if you can find them, it is a line well worth exploring.
(Ed: IndieScents has a great SSS range and send to the world)
Some really don’t suit me, but others are just glorious. It’s not a natural perfume line (though some of the scents are made with all-natural ingredients) but, of the six scents I’ve tried to date, even the ones that use synthetics have a ‘natural’ feel to them. That doesn’t mean they aren’t long-lasting though – as a whole, this line has some of the best longevity that I’ve come across, and a little goes a long way.

Nostalgie by Laurie Erickson for Sonoma Scent Studio

Nostalgie sonoma-scent IndieScents.345.400Photo Stolen IndieScents

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Aldehydes, Indian jasmine sambac absolute, Bulgarian rose absolute, mimosa absolute, peach, violet flower, violet leaf absolute, tonka, French beeswax absolute, natural oakmoss absolute, aged Indian patchouli, East Indian Mysore sandalwood, leather, vanilla, orris, myrrh, vetiver, and musk

Today I’m going to talk about one of SSS’s rose-violet scents. Nostalgie opens on the skin as a gentle, woody-floral, aldehydic scent – something traditionally ‘perfumey’, but softly so. Half an hour into its development it is a powdery rose, with a hint of violet, a beautiful cosmetics smell, but less sweet, more natural, and altogether less in-your-face than, say, Frederic Malle’s Lipstick Rose. While the violet-rose combination in Lipstick Rose is backed by a sweet, slightly plasticky almond, in Nostalgie, it’s backed by a mossy beeswax spiked with a little vetiver.

Nostalgie Sonoma Scent Studio Eugène_Boudin WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

Nostalgie is a very appropriate name for this romantic fragrance, which conjures soft-focus images of an Edwardian beauty. She’s dressed in white and sitting in a sunny garden amid blooming flowers, bees and butterflies. This, to me, is the scent of Lucy Honeychurch in A Room with a View. Someone on Fragrantica likened it to Chanel’s No. 22, and I can see why – they share a sweet, floral, beeswaxy feel. But, while Nostalgie has aldehydes, they are little fluffy kitten aldehydes. Nostalgie has none of No. 22’s fizzy champagne rush attacking the nose. It’s all soft, powdery florals. As the scent wears on, the sweet violet shows more of its face. Sweet, but not at all cloyingly so, it is a bit like Palma Violet candy, though the fragrance is as much about rose as violet. The base is gentle sandalwood, with a touch of moss, patchouli and vetiver, which combine with the beeswax to give the scent a gentle old-school furniture polish vibe. I love it.

Nostalgie Sonoma Scent Studio PixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

Very much a classic floral, and traditionally feminine, but (to my mind, at least) there is no reason that a man who likes powdery, floral fragrances couldn’t wear Nostalgie. It doesn’t have huge projection, but is still detectable on my skin an impressive 14-16 hours after application.

SSS has another couple of rose-violet-aldehyde scents that I have tried. To Dream has more of the woody and incense notes that the house is famous for, while Lieu de Reves has notes up front (perhaps the combination of cedar and vetiver) that remind me of cola – in a good way. They both strike me as less rosy, and less floral altogether, though Lieu de Reves still has plenty of powdery violet in its heart.

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IndieScents has $105/34ml Extrait de Parfum
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $5/ml

See you soon,
SarahK x

Rose Volupté + Winter Woods by Laurie Erickson for Sonoma Scent Studio


Post by Brie


Hello APJ,

Here are a couple of my favourite cool weather pairings, yes I know it’s summer in Australia.

Perfume & Tea Musings

Sonoma Scent Studios: Tulsi Tea: Wissotzky Tea

Organic India Tulsi Cinnamon Rose Tea
SSS Rose Volupte

Rose Volupté Sonoma Scent Studio FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Rose, plum, amber, labdanum absolute, sandalwood, cedar, vetiver, heliotrope, clove, cinnamon, oakmoss, subtle aldehydes

Holy basil, or tulsi, is a herb renowned in India for its health benefits. Out of all the tulsi teas from this line, Cinnamon Rose is one of my favorites. It combines holy basil with the delicate note of rose and spicy cinnamon and, with a dash of honey, it is so soothing. When I drink it I can instantly feel myself relax. SSS Rose Volupte has that same effect on me.

Organic India - Tulsi Cinnamon Rose Tea VitaminGrocerPhoto Stolen VitaminGrocer

Although I usually do not gravitate towards rose dominant scents, I make exception with Rose Volupte. When I press my nose to my wrist this ambery, honeyed, spicy, rose perfume instantly comforts me.

I imagine myself on a rainy day, curled up on the couch reading Bronte, wearing Rose Volupte and sipping Tulsi Cinnamon rose tea: aahhhh…….

Wissotzky Bedouin Chai Tea
SSS Winter Woods

Winter Woods Sonoma Scent Studio FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Guaiac wood, cedar, sandalwood, birch tar, cade, oakmoss absolute, castoreum, amber, labdanum absolute, vetiver, ambergris, musk.

Bedouin Chai tea was gifted to me and after the first sip I immediately purchased four boxes. As a blend of black tea, sage leaves and cardamom one would imagine this to be a loud, herbaceous monstrosity. Although it is bold at the onset (I brew it for a full five minutes) when combined with a dollop of organic raw honey and fresh cream it becomes utterly smooth and mellow. Bedouin Chai is quickly becoming my favorite tea, the one I want to drink daily.

Wissotzky Bedouin Chai Tea worldofjudaicaPhoto Stolen worldofjudaica

Similarly, when I first read the perfume notes in SSS Winter Woods I envisioned an over the top smoky, tarlike, animalistic cacophony. Au contraire! On my skin, Winter Woods is a complex, richly satisfying dry vanilla with wood notes (there is no vanilla listed but Laurie tells me that the amber may be imparting that vanilla-esque quality).

Sitting in front of a roaring fire with my hubby on a snowy Winter night drinking Bedouin Chai and scented in Winter Woods- now that is heavenly!

Sonoma Scent Studios Site<<<JUMP

Brie X

Brie wrote this post ahead of time and will not be responding to comments, it is her last. I am sad. I (Portia) will pick up the slack though so please leave a message in the comments if you’d like to continue the conversation. Be Well and Happy Brie, wherever you are. You are loved. XXX

Perfume + Tea: Musings + Pairings #2


Post by Brie


Perfume and Tea Pairings

For those of you in “perfumeland” who know me well I need not reiterate that SonomaScentStudio is my absolute favorite perfume house EVER (surpassing Chanel, Guerlain, etc). In my opinion every fragrance that the perfumer Laurie Erickson has created thus far is outstanding. Given my new found love for naturals and essential oils I have been hounding Laurie for quite some time to add natural fragrances to her line. My wish came true when she released Cocoa Sandalwood this past winter. Now, following in its footsteps is the recent release of all natural Spiced Citrus Vetiver.

Sonoma Scent Studio Naturals-Spiced Citrus Vetiver

When I wear Spiced Citrus Vetiver my mind instantly envisages a ballet. Not surprising, given that I was once a professional ballet dancer. Please join me in this production as the curtain rises.

rosemuscboxPhoto9 Stolen SSS

Fragrance Notes: Blood orange, bergamot, ginger CO2, cinnamon bark CO2, clove bud absolute, jasmine sambac absolute, osmanthus absolute, Sri Lanka vetiver EO, Indonesian vetiver CO2, Virginia cedar, Indian Mysore sandalwood EO, vanilla.

In the opening adagio the graceful pas de deux of our principal ballerina (vetiver) and her leading male dancer (blood orange) is supported by a pas de trois of soloists (ginger,cinnamon and clove) who jete around the couple whilst the corps de ballet (jasmine, osmanthus, cedar, sandalwood and vanilla) pirouette stage left and stage right. The prima ballerina (vetiver) does not take center stage in this ballet but rather bourees around the all the other dancers throughout this ballet.


Vetiver (Suzanne R Banks’s blog post on vetiver) is an essential oil that I have recently grown to adore (The Fragrant Man). Laurie’s usage of vetiver has been masterfully blended in an utterly unique way. The vetiver is subtle yet appears throughout this composition, constantly changing on my wrist. A gracefully executed fragrance that is perfect for both male and female fragrance wearers. Given that it is all natural, Spiced Citrus Vetiver sits close to the skin and is the perfect scent when one does not want to offend the ‘perfume adverse” crowd. For a natural eau de parfum longevity is excellent on my skin.

IMG_2816Photo by Brittany and Courtney

Organic India Tulsi Tea (Original)

I pair Spiced Citrus Vetiver with Organic India’s Original Tulsi Tea. Tulsi, or holy basil, is renowned in India as an herb with healing properties that relieve stress and protect the immune system. The earthiness of this tea lends itself beautifully to the grassy quality of the vetiver in Spiced Citrus Vetiver.

Do grab a cup of this relaxing tea whilst wearing Spiced Citrus Vetiver : sit back and enjoy the ballet!

Perfume and Tea Pairings GIVEAWAY!


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