Yin & Ylang by Laurie Erickson for Sonoma Scent Studio 2014


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Hello fragrance junkies all over the world!
It’s summer all up in my hemisphere, and I’ve just discovered a gorgeous perfume that I wager would be equally perfect to bring a breath of wanderlust to a chilly Aussie winter’s day. This morning, I am sampling:

Yin & Ylang by Sonoma Scent Studio 2014

Yin & Ylang by Laurie Erickson

Yin And Ylang Sonoma Scent Studio FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, blood orange, aldehydes
Heart: Ylang oil, jasmine sambac absolute, tuberose absolute, beeswax absolute, rose damascones, ginger CO2
Base: Mysore sandalwood, oakmoss absolute, patchouli, amber, vanilla, musk.

The lush roundness of tropical blossoms is shot through with an effervescent zing of bright freshness, while being grounded by a patient hum of gentle musky woods and amber. The balance is striking. This perfume takes the concept of Big White Floral and gives it a whole new edge and versatile wearability. The floral absolutes are exquisite and luxurious, while the sunshine citrus notes aren’t the least bit contrived or sharp. (I guess I should say Big Tropical Floral since ylang ylang is yellow, heh!) As the perfume continues to develop, a hint of oakmoss anchors the composition, conjuring visions of wild adventures in the forest.

Yin & Ylang was released in 2014, and I am so thrilled that I have discovered it even though I am a bit late to the party. This perfume is an absolute dream. I am insanely picky with floral fragrances, and this is just over the top magnificent. Hearts in my eyes over here! I have two more samples from Sonoma Scent Studios in my little package waiting for me to try, and I’m super stoked.

Yin And Ylang Sonoma Scent Studio Henri_Rousseau_-_Exotic_Landscape WikiMediaWikiMedia

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Sonoma Scent Studios has $21/5ml and samples

Have you stumbled upon a perfume recently that made you wonder “how the hell did this escape my radar?!” Tell me about your treasure excavations!

Love and light,

3 thoughts on “Yin & Ylang by Laurie Erickson for Sonoma Scent Studio 2014

  1. I’m glad you wrote about Yin and Ylang. I was recently looking at SSS homepage and the name caught my attention. It’s a cute play on words and it’s tropical and I fell in love with ylang several months ago. As to treasure excavations – vintage D’Orsay. Beautiful.


  2. I’ve read a very favourable review of Yin&Ylang (don’t remember where..) and it is on my “to try list” for a while now. I guess it’s not easy to sample it in Europe, otherwise I’d have done it already. I also have a problem with floral fragrances in the recent years. I used to wear them all the time earlier but nowadays it’s hard for me to find an all floral fragrance that I like. They need to have a twist. BUT big yellow flower sounds more intriguing to me than big white flower so I’m going to give Yin&Ylang a try. Where did you order the sample from?


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