Bottega Veneta: Introducing Felis: 1 minute Making Of


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Heya Fashionistas,

Summer is coming in the Northern Hemisphere. Discover Bottega Veneta’s new pair of limited edition cat-shaped sunglasses. Sometimes I am completely overwhelmed by the incredible attention to detail of the multinationals. This is no exception as the Bottega Veneta crew show us a little of how their newest cool sunglasses are created.


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Bottega Veneta: Introducing Felis

1 minute Making Of

Cartier – L'Odyssée and Making Of Documentary

Hello Beautiful People,
If ever there was a time where my writing was superfluous, this is it. Please enjoy these 2 Cartier movies. you may have seen one or both before but it’s worth having another look.

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Until we see you tomorrow please be good to yourselves and those around you,
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(This is a Re-Blog from 24 November 2012)

Cartier – Behind the scenes of L’Odyssée

Cartier – L’Odyssée Mini Movie

CHANEL "Paris-Dallas" Collection: Savoir Faire 2014: Making of

Woo Hoo Fashion Fragrance Lovers,

CHANEL seems to be powering ahead still under the guidance of Karl Lagerfeld. Seriously I think he is a machine, able to change tack and style effortlessly and still bring us outrageously extravagant showings season after season. I can’t think of anyone who has been on the fashion scene this long who can match him, can you?
Portia xx

chanel-paris-dallas BelloBlogPhoto Stolen BelloBlog (any probs using this image please get in touch)

Making of the CHANEL “Paris-Dallas” Collection: Savoir Faire 2014

Details of the CHANEL “Paris-Dallas” Collection: Organza, Feathers, Pleats

Louis Vuitton fall/winter 2012/13

Hello Everyone,

It’s Sunday and I know you’re all dying to see the making of the Louis Vuitton 2012/13 fall/winter ads, which I thought were gorgeous!

The whole train trip as an event you got spruced up for, rather than a necessity is wonderfully evocative to me. Here are the print ads and making of video. I wish Vuitton would bring out a fragrance, even though I understand that they don’t want their stuff in the discounters and they want to maintain absolute control over the image, but wouldn’t it be amazing?

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Sorry there’s no QUICKSNIFFS today, it’s been CRAZY around here, hopefully they’ll be back next week.
Love to you all, I hope your Sunday is glorious like ours is. Sunny, cool and a little breezy here, the wind-chimes are tinkling and bonging in the background as I type.
See you tomorrow for Madeleine’s post,
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