Be Dior – Savoir Faire: Making Of Video


One of my great loves is the house of DIOR. Here we see the making of a DIOR handbag. It’s a beautiful thing and one day I shall own me a DIOR handbag, probably a second hand one but nevertheless.

Be Dior - Savoir Faire TumblerPhoto Stolen DIOR Tumbler

I hope you enjoy seeing how the real deal are made.

Tell me in the comments your handbag fantasies.
Portia xx

Be Dior – Savoir Faire

6 thoughts on “Be Dior – Savoir Faire: Making Of Video

  1. Thanks for posting this. I love the creative and how-to videos you find. I must admit the red of this handbag has my heart aflutter. I haven’t had a handbag fantasy in quite a while. That said, I’ve been eyeing the Mulberry Bayswater recently, even though it’s unlined and seems a bit wide at the bottom. I have to admit I just bought a Mulberry Tree french purse (wallet) in duty free on the way home from London.
    When my family was in Tokyo this past December there was a huge Dior exhibit in the Ginza district. They had craftspeople demonstrating the assembly of handbags and the cord wrapping of the J’adore bottle (I forget what that is called) and it was mesmerizing to watch.


    • Just thought about this some more. Valextra has had my heart beating a bit faster lately, too. Although, all of these handbags would give my DH a heart attack if I brought one home and he learned the price.


      • We never mention the price at home of ANYTHING.
        Unless I’m with Jin when hew makes a purchase then I don’t want to know. He earns it, so he can spend it however he wants.
        Portia xx


    • Hey Tatiana,
      lovely to see you. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoy the videos, I eat them up.
      I am so jealous of your DIOR event in Tokyo, what an amazing event. Was that the one where they had hung hundreds of J’Adore bottles from the ceiling?
      Portia xx


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