Ella perfume oil by Phoenix Botanicals


Post by Erica Golding


Warmly fragrant greetings to all of my scented loves out there, I hope these words find you well and swimming in a beloved gorgeous aroma today!

I don’t wish to sound conceited, but I must proclaim that I am appreciating this precise zone of scent euphoria on this fine morning. You know that magnetic pull, when you anoint your skin with a precious potion and you just can’t stop huffing your wrist constantly? That’s the pure pleasure of my choice today, the all-natural and extremely limited:

Ella perfume oil by Phoenix Botanicals

ella-phoenix-botanicals EtsyPhoto Stolen Phoenix Botanicals @ Etsy

Phoenix Botanicals @ Etsy gives these featured accords in one line:
Galbanum, vintage Hyacinth, Tahitian Gardenia, Ylang Ylang, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Clove, Vanilla, Tobacco, Sweet Clover, vintage Vetiver, vintage Hay, sustainable Sandalwood, Moss.

Ella is a rare example of natural perfumery in its highest art form. I’m hardly able to withstand the intensity of my bliss with each inhale! This perfume was created using a treasure trove of vintage essences dating back as far as the 1920s. The effect is modern and timeless all at once, a young dewy maiden rocking her grandmother’s silk scarf and looking way too goddamn gorgeous!

And the fragrance – oh, it is just astonishing. The first impression wet on the skin is of richly bohemian, luxurious oakmoss. If you love resonant oakmoss at the base of your tender florals, Ella is seriously your holy grail! As the essences sink in and meld with the skin, the serene blossoms begin to unfurl and reveal their innocent brilliance. A lightly sweet bouquet releases fluttering petals into the warm late spring atmosphere, highlighted by darling hyacinth and accented with the nectar of white flowers. A hazy, languishing hum of sweet dried grasses softens and deepens the perfume. It is in this stage that I am transported to a windless hot summer noon, with bits of hay and clover tangled in a playfully tousled mane.

ella-phoenix-botanicals hay-bales drozdzok PixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

The musky smoothness of genuine sandalwood unites the composition, helping to extend the pleasure of a divine beauty that would be ephemeral otherwise. The wearlength of this natural tranquility is impressive to say the least – the vintage, aged absolutes cast a lingering spell indeed.

I highly recommend experiencing this masterpiece while you still have the chance. Ella was composed as a one-time formulation, and once she sells out, she is gone forever. Some of my other favorites from Phoenix Botanicals include the charming jasmine of Night Bloom, the tropical moonlit breath of Ka Pueo (The Owl), and the simple ecstasy of Triple Vanilla.

Phoenix Botanicals @ Etsy has Ella samples from US$10

Thank you for indulging me with your attention, much love to you all. Have a spectacular day, happy scenting!

Erica Golding XoX

12 thoughts on “Ella perfume oil by Phoenix Botanicals

  1. Hi Erica. This sounds so lovely! I’m a sucker for all the notes except for gardenia, but this sounds so well done I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the fabulous review!


  2. Woo Hoo! I love to read about good naturals Erica, it’s not often a perfumista will love a natural fragrance. Good for you for giving them a go.
    Portia xx


    • Oh it is a whole new landscape, naturals are so much more difficult to create beautifully. Natural essences are so complex and interact in unpredictable ways. It truly is a lost art and I’m thrilled to find a diamond in the rough! Love you dearest


  3. I knew immediately after reading this, that you had found something magical. You had me at ‘vintage essenses’. I have a bottle on its merry way. Thanks for the link and the gorgeous review, Erica!


    • Many of the most beautiful things in life are fleeting. Perfumery can be about collecting gorgeous moments and memories and bottling them up, forever safe to be vividly remembered later. It can also be about living in the moment and fully embracing and enjoying what we have in the here and now. I strive to focus more on loving the “now,” it’s a challenge every day to resist looking back and gazing ahead. Slathering on a beautiful potion that is here one day and gone the next defies my instinct, but it also brings me immeasurable joy while it lasts. xxoo thank you for your evocative comment!


  4. I’m not entirely sure that oak moss and I are friends, but it does sound lovely. Night Bloom is wonderful–my first and so far only natural perfume. Have you tried Linden Moon?


    • I have tried Linden Moon! It is fresh, light, and joyful. Night Bloom is magnificent, I am so happy you love it too! Isn’t it addictively gorgeous?! Hugs!!


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