Tarragon and Bitter Orange Finishing Salts by Aftelier Perfumes




Hey APJ Peeps,

It’s no secret how much I love baths. I find a 15-20 minute soak in the tub more relaxing that almost anything else you can mention. It’s a short sharp shot of bliss that can be done whenever a window appears. Quite often I will do all my chores at the end of a night because the days are hectic. It may be 2 or 3am after a busy day, working at night, getting the blog stuff done and then doing a few loads of washing or cleaning the kitchen. A great way for me to go from supersonic to sleepy tired is to have a bath with a warm drink, dry, moisturise, scent and bed. My head hits the pillow and lights out till the alarm goes off in the morning for the dogs feeding and walking.

Why have I rambled on yet again about baths? Well, Mandy Aftel has made some incredibly luxurious eating salts that I naughtily used a capful of in my bath and O M G it was a transcendent experience. Talk about sending me into the stratosphere; amazing! You need hardly any to scent the whole bathroom very softly and it is calming and head clearing. Do it as you get in the bath. Beautiful. SHHHH! Don’t tell Mandy I did it though.

Tarragon and Bitter Orange Finishing Salts by Aftelier Perfumes

So, how are we supposed to use Tarragon and Bitter Orange Finishing Salts? Follow this recipe and your family will think you are the best cook in the history of all cooks. I use one fillet each but your crew may like more.

4 large Snapper Fillets
1 x lemon cut into very thin slices
2 TBsp butter
2 x parsley fronds chopped finely
1 x crushed large garlic clove
Pinch white pepper
Tarragon and Bitter Orange Finishing Salts

Baking Tray
Aluminium Foil

Pre heat oven to 180C
Mix butter, parsley, garlic and pepper together to make a paste
Tear 2 sheets of foil big enough to wrap 2 fillets each
Spread 1/4 of butter mix all over each fillet
Place fillets on shiny foil side
Put lemon slices top of fillets and close up the foil.
Pop onto bake tray and into the oven for 15-20 minutes (you know if your oven is a little slow or fast)

Make whatever salad or vegetable sides you like while fish is cooking

When the fillets come out of the oven they will be meltingly soft so be careful as you transfer to the plate
Add a sprinkling of Tarragon and Bitter Orange Finishing Salts
Add your sides

Serve and watch your family go crazy with excitement

I didn’t know this was going to be a post so no pictures were taken. SORRY!

Obviously your mileage may vary but this was a complete winner around here. Hopefully your crew loves it too.

From Aftelier only $15Our sel gris is stone-ground by hand until it reaches a fine consistency; it melts into other flavors seamlessly, imparting a briny mineral richness. Sel gris French gray sea salt is hand-harvested from the clay-lined salt ponds in the Guérande region of France, giving it a soft grey color and mineral-rich moisture. These salts are not to be used during the cooking process, but rather to add a pop of flavor to everything from meat to salads to vegetables just before serving. These salts will lift the other flavors of a dish, making it special and delicious.

What a freaking great Christmas Gift for the friends and family that cook, and so affordable.
Portia xx




Sacred by Teone Reinthal for Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume





In Australia we hear often of a natural perfumer that perfumistas who like become evangelical about. Teone Reinthal is her name and her natural perfumes come up on Facebook pages constantly. Till now I have been remiss in my trying of her work but recently she sent me a few samples to try. I was going to do a faves post with Moonlight and Ritual but as I wore Sacred it became thew focus of a full post. Not an easy new love by any means, a challenging, haunting scent that affronted and comforted me. So I’ll come back to the others but today I thought you should read about Sacred alone.

Sacred by Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume

Sacred by Teone Reinthal

Sacred by Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume fragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
West Australian Sandalwood, Tasmanian Boronia absolute, Far North Queensland Red Desert Rosewood, Tiwi Islands/Northern Territory Blue Cypress, South Australia Honey Myrtle, New South Wales Nerolina

Orange scented wood varnish, gasoline, green bark stripped from trees and lawnmower clippings open Sacred. It’s a full on, powerful, picks you up by the neck and shakes you initial blast. My advice is to wait a minute before going in to sniff, it will blow your nose.

Once the initial fireworks dissipate Sacred becomes a very interesting piece of perfumery. It’s sold as an all natural fragrance and that’s really surprising because of its size and longevity. Australia has interesting soil, very red and clay, the reed is like our blood because we have so much iron in it. That gives our plants a distinct theme. Even when Indian Mysore Sandalwood is grown here’d the fragrance gets a pugnacious and punchy opening never smelled in its native home. That’s the opening of Sacred, almost an attack.

Sacred by Teone Reinthal veeterzy pexelsPDI

As it moves into the heart Sacred become like maple syrup, as if the sacred woods have been mined for their heart juice, their sap. It’s thick and luxurious yes surprisingly its projection becomes quite close. Sillage stays good for a couple of hours and if you sit somewhere,  Sacred will hue the air around you softly but distinctly.

Breathy undertones come in under this sap sweet heart and give an added depth with green torn branches and bruised leaves.

Sacred is the kind of fragrance only an independent perfumery can release. It’s wild, untamed and raw. Though Sacred is blended beautifully there’s no soft focus sheering off of interesting and challenging notes. Sacred smells like a challenge, a beautiful, alluring, life on the edge challenge. Right to the base Sacred never becomes an easy beauty and I like it for that.

Sacred by Teone Reinthal Jon Bunting tree FlickrFlickr

Teone Reinthal Natural Perfumes
Teone Reinthal Natural Perfumes Sacred can be found in the Limited Edition section from $25/2ml

Have you tried Teone’s fragrances?
Portia xx


NEW!! Suzanne R Banks: Banks Botanicals Fragrance Line


Post by Portia 


Woo Hoo Crew!

One of the things I really love in life is watching friends realise their dreams. Over the last couple of years I have watched Suzanne have an idea to write a book about using scent to promote growth and healing in your life and release a set of fragrances based the chapters of the book. I’ve put a link to the book down the bottom but this week I went to Suzanne’s house to sniff the finished products of her labours. SEE, dreams do come true. It’s amazing to have watched this journey unfold, it’s totally been the old trope of 1% Inspiration, 99% Perspiration, and to see Suzanne smooth the way over & around setbacks, challenges and obstacles has been inspiring.

Banks Botanicals Fragrant Oils 2016 #1

What’s more I really loved a few of the scents and liked the rest. Only one of them totally didn’t work on my skin. That’s an amazing strike rate. They are all fragrant oils in roller ball bottles so they can be sent all over the world! Also, they’re the perfect purse popping size and excellent for travel. Let’s meet them then.

Banks Botanicals Fragrant Oils 2016 #2

Banks Botanicals Fragrant Oils 2016 #5


Banks Botanicals Fragrance Line

These are a hand blended botanical fragrance range and Suzanne has created each one with the intent to help you attain specific feelings and connections with your world. Historic and current knowledge combined to help lift your spirits and create a fragrant aura for your particular need. They’ve all been designed as stand alone scents but can be combined for more complex situations.

Banks Botanicals Fragrant Oils 2016 #6

Being botanical fragrances it’s a maximum of 3 hours wear time so the rollerballs are great for top ups throughout the day, or changing it up was each one does its job.

Banks Botanicals: 1: Double Happiness

Fizzy and refreshing citrus, mint and rose geranium combine over a soft focus patchouli base to give a joyous mood cleanse that ends with a soft, comforting cuddle.

Banks Botanicals: 2: Oneness

This is the earth mother , Empress. Humus rich garden beds and dark woods at dusk created through Australian sandalwood, cyprus, orange and spikenard. So Australian.

Banks Botanicals Fragrant Oils 2016 #8

Banks Botanicals: 3: Harmony

My favourite of them all. Harmony is a plush woodsy rose surrounded by green and balmy notes created through Indian rosewood, Virginian cedar, mandarine, sage & myrrh.

Banks Botanicals: 4: Bliss

A medicinal, spicy, fruit rose with all the thorns and twigs over patchouli with a stunning burst of ylang-ylang creating a creamy heart that is inspiring and surprising. Rose otto & rose absolute in abundance.

Banks Botanicals: 5: Fulfilment

Another one I really enjoyed. Petigrain, palmarosa, Virginian cedar, black pepper and cinnamon combine to give the impression of fresh cut capsicum, sunny days and salads. A spicy, compelling fragrance.

Banks Botanicals Fragrant Oils 2016 #3

Banks Botanicals: 6: Flow

Brush away the cobwebs with a sharp herbal tea that reminds me of the smell of steam from ironing. Roman chamomile, citruses, vetiver, lavandin, marjoram and patchouli will cleanse your mind in readiness for creative action.

Banks Botanicals: 7: Positivity

Basil is supreme in positivity with lemongrass and vetiver bolstering its green, sappy, delicious freshness, everything else is merely backing. Positivity smells like happily gardening on a cool sunny day with no time restrictions.

Banks Botanicals: 8: Purity

Peru balsam, pink grapefruit, lemongrass, juniper & thyme create a sweet resinous fragrance that is as comforting as a cough drop and as healing. A perfect negative energy purge, or wear it as a forcefield.

Banks Botanicals Fragrant Oils 2016 #4

Banks Botanicals: 9: Immortality

I have already used up my sample of this. Opening with a dusty, earthy incense moving through summer fruit punch and long sunlit days. Immortality combines neroli, bergamot, frankincense, everlasting daisy and clove.

Banks Botanicals: 10: Strength

An uplifting, bright, sensual orange blossom scent. Orange blossom, lavender, Indian sandalwood, jasmine and cardamom meld to create a simple and arresting fragrance that will help you be fully present.

Banks Botanicals Fragrant Oils 2016 #7

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Sylvaine Delacourte Workshop In Sydney


Ainslie Walker


Hello APJ gang! Happy New Year!! Doesn’t it already feel like 2017 is galloping along at an incredible pace?!

Sylvaine Delacourte Workshop In Sydney

Sylvaine Delacourte ‘Queen Bee’ and Creative Director of Fragrance for Guerlain visited Australia last year, whilst in town she taught perfume creation classes in David Jones’ Grand Hall on level 6!

As I entered the hall from the lift I saw rows of aluminium bottles containing exciting raw materials on a table with pipettes protruding from them! GASP.

Sylvaine, looking glamorous, first led us through the history of Guerlain.

– Modern perfumery began with Jicky which featured 3 synthetics- vanillin, coumarin and linalool.
– Guerlinade, Guerlain’s identity – the heart of all their fragrances, contains bergamot, rose, iris, tonka and vanilla.
– Guerlain still controls their whole ‘A-Z’ of fragrance, only 4 other companies in the world also do this; Chanel, Dior, Hermes. They buy their own raw materials, sourcing everything, having them sent direct to their labs, making a unique difference.
– Guerlain has 1000 natural ingredients, 3000 synthetics and discover more each year.

Creation time! As Sylvaine pointed out ‘today you will be making, not just a perfume but a Guerlain perfume!’ SQUEALS AND SHIVERS!!

A few definitions!

– A note: of patchouli or any singular ingredient
– A facet: an aspect of an ingredient, eg fruit aspect of rose. Perfumers use this to join for example 3 ingredients all with fruit aspects.
– An harmony/accord: no longer the parts that make it up but a new combination, a synergy. E.g Bergamot, violet and hedione is tea note created by JC Ellena, Raspberry and almond become cherry.

Sylvaine explained, many flowers cannot be extracted and have to be reconstituted eg lilac, lily of the valley…..then we all got to make a lily of the valley!!

So here is what I made:
Floral N74 48 drops
Jasmonal H 20 drops
Rose Bulgare 5 drops (this ingredient is one of Thierry Wasser’s favourites and has a lychee and almond facet)
Citronellol 10
PEA 15
Jasmine Grandiflorum 1
Indol 1

We learnt about all the different floral aspects: fresh, powdery, aldehydic, sensual, animalic, rose, oriental, white or as Sylvaine says ‘sunny,’ and fruity flower

Then we chose to make either a white floral or a fresh floral and give it facets of either oriental, chypre or hisperdic. I made a fresh floral with oriental and rose facets and a touch of hisperdic! I had 3 tries and Sylvaine and I agreed my second try was the best.

What an amazing experience to learn from one of the best female perfumers in the industry!!

If you could make a perfume at such a workshop, what would it be??

Until next time, Ainslie XX



Seeker by Liz Cook for One Seed




Hello Indie Perfumery Lovers,

A while ago Liz sent me this sample to try, which I promptly lost and it has only now resurfaced in my New Year Cleanup. PHEW! So finally I get to tell you about it.

Seeker by Liz Cook for One Seed

One Seed

One Seed gives these featured accords:
Coriander, coconut, vanilla, roasted basmati rice, oakmoss, ambrette seed
Oganic sugar cane ethanol, 100% natural fragrance (natural and organic plant extracts), purified water

Food. My instant correlation in the opening was food. Ice cream in fact. One minute later you can smell the rice and coconut, it’s like a Penang Curry. Deliciously fragrant and my mouth is watering like I’m really going to get my favourite Thai dish. HA! I have a huge happy smile on my face and wonderful memories of going to our fave Thai restaurant in Gordon that looks like nothing, very simple. The food though is abundant, consistently excellent and cheap as chips. The staff are all so friendly and we drive nearly an hour to eat there nowadays. We always get a second order when we are there now to bring home as dinner in two nights time. Yes, we are quite in thrall and have had years of dinners there with so many friends, often just Jin and I will go alone.


From One SeedSeeker is a youthful scent created for the young and the young at heart. It is for endless adventures, for seeking truth in all things. Featuring fresh greens and delicate mossy notes entwined with milky coconut, vanilla and the scent of salt on damp skin.

So Seeker is an incredibly happy fragrance for me, the memories flowed for hours. Even as it softened to dry down Seeker still smells like happy memories but they turn more Indian and religious as the fragrance seems to become smokier and darker, more filled with humanity and all the way to the end rice steam. The musk mallow does excellent work as a fleshy backdrop, this frag rocks. You’ll never pick that it’s a natural.

One Seed has $85/30ml EdP
One Seed
has a fabulous Sample Set. All 7 fragrances x 2.5ml atomisers

Is there a foody smell you love or wish was part of a fragrance?
Portia xx

How Do You Scent Your Home?


Post by Erica Golding


Hello fellow fragrance lovers!

Today I’m wondering, how do you scent your home? Our quarters are our own personal atmosphere, an oasis from the spiraling chaos of routine. It’s fun to express yourself by decorating your air space!

How Do You Scent Your Home?

Aside from the typical candles, incense sticks, and Scentsy warmers (which I display and use proudly), there are some other fun and creative ways to liven up the ambience.

brume-d-oreiller-parfums-de-nicolai-linen-sprayParfum de Nicolaï

Luxe atmosphere/linen sprays are such a delight! Right now I have several favorites in my collection from houses such as Black Phoenix Trading Post, Parfum de Nicolaï and Sucreabeille. The fragrances are unique, unexpected, and great conversation starters! Don’t forget the L’Artisan Amber Balls too.


Another fabulous experience is burning resin incense on charcoal tablets in a censer. There is nothing that compares to real frankincense tears and myrrh resin cloaking a room in divine perfume. Be safe and try not to burn the place down! And it’s smart to crack a window open, smoke alarms can disrupt one’s zen. 😉


Have you ever used an oil burner? A while back, Nocturne Alchemy released some limited edition Offering Oils specifically formulated for warming in an oil burner, no dilution necessary. I just light a tea light under the suspended glass dish, and soon the aroma is dancing around the room. The scents are purely euphoric, and they are by far my favorite way to fragrance my home. I hope they decide to make more someday, my little hoard is starting to dwindle.

Lastly, I’d love to hear your opinions on ultrasonic aroma diffusers like the Muji. I’m curious and very tempted. If you have one, do you use it often, or did you lose interest once you played with it a few times? Do you have any brands you recommend (or would advise against)?

I hope you are cozy and well-scented, and that you are enjoying the company of loved ones this holiday season.

So tell me in the comments below, how do you scent your home?

Fragrant hugs,

Australasian Artisan Botanical Perfume Expo


Post by Suzanne R Banks



We have a giveaway of 4 DOUBLE tickets today, see below.

Suzanne xx

Australasian Artisan Botanical Perfume Expo

October 23rd ~ Sydney

Australasian Artisan Botanical Perfume Expo October 23 2016


We are getting really excited about the inaugural Australasian Artisan Botanical Perfume Expo ~ October 23rd ~ Sydney. We are botanical perfumers from the southern hemisphere passionate about the beauty of natural, BOTANICAL perfumes. Be part of the revolution of natural fragrance, beauty, sensuality, health and wellbeing.

WHEN        Sunday, October 23, 2016 from 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM (AEDT)
WHERE      Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre – 16-18 Fitzroy Street
                   Kirribilli, NSW, 2061
** close the to Kirribilli train station with lovely cafes in the village.
A variety of teas to enjoy
Award winning dark chocolate mousse by Yalla (Gluten and preservative free)
fruit and more.
Gifts given out during the day by Lord Foppington
A door prize will be drawn at 2pm for one attendee to the value of $500 (Winner must be on site to receive the gift)


Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.
Suzanne XXXX


AllSteele giveaway 1



This week we will have 4 winners who will receive:
1 x Double Australasian Artisan Botanical Perfume Expo Ticket


Open to everyone worldwide who follows AustralianPerfumeJunkies via eMail, WordPress, Bloglovin or RSS. Please leave how you follow in the comments to be eligible. I must be able to check that you follow so if you have an email address on your gravatar that’s different to your follow address then please email me so I know. Yes, you can start following to enter, in fact it’s encouraged.

You must tell me how you follow APJ


Please tell us if you have used a botanical perfumes before or if you think you’d like to?


Entries Close Friday 7th October 2016 10pm Australian EST and winners will be announced in a separate post.
Winners will be chosen by random.org
The winners will have till Tuesday 11th October 2016 to get in touch (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with their address or the prize will go to someone else.
No responsibility taken for lost or damaged goods in transit

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