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One of the things I really love in life is watching friends realise their dreams. Over the last couple of years I have watched Suzanne have an idea to write a book about using scent to promote growth and healing in your life and release a set of fragrances based the chapters of the book. I’ve put a link to the book down the bottom but this week I went to Suzanne’s house to sniff the finished products of her labours. SEE, dreams do come true. It’s amazing to have watched this journey unfold, it’s totally been the old trope of 1% Inspiration, 99% Perspiration, and to see Suzanne smooth the way over & around setbacks, challenges and obstacles has been inspiring.

Banks Botanicals Fragrant Oils 2016 #1

What’s more I really loved a few of the scents and liked the rest. Only one of them totally didn’t work on my skin. That’s an amazing strike rate. They are all fragrant oils in roller ball bottles so they can be sent all over the world! Also, they’re the perfect purse popping size and excellent for travel. Let’s meet them then.

Banks Botanicals Fragrant Oils 2016 #2

Banks Botanicals Fragrant Oils 2016 #5


Banks Botanicals Fragrance Line

These are a hand blended botanical fragrance range and Suzanne has created each one with the intent to help you attain specific feelings and connections with your world. Historic and current knowledge combined to help lift your spirits and create a fragrant aura for your particular need. They’ve all been designed as stand alone scents but can be combined for more complex situations.

Banks Botanicals Fragrant Oils 2016 #6

Being botanical fragrances it’s a maximum of 3 hours wear time so the rollerballs are great for top ups throughout the day, or changing it up was each one does its job.

Banks Botanicals: 1: Double Happiness

Fizzy and refreshing citrus, mint and rose geranium combine over a soft focus patchouli base to give a joyous mood cleanse that ends with a soft, comforting cuddle.

Banks Botanicals: 2: Oneness

This is the earth mother , Empress. Humus rich garden beds and dark woods at dusk created through Australian sandalwood, cyprus, orange and spikenard. So Australian.

Banks Botanicals Fragrant Oils 2016 #8

Banks Botanicals: 3: Harmony

My favourite of them all. Harmony is a plush woodsy rose surrounded by green and balmy notes created through Indian rosewood, Virginian cedar, mandarine, sage & myrrh.

Banks Botanicals: 4: Bliss

A medicinal, spicy, fruit rose with all the thorns and twigs over patchouli with a stunning burst of ylang-ylang creating a creamy heart that is inspiring and surprising. Rose otto & rose absolute in abundance.

Banks Botanicals: 5: Fulfilment

Another one I really enjoyed. Petigrain, palmarosa, Virginian cedar, black pepper and cinnamon combine to give the impression of fresh cut capsicum, sunny days and salads. A spicy, compelling fragrance.

Banks Botanicals Fragrant Oils 2016 #3

Banks Botanicals: 6: Flow

Brush away the cobwebs with a sharp herbal tea that reminds me of the smell of steam from ironing. Roman chamomile, citruses, vetiver, lavandin, marjoram and patchouli will cleanse your mind in readiness for creative action.

Banks Botanicals: 7: Positivity

Basil is supreme in positivity with lemongrass and vetiver bolstering its green, sappy, delicious freshness, everything else is merely backing. Positivity smells like happily gardening on a cool sunny day with no time restrictions.

Banks Botanicals: 8: Purity

Peru balsam, pink grapefruit, lemongrass, juniper & thyme create a sweet resinous fragrance that is as comforting as a cough drop and as healing. A perfect negative energy purge, or wear it as a forcefield.

Banks Botanicals Fragrant Oils 2016 #4

Banks Botanicals: 9: Immortality

I have already used up my sample of this. Opening with a dusty, earthy incense moving through summer fruit punch and long sunlit days. Immortality combines neroli, bergamot, frankincense, everlasting daisy and clove.

Banks Botanicals: 10: Strength

An uplifting, bright, sensual orange blossom scent. Orange blossom, lavender, Indian sandalwood, jasmine and cardamom meld to create a simple and arresting fragrance that will help you be fully present.

Banks Botanicals Fragrant Oils 2016 #7

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  1. This is such wonderful news Suzanne, Congratulations. I definitely would need to try them all, I think they would all have a purpose at some point in the day/week! Congrats. X


  2. Hi 🙂 Are any of these available for purchase yet? They sound wonderful and i’d like to buy the whole set of 10, if possible. I could not find any reference to a shop as such, for purchasing them either online or elsewhere.


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