Scent Diary: 13.2 – 19.2.17




Hiya APJ,

Back into the daily glamour grind. I love returning from holidays relaxed a refreshed, ready to jump on all the exciting developments since I left. This time there have been loads of those but I’ll tell you when it all comes to fruition. What has been wonderful after a week of very slim but awesome pickings is to have my whole collection of fragrance again to choose from.

Scent Diary: 13.2 – 19.2.17

Monday 13:

So bloody bummer. Wake up this morning about Explorer of the Seas and I’m sick as a dog. Nose running like crazy, coughing phlegm, hard to breathe properly and temperature slightly elevated. So I have a very hot shower and spritz myself lavishly with vintage Miss Dior parfum. It takes 6 sprays before I can even smell it. I go eat breakfast by myself so as not to infect my crew and then hit the hay. I read almost the whole third Divergent book Allegiant in a day. I rise from the bed for lunch and dinner, both eaten alone to avoid contamination. It has been a beautifully peaceful day, except for the coughing and nose blowing.

Coffee, tea and cookies for pep through the day.

Tuesday 14:

HOME!! Wearing vintage Miss Dior parfum and it is gorgeous. I can barely smell it through my sick but still I wanted to smell special.

Through Sydney Heads at dawn, docked in cool grey weather. Said my goodbyes to the wonderful cruising crew and headed off to help Jin fix the exhaust fans at BFF Kath’s apartment before heading home to bed. Still unwell but feeling a bit better. My nose is so raw that blowing it has become a problem.

The most excited person to see me is Paris. O M G! You have no idea how excited he is. So cute. He gives the best hello licks ever.

Sleep with my Valentine. I need to feel better for work tonight and Jin has a ten hour night shift ahead..

Wazamba by Parfum d’Empire tonight for work. Its spicy, resinous incense is exactly what this sick little duck needs to wake up and get going. MMMMMMM. It was so good I wore it to bed as well. This is the new bottle too, still potent and expansive, the whole room smells of it.

Wednesday 15:

Up and at ’em early today. This is my only free day till next Tuesday so everything that needs doing will be done today. Poudre de Riz Huitieme Art Parfums with its spicy rice powder and surprising sweet undercurrent, like a fragrant version of rice pudding drizzled in honey and sprinkled with brown sugar. Pierre Guillaume is a genius at understated sweetness. Yes, it’s the original bottle that so many people hated. I love it. Feels wonderful and expensive in my hand, that it’s mainly light blocking and has the tiny front glass window to see fill line. Everyone asks for innovation then bitches when they get it.

Calling people, paying bills, calling more people, organising, hectic but happy. It’s quite hard to keep perspective with this bloody cold, like trying to think while wrapped in wool underwater.

I decided while walking the dogs that I needed Chinese food and a movie so around the corner from our apartment is a sensational Chinese restaurant. I stood at the door with the two dogs and ordered dinner. Walked the dogs for another 10 minutes, grabbed the food and skedaddled home to watch Matrix and half of Matrix Reloaded before I snoozed off. Dinner was YUM! Sweet & Sour Pork, Crispy Skin Boneless Lemon Chicken, King Prawn Omelette and Egg Fried Rice. In my hurry I forgot to order a vegetable dish, oops!

Tonight because of Anne-Marie’s Eau de Sud by Annick Goutal post on APJ I double spritzed. BLISS, off to bed. Goodnight.

Thursday 16:

Oooh! It’s really sticky outside today. I just asked the dogs at 9am and by the time I got home I felt like I was living in the tropics. Hermes Monsieur Li this morning. Easy and breezy, my skin is throwing the smells of sweet citrus and the shade under trees.

Jin & I went and had a late Valentine’s lunch at his favourite Yum Cha. It was totally yummy and we got to do some catching up after the cruise. I took a pic but we both look half asleep so I’m not adding it in.

For work tonight I slathered myself in Silences PdT by Jacomo. Galbanum and stuff. Cool, refined and elegant. I felt the goddess within stir all night.

After work I opened a package that arrived. It had a vintage 1000 EdT by Jean Patou. OMG! This is my favourite version of it. So much brighter and with a lift that’s missing from the parfum. The roses are more fun, the osmanthus and violet give a waxy old-style make up vibe. This 1000 smells like the feel of applying YSL lipsticks in the 1990s in their square gold cases that looked uber glam, do you remember those? Do they still make them?

Friday 17:

Sorry not much of a post today. Was doing a Marriage Equality Trivia Fundraiser and Nightclub gig in a town 3 hours south. Left early and got home really late. Here are a couple of photos from the Trivia event, which was a complete Sell Out! I wore my new vintage 1000 EdT by Patou. That powdery, rosy beauty was a perfect fit even though it was so hot & humid that I nearly expired.

Saturday 18:

Woke up groggy and not quite with it. Travelling home so late last night I stopped at a Petrol Station, had a 15 minute nap and bought strawberry milk and some lolly snakes to keep me awake for the drive. So this morning I awoke with a sugar hang over, and a slightly sore back from sitting badly in the car. Feeling a bit sorry for myself actually so I spritzed Amouage Opus III. Gorgeous waxy flowers and stuff.

Tonight I had a gig for a mates 21st birthday party. He had no idea that his Mum had booked me to do a couple of numbers & officiate the event. It was so fun and he was totally sweet and thrilled, and embarrassed. The speeches were funny and heartfelt. He had a cake shaped as BOOBS! Yes, you read it, boobs. Bloody hilarious.

Now it’s late and I’ve spritzed Parfums DelRae Coup de Foudre. Now I’m going to bed is a haze of it. MMMMMMM

Sunday 19:

Today on Aussie Fragrance Network at FaceBook we started a week of Wear Your Designer Fragrances so there’ll be LOADS of the designer stuff in next weeks Scent Diary.

I got the week started with my vintage Miss Dior EdT, the one with the crappy lid. Yeah, it looks like shit but smells perfect. Miss Dior is fast becoming one of my all time favourite scents.

Poor Jinx, Jin’s dog, has broken his bed. When I went out to see them this morning he was so embarrassed that he couldn’t even look at me. Such a cutie. When the possums come around at night the dogs jump out of their beds so fast it must be quite an impact as it hits the wall. We have stopped them barking though, now they just stare. It’s a win.

Tonight for work I’ll be rocking Burberry Brit woman parfum. I love the little bottle and hardly ever get it out. Glad we are looking at designer Fragrances this week on AFN, hopefully I will grab out a bunch that have lain lost, loved but neglected.

How was your week? Did you do anything interesting? Buy or try any new fragrances?
Portia xx


19 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 13.2 – 19.2.17

  1. I hope you’re finally feeling 100% better. Vintage Miss Dior, Wazamba, Monsieur Li, Silences PdT, we are scent twins in so many ways! Never smelled vintage 1000, I can only begin to imagine it’s glory.
    Not much thrilling in these parts. Just trying to stay dry and hoping for no flooding with all the rain we’ve had. I’ve caught a downsizing bug and I’m trying to go through the accumulation of things and part with stuff I haven’t touched or used in ages. I’ve lost 15 pounds (approx 6.5 kilos) this past year, so it’s been easy to get rid of clothes that are too large. I keep putting the perfume in shopping bags but am afraid to let it go in case I change my mind on some of them.


    • Hey Tatiana,
      I love when people have similar tastes, how thrilling. The 1000 is so lovely and has more story than the modern, is richer, more burnished. It was quite a find and I’m loving it.
      Um, you’ve lost 15 pounds! That’s really hard to do, congratulations.
      I read recently that a perfumista put a bunch of their “maybe” perfumes in a box. The ones that got brought out and used over a twelve month period were the ones kept. I thought it was a genius idea.
      Portia xx


  2. Well, I am laid up with a herniated disc. That was my week. Oh, and before that happened I got kicked in the leg by a horse. Banner week! So, I am icing and smelling great. 🙂


    • Hey Gina,
      OMG! I hope you’re better next week. Smelling of linament?
      Mum got kicked by a horse when she was quite young, awful.
      Portia xx


  3. I had some bad news last week, so I indulged in a bit of retail therapy and wore some nice perfumes to help cheer me up: Heeley Figueur, L’Humaniste, 1725, Mugler Cologne, Tom of Finland, Cuir Ottoman and Russian Tea.

    I had a vintage find that put a smile on my face. A full bottle of Coty Imprevu, in box.


  4. I loved your scent diary dear! I’m catching up after a week or so in bed with the respiratory plague as well.
    Scent of La Dame aux Camellias (if you’re going to swoon do it in full force) 4711 to keep spirits up, Sa Majesté la Rose for matching with silk pajamas and Mitsouko EDC on the weekend with my fella to feel lovely again. It worked 😉

    xxx Happy to see you’re all up and at it love.
    Croakily yours, J xxx


  5. A week ago I found and ordered 6 samples out of the 12 perfumes in the Patou Ma Collection. The others are not available. I’ve been told I am “quite the picky perfumista” and it’s true, so imagine my surprise – I love them all to one degree or another. I absolutely must have Adieu Sagesse (Farewell Wisdom), the third in the romantic trilogy and the one for redheads. Now I’m hunting for the small Ma Collection bottles of the remaining 6 to try. I already bought Vacances (rare) and it’s on its way to me. I love the creations of perfumer Henri Alméras.


    • WOW Maya,
      What an interesting week. I tried a couple of those old Patois at the Osmotheque in Versailles. That was an amazing day.
      Portia xx


  6. Jacomo Silences is one I used to own and feedback has it that it is a less rounded Chanel no 19! Do you think so? Imagine that, at a fraction of the price, it is indeed cheap to buy. It is so green and yes…could easily be mistaken for one of the higher end brands. I often wonder what the vintage smells like, was there one? I am wearing Belle de Opium but this morning it was Estee Modern Muse Chic. I felt like having a bitey sensation to my nostrils and Modern Muse Chic does that to me. It bites!


    • Hiya Hage,
      Yeah, I guess you could call Silences that. Less prim perhaps. Galbanum gives all the greens a similarity, it’s the thing I love about them, and the oakmoss. MMMMM. Yes, if looking for the older Silences find the PdT.
      I’ve not smelled any of the Modern Muse flankers but I love the original and one of my fave Mum’s of friends wears it perfectly.
      Portia xx


  7. Portia,
    I love reading these day-by-day reports. I was recording what I wore every day for the last 6+ years, so it’s nice to see others doing that as well.

    Vintage Miss Dior is still one of my favorites, and I’m glad that you enjoy it too.


    • Hey Undina,
      PHEW! I’m so glad you’re loving them. Yes, you are so inspirational 6+ years is incredible.
      YAY! Another Vintage Miss Dior fan. Let’s hope we always stay in the minority so our beautiful scent will always remain affordable.
      Portia xx


  8. I am sorry you got sick, but I’m glad you are feeling better! Your story about the spontaneous vegetable-free Chinese takeout dinner made me laugh. I must confess, I am never the person at the restaurant who suggests ordering a vegetable dish, and it isn’t because I forgot 🙂

    Also loved the pictures of the dogs, Paris’s tail was blurry from wagging in his happiness! So cute.


    • Hey Nemo,
      HA! No, I like the vegetable ones like Chinese Cabbage or Satay Vegetables. Just forgot.
      Paris is still in raptures that I’m home. They are really cute.
      Portia xx


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