Tarragon and Bitter Orange Finishing Salts by Aftelier Perfumes




Hey APJ Peeps,

It’s no secret how much I love baths. I find a 15-20 minute soak in the tub more relaxing that almost anything else you can mention. It’s a short sharp shot of bliss that can be done whenever a window appears. Quite often I will do all my chores at the end of a night because the days are hectic. It may be 2 or 3am after a busy day, working at night, getting the blog stuff done and then doing a few loads of washing or cleaning the kitchen. A great way for me to go from supersonic to sleepy tired is to have a bath with a warm drink, dry, moisturise, scent and bed. My head hits the pillow and lights out till the alarm goes off in the morning for the dogs feeding and walking.

Why have I rambled on yet again about baths? Well, Mandy Aftel has made some incredibly luxurious eating salts that I naughtily used a capful of in my bath and O M G it was a transcendent experience. Talk about sending me into the stratosphere; amazing! You need hardly any to scent the whole bathroom very softly and it is calming and head clearing. Do it as you get in the bath. Beautiful. SHHHH! Don’t tell Mandy I did it though.

Tarragon and Bitter Orange Finishing Salts by Aftelier Perfumes

So, how are we supposed to use Tarragon and Bitter Orange Finishing Salts? Follow this recipe and your family will think you are the best cook in the history of all cooks. I use one fillet each but your crew may like more.

4 large Snapper Fillets
1 x lemon cut into very thin slices
2 TBsp butter
2 x parsley fronds chopped finely
1 x crushed large garlic clove
Pinch white pepper
Tarragon and Bitter Orange Finishing Salts

Baking Tray
Aluminium Foil

Pre heat oven to 180C
Mix butter, parsley, garlic and pepper together to make a paste
Tear 2 sheets of foil big enough to wrap 2 fillets each
Spread 1/4 of butter mix all over each fillet
Place fillets on shiny foil side
Put lemon slices top of fillets and close up the foil.
Pop onto bake tray and into the oven for 15-20 minutes (you know if your oven is a little slow or fast)

Make whatever salad or vegetable sides you like while fish is cooking

When the fillets come out of the oven they will be meltingly soft so be careful as you transfer to the plate
Add a sprinkling of Tarragon and Bitter Orange Finishing Salts
Add your sides

Serve and watch your family go crazy with excitement

I didn’t know this was going to be a post so no pictures were taken. SORRY!

Obviously your mileage may vary but this was a complete winner around here. Hopefully your crew loves it too.

From Aftelier only $15Our sel gris is stone-ground by hand until it reaches a fine consistency; it melts into other flavors seamlessly, imparting a briny mineral richness. Sel gris French gray sea salt is hand-harvested from the clay-lined salt ponds in the Guérande region of France, giving it a soft grey color and mineral-rich moisture. These salts are not to be used during the cooking process, but rather to add a pop of flavor to everything from meat to salads to vegetables just before serving. These salts will lift the other flavors of a dish, making it special and delicious.

What a freaking great Christmas Gift for the friends and family that cook, and so affordable.
Portia xx




10 thoughts on “Tarragon and Bitter Orange Finishing Salts by Aftelier Perfumes

  1. Portia, you’re a riot. I love how you’re not afraid to be extravagant now and again and you inspire me to be a bit naughty sometimes too. I’ve been eyeing Mandy’s Finishing Salts and your recipe sounds perfection. The Lime and Ginger version also sounds divine.


    • Hey Tara,
      A little, moderate extravagance on the rare occasion is what makes life pop. Inspiring you to be naughty is my raison d’être
      Portia xx


  2. Oh my goodness. Why didn’t I think of this? I’ll have to try both recipes for sleeping well and a tasty simple dinner. I didn’t pay attention to her salts when we were there last weekend because I think of myself as a pretty darned good cook who doesn’t need any “help.” Sigh. It was also a jammed madhouse of sniffers, hot, small space and I was digging the ‘fumes and raw materials, and trying to make my escape from the crush. I’m especially intrigued by the bathing idea….hmmmm.


    • What a great idea VerbenaLuvvr,
      PERFECT for a hostess gift. Totally unusual, hand made, Indie. Yes.
      Portia xx


    • Oh Kate.
      It is a very soft mood lifter, it was like it recalibrate my nose too. After the bath I got out and the world seemed a little brighter, scentwise for about 15 minutes.
      Portia xx


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