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Hi Vintage Vamps,

There’s something incredibly special about vintage. Sure, I know people bang on about them changing over time and that you’re not smelling the perfumers original intent. BAH Humbug. I’ll enjoy fragrance any which way I like and please don’t try and ruin my fun. Chasing the elusive, finding a near perfect gem, wearing something never to be created ever again that has been kept sometimes for over a century. THAT is fun, exciting and special.

Vintage CHANEL No 22 EdC

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Aldehydes, Lily, Lily-of-the-valley, Neroli, Orange blossom, Tuberose
Heart: Jasmine, Nutmeg, Rose, Ylang-ylang
Base: Iris, Vanilla, Vetiver, Frankincense

This is the cleanest vintage CHANEL No 22 EdC I’ve smelled. The aldehydes are still fizzy and a little oily as they rise off my skin in combination with the most magnificent bouquet. What can I smell? White flowers and creamy ylang over incense and a bunch of stuff I can’t place or name. What they smell like for me is CHANEL No 22.

I can tell you how it feels to wear it though. Carefree. Like a burst of warm sunshine on a gloomy day. Maybe the thrum of your blood through vines after a hearty belly laugh. Lunching with friends somewhere cheap and cheerful with a water view.

Warm winds, hot sand and a convertible car ride.

Sure, No 22 EdC is a glamour puss, bold and sophisticated. It does seem to me when I wear her that she may be all that but when it’s a 22 day she’s on holidays. It may be nearest beach or it could be the Greek islands, wherever no 22 lands she’ll be welcome.



This week there will be 3 winners who will receive:
1 x Vintage CHANEL No 22 EdC decant (from my bottle)
P&H Anywhere in the world


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46 thoughts on “Vintage CHANEL No 22 EdC

  1. Man oh man… So many good frags to choose from! I think I would have to pick either Sycamore or Coromandel. Coromandel in particular is very close to my heart- I wore a lot of it during a trip to Japan a couple of years ago, so now it reminds me of the fantastic time I had there.

    I follow via email.


  2. no 19 was my favourite for a long time, at the moment it is vintage no 5 eau de toilette. But I also love no 19, Cristalle, Rue Cambon, la Pausa and Bois des Isles.


  3. Chanel No. 22 is my second best, with Coco Mademoiselle being in first place !!
    Thanks Portia for this opportunity.
    I follow via email (and Instagram).


  4. Thanks for the chance to try this. I don’t believe I’ve ever smelled this. How have I missed it because I love all the fragrance notes in it? Does the new one smell anything like the vintage? My favorite Chanel has always been, and will always be, vintage Coco. I follow via email.


  5. I have never tried vintage 22; indeed, it is only in the past year that I have discovered 22 at all. I was lucky enough to snag a bottle of the EDT before the changeover to EDP.

    My favourite Chanel is Cuir de Ruisse. It was one of the first perfumes I ever smelled that didn’t smell like flowers. I didn’t know that perfume could be like this scent.

    Thank you for the giveaway, and please smooch the houndies for me.


  6. I have many memories associated with No 5 edc so that’s my favorite. I have never smelled no 22! Since I just won a draw no need to enter me. I’m going to put this one on my list to try , though!


  7. My favourite Chanel is No 5, because it was the first proper, grown-up perfume I ever bought for myself, a duty-free mini, when I was 19 and on my first overseas trip ever. I thought I was so very mature and sophisticated…

    I follow by email and facebook.


  8. Via FAcebook and email

    Well, I to date have not liked Chanel but I haven’t smelled many. I am on a quest for the Chanel that I love. I have not tried this one but the notes sound like me.

    These are the ones that I’ve sniffed:
    Coco EDT (vintage)
    Bleu de Chanel
    Bois de Iles
    ??? (unmarked square glass bottle with stopper on black string; made in France probably Chanel No. 5)
    Chanel No. 5
    No. 19

    Of these, my fave was Bois de Illes. I like Coco vintage and Coromandel but don’t LOVE them.


  9. My fav Chanel fragrance is no.5
    Now I know it’s cliche but I’ve worn it to bed most evenings for a few years now that I’m quite fond of it now.
    I’d really like to get to know the les exclusifs range more though. Perhaps that will be a 2018 fragrance goal.


  10. I follow via email.
    Vintage 22 I wore many many years ago…back in the day when it wasn’t an exclusive and did not cost a right arm to purchase 🙂

    It was a go to scent for me when I was in my mid to late teens.

    I love it to bits, but also love vintage Cristalle but miss those glorious top notes which no longer exist due to the ravages of time (citrus oils are always the first to go).


  11. I follow via email. Have a special version of Chanel No. 5 formulated without alcohol. Keep it hidden away for certain # 5 days. Fantastic in a cold dry climate. Love to you Portia!


  12. I started wearing Chanel no. 5 in the ’80’s and still have some left. Then last year I was cycling slowly around my neighborhood and randomly came across an estate sale. Several long minutes into perusing, I casually asked if there was some perfume, and a helpful old gent went off to find a box “of her perfumes.”

    Holy Toledo. I love this unknown-to-me departed lady!
    Boxes, and boxes of sealed, unopened, barcodes going back 30 years and more of edt, of edp of perfume–sealed, a few opened: Chanel no. 5. She was a Chanel hoarder! Many were opened and used, bars of soaps, handcremes, but many still sealed in box. She clearly loved the stuff, bathing in it. She had worked for the state, under R. Reagan former gov of California and a few others. I was told some of these were gifts.
    I tried desperately not to be greedy as they said to take them. I offered 20.00 for four bottles, and educated them as to the value of the rest of what they had and took off. Quick-like.
    I removed the skin on one and had a sniff—soo de-vine.
    I’m more of a Shalimar-Guerlain gal, but I make exceptions for Chanel no. 5, and Coco–just plain Coco (my real favorite). I was gifted a Chanel l’eau and quite liked it for the summer, and now I’ll say something sacrilegious. The Chanel eau premiere suits me better than the 80’s Chanel I have. I think they did that flanker right, and I prefer it. However I guard my Estate Cache like a dragon and think of the classy smelling lady who worked for the political movers and shakers and speculate on her various roles, what she lived through. She reminds me that I’m not alone in my amassing large quantities of juice–but use it while I can! Splash and spritz generously!
    Thank you for the giveaway: I’m embarassed to say this as a perfumista, but I never got around to trying 22 (cringe).
    I follow by email.


  13. I’ve never smelled vintage Chanel No. 22, but your description sure makes it sound beautiful. My favorite Chanel is Coco and sometimes Coco Noir, but there many Chanels that I haven’t tried. Thanks for the giveaway. I follow by email.


  14. Chanel 22
    On my dresser age 15
    on my dresser still.

    Only the things I love most in the world get haikus. This has been my number one favorite perfume since 1972. I scored a vintage bottle on eBay a few months ago and gladly forked over the money for it. I need to stockpile, please send decant.


  15. Hiya Portia!

    I follow by email & on facebook!

    My favourite Chanel fragrance at the moment is definitely Jersey, but my favourite of all time is, believe it or not, N°22! I love how powdery and bubbly it is! It’s the classy sister of N°5. 5 is out dancing at parties and getting drunk, whereas N°22 is hosting dinner parties. It’s the scent of home and love.

    Thank you so much for giving us the chance to try out the vintage form of the legendary scent!



  16. Eeeek! Vintage 22!! YES please! hmm…. my favorite Chanel(s) would be a draw between Sycomore EdT and Bois Des Iles Extrait. although I must confess to LOVING Boy in the warm weather, and 19 in the Spring. Oh Portia, too too cruel to ask for just one! Gah! xoxo


  17. Hi, my fave chanel is coramandel closely followed by 31 rue cambon. I follw by email. Thanks for the chance to try vintage 22.


  18. Chanel 19 edp is the one I wear the most and is the most “integrated” into my life. There are a lot of good ones!

    Follow by email.


  19. Totally agree with you about vintage, Portia. I have a number of vintage Chanels and they mostly hold up pretty well. My vintage Jicky, Miss Dior and L’heuere Attendue are real treasures.

    My favourite Chanel would be the Les Exclusifs Eau de Cologne, narrowly ahead of my vintage versions of Antaeus and Number 19.


  20. Again, I have to pick just one?!?

    Chanel is my second favourite house after YSL.

    My picks would be: Coromandel, #22, Coco, #5 EDC, Antaeus, #19, Bois Des Iles, Cuir de Russie, Misia, Gardenia, Platinum Egoiste, Sycomore and 31 Rue Cambon

    Coco is the one I have the most versions of – EDT, EDP and parfum, so it would probably just edge out Coromandel for first place.
    Follow via email and bookface


  21. Would you believe I am a Chanel noob? Ive only ever smelled Coco Noir and I was not impressed. So i would love to be schooled!!!

    I follow via Feedly RSS


  22. Email here.
    Favourite: Cristalle. Moving toward No.19. Haven’t smelled the Exclusifs.
    First intro to Chanel was Mom’s No.5 Edt.


  23. Hey Dear,

    mhhhh so many good fragrances to choose from! Right now my favourite Chanel scent would be “Chanel Noir” 🙂
    I follow you via mail, FB and Bloglovin


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