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In Australia we hear often of a natural perfumer that perfumistas who like become evangelical about. Teone Reinthal is her name and her natural perfumes come up on Facebook pages constantly. Till now I have been remiss in my trying of her work but recently she sent me a few samples to try. I was going to do a faves post with Moonlight and Ritual but as I wore Sacred it became thew focus of a full post. Not an easy new love by any means, a challenging, haunting scent that affronted and comforted me. So I’ll come back to the others but today I thought you should read about Sacred alone.

Sacred by Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume

Sacred by Teone Reinthal

Sacred by Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume fragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
West Australian Sandalwood, Tasmanian Boronia absolute, Far North Queensland Red Desert Rosewood, Tiwi Islands/Northern Territory Blue Cypress, South Australia Honey Myrtle, New South Wales Nerolina

Orange scented wood varnish, gasoline, green bark stripped from trees and lawnmower clippings open Sacred. It’s a full on, powerful, picks you up by the neck and shakes you initial blast. My advice is to wait a minute before going in to sniff, it will blow your nose.

Once the initial fireworks dissipate Sacred becomes a very interesting piece of perfumery. It’s sold as an all natural fragrance and that’s really surprising because of its size and longevity. Australia has interesting soil, very red and clay, the reed is like our blood because we have so much iron in it. That gives our plants a distinct theme. Even when Indian Mysore Sandalwood is grown here’d the fragrance gets a pugnacious and punchy opening never smelled in its native home. That’s the opening of Sacred, almost an attack.

Sacred by Teone Reinthal veeterzy pexelsPDI

As it moves into the heart Sacred become like maple syrup, as if the sacred woods have been mined for their heart juice, their sap. It’s thick and luxurious yes surprisingly its projection becomes quite close. Sillage stays good for a couple of hours and if you sit somewhere,  Sacred will hue the air around you softly but distinctly.

Breathy undertones come in under this sap sweet heart and give an added depth with green torn branches and bruised leaves.

Sacred is the kind of fragrance only an independent perfumery can release. It’s wild, untamed and raw. Though Sacred is blended beautifully there’s no soft focus sheering off of interesting and challenging notes. Sacred smells like a challenge, a beautiful, alluring, life on the edge challenge. Right to the base Sacred never becomes an easy beauty and I like it for that.

Sacred by Teone Reinthal Jon Bunting tree FlickrFlickr

Teone Reinthal Natural Perfumes
Teone Reinthal Natural Perfumes Sacred can be found in the Limited Edition section from $25/2ml

Have you tried Teone’s fragrances?
Portia xx


7 thoughts on “Sacred by Teone Reinthal for Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume

    • Needless to say, YES!! Teone’s scents elicit the most intense feelings in me. Each one takes me on a journey that only I know the meaning of.

      You did justice to Sacred, Portia. It is rich, multi faceted and indicative of the diverse flora we have here. I love how you play with words. You bring the intangible to life.


  1. I have and while I enjoy them, I find a small few to be underwhelming. However, in saying that, I can only wax lyrical about the ones I enjoy. Teone has some major hitters in her arsenal. Boticelli, for example. Violet Firefly is a major success. A drag queen with a messy purse. Beautiful!


  2. Thank you so very much Portia for your eloquent review of Sacred. I composed it as a scent-map of Australia; a vast continent of endless beauty, raw power and unrelentingly harsh climate conditions. If I was forced to leave here suddenly and never return, I would try and take this fragrance with me. Sacred is filled with childhood memories:- wading in the creek, cicadas singing, dragonflies zooming, crows kowwing and cawing, whilst Summer’s haze shimmers like land-spirits darting through the dense scrub. Time stood still.

    …the magical moments before computers and phones had my full attention.


  3. I have worn and loved Teone’s fragrances for some time now. I have my favourites, and I have some that I have learned to love. Part of what Teone has done for me is to appreciate the quality of well made and well placed note, and that not all fragrances are built in the same manner. You have to develop a fragrance with your hear and your soul, not just your nose. Teone is an artist, and puts her all in every bottle she sells.


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