How Do You Scent Your Home?


Post by Erica Golding


Hello fellow fragrance lovers!

Today I’m wondering, how do you scent your home? Our quarters are our own personal atmosphere, an oasis from the spiraling chaos of routine. It’s fun to express yourself by decorating your air space!

How Do You Scent Your Home?

Aside from the typical candles, incense sticks, and Scentsy warmers (which I display and use proudly), there are some other fun and creative ways to liven up the ambience.

brume-d-oreiller-parfums-de-nicolai-linen-sprayParfum de Nicolaï

Luxe atmosphere/linen sprays are such a delight! Right now I have several favorites in my collection from houses such as Black Phoenix Trading Post, Parfum de Nicolaï and Sucreabeille. The fragrances are unique, unexpected, and great conversation starters! Don’t forget the L’Artisan Amber Balls too.


Another fabulous experience is burning resin incense on charcoal tablets in a censer. There is nothing that compares to real frankincense tears and myrrh resin cloaking a room in divine perfume. Be safe and try not to burn the place down! And it’s smart to crack a window open, smoke alarms can disrupt one’s zen. 😉


Have you ever used an oil burner? A while back, Nocturne Alchemy released some limited edition Offering Oils specifically formulated for warming in an oil burner, no dilution necessary. I just light a tea light under the suspended glass dish, and soon the aroma is dancing around the room. The scents are purely euphoric, and they are by far my favorite way to fragrance my home. I hope they decide to make more someday, my little hoard is starting to dwindle.

Lastly, I’d love to hear your opinions on ultrasonic aroma diffusers like the Muji. I’m curious and very tempted. If you have one, do you use it often, or did you lose interest once you played with it a few times? Do you have any brands you recommend (or would advise against)?

I hope you are cozy and well-scented, and that you are enjoying the company of loved ones this holiday season.

So tell me in the comments below, how do you scent your home?

Fragrant hugs,

11 thoughts on “How Do You Scent Your Home?

  1. Hey Erica,
    We have oil burner, incense from all over the world, candles: and perfumes that I liked but didn’t love.
    I have a lavender scent from L’Occitane that I use on our bed because it’s incredibly calming.
    Portia xx


  2. I mostly use candles. I have several from Dyptique, and I’ve got one in the country that smells beautifully of woodsmoke and vanilla, whose brand escapes me. I used to have a few Cire Trudons that I loved. But my current especial favorite is Rêve d’Ossian by Oriza LeGrand. Lots of sandalwood, and you don’t even have to light it for it to scent the immediate vicinity. I also like incense, but have to be careful as my husband complains about the smoke “choking ” him.


  3. I have always perfumed my home. I grew up with parents who always had incense burning so it was natural for me to do the same before moving onto oil burners and scented candles. However, I almost burned my house down about 6 years ago and can’t bare a naked flame anymore, so I not only use Scentsy, I sell it and I absolutely love both the warmers and diffusers. It actually saves me money compared to the candles I was buying, which means more money to spend on perfume! Win, win 🙂


  4. I’ve done it many different ways…candles, room sprays, oil burners, incense, reed diffusers, scent plug-ins. I no longer use incense because the smoke is just as or more harmful than smoking. (Good thing incense perfumes exist so I get to still enjoy the scent!) But my first step is to keep the house clean. The scents I add give little enjoyment if I walk in to a stale odor. I use scented cleaning products often and in conjunction with the home scents I choose. My favorite room spray lately is Yankee Candle’s Honey Clementine, which has warm spices underneath the clean citrus burst.


  5. I go cheap: candles from TJ Maxx, Bath & Body Works plug ins, incense and sometimes a linen spray for my bed that I made by infusing dry patchouli in alcohol then mixing with water.


  6. I love scenting my home – I’m a bit of a worn-out, nervous wreck so the notion of a calm, scented space is what I aim for, daily. I use a lot of Trapp room sprays – Bob’s Flower Shoppe is my favorite. And, like Portia, I spray a lot of perfume that I don’t love (but don’t hate). Candles are iffy because of my wonky sinuses but I do fire ’em up for a minute or two.



  7. Since Ron is so sensitive to smells, (just my luck…) we use a single candle from Aquiessce called Pomegranite Sage. It has a surprisingly clean and pine forest vibe, which is really refreshing. Xoxo


  8. No candles or incense, due to a pet with respiratory issues. I do spritz less loved perfumes in the air for a little refresher now and then.


  9. I’m hesitant to scent my home. I use my nose a lot to figure out if something is wrong at home (slight gas smell? something burning? something that needs to be re-washed? backed-up plumbing? bleach? a window open a crack letting in the scent of earth and vegetation from the window garden? perfume that’s been insufficiently wrapped? etc.). Covering everything up with a pleasant smell would be like smearing Vaseline on my glasses so that everything looked pleasantly hazy.


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