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(ED: Please welcome our newest member of the APJ Family, APJ Beauty Editor: A F Beauty)

Night Cream

There are two types of people in the beauty world; sniffers and feelers. Here’s how you know which you are. Imagine, you are in a beauty emporium and in haste you have agreed to try a new wonder crème. Following a brief sales pitch, a blob of crème will be applied to the back of your hand and the assistant will gently sweep your skin and offer your hand back to you. A sniffer will, without second thought, lift their hand to their nose and hope to smell something that reminds them of indulgence. A feeler, will follow the sales assistant with a further touch of their hand to experience the texture of the crème applied.

L’Oreal Revitalift Laser X3 NIGHT

revitalift-laser-x3-night-cream-maskPhoto Stolen LorealParisAU

Now I am assuming you fumies are sniffers, like me! Smell is important, nay critical I’d guess. But fellow sniffers, you must, for the sake of your skin, learn also to touch and feel, especially now, as seasons are changing, you will probably have noticed your skin is starting to feel different. Down here in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s getting cold. I felt, it seemed overnight, my skin feeling and looking dry. My skincare routine was letting me down! There are options, change cleanser, serum, day or night cream, but I’ll argue your quickest fix is a different night cream. My present favourite is L’Oreal Revitalift Laser X3 NIGHT. They have to draw attention to NIGHT in case you accidentally think night means day!


The texture is one of the most unusual I’ve found, a thick cream but with a slight jelly like texture and appearance that settles back to perfect evenness by the time you come back to the jar the following night. I’ve wondered, but not yet investigated, whether it has similar properties to Astalift Jelly, now only available in Asia – tell me if you know! Now I lack sophistication in describing smell, to me it smells like chemical flowers, which I know sounds hideous, but it’s not overly offensive and once on, I can’t notice it.

It’s definitely thick and takes a while to settle in. You’d not tolerate it as a day cream, but just before bed is fine. Even 20 minutes after applying my skin feels slightly greasy and almost velvety to the touch as it sinks in, but sink in it will and what I particularly like is no oily residue on my skin in the morning.

Since reverting back to this a fortnight ago, I’ve already noticed much less dryness in my skin and it has become a key part of my winter routine. Don’t underestimate your night cream, the right amount of moisture helps tackle those fine lines from drying skin, it provides the best base for make up as well as keep your skin looking bright without makeup. I’d love to hear whether you’ve used this cream or whether you have a different favourite.

Next time: Bright Lipstick!

15 thoughts on “NEW APJ Beauty Editor: Night Cream

  1. Welcome A F Beauty,
    So excited to have you on board. What a lovely addition you will be to the APJ Family. Fingers crossed you enjoy a long and fruitful tenure here.
    I was just given the ANEW Day & Night Creams by AVON but haven’t yet opened them. My beauty routine was zero till my dear mate Lesley at L’Occitane gave me the Divine Cream which changed my skin and my attitude.
    Portia xx


  2. I’m both a feeler and smeller. But if the SA tested a cream on my hand, I’d feel it first and then smell it. It is a moisturiser after all!

    Astalift is legendary. I wonder why it pulled out of the UK. The body shop’s sleeping mask is pretty interesting texture too. Korean R&D is where skincare is at these days.

    Hydration and retinol is really the key to youthful skin.

    Portia – definitely give Avon Anew Day & Night a go. Their Anew range is really good – better for anti-aging than L’Occitane Divine IMHO.


    • WOW! Willa that’s quite a sell. The boxes are in front of me. I am going to wait till e get to the new house and give them a whirl.
      Portia xx


    • Hi Willa, thanks for the comment, isn’t Astalift amazing!?!

      I’ve heard of people finding it in TKMaxx in the UK and I’ve seen it on eBay direct from Japan – I was lucky to find an Astalift store in Singapore – an actual store!! I am already planning my return!

      I am also scared to go to Korea for all the products I might find… *takes out new mortgage*


  3. Thanks for a great post and look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    It may sound strange coming from a perfume person but I’m definitely a feeler. I really dislike scented products on my face. Currently exploring Paula’s Choice.


    • I have added Paula’s Choice and CeraVe to the Orlane I have been using for years. Great results especially from PC’s 2% BHA liquid.
      Azar xx


    • Hi Tara, thanks for your comment! 🙂

      I’ve heard amazing things about Paula’s Choice but have yet to try them.

      In terms of the Paula’s Choice Beautypedia, I am torn, feedback on their own product line is good. But they are very anti plant based skin care, so high profile products which use plant based ingredients or natural oils often get very low scores and often scathing comments based on their ingredients alone. Tough crowd!


      • Yeah, I treat Paula’s Choice Beautypedia with a grain of salt too. She’s not a scientist or dermatologist. In many ways, she’s like these health and lifestyle ‘gurus’ of youtube and instagram, preaching diet and natural remedy advice to the should-know-better masses.


  4. Hi AF Beauty,
    Loved your post and am really looking forward to more about beauty products, especially your take on bright lipsticks. I wish I could use L’Oreal Revitalift but there is something in all the Revitalift products that doesn’t get along with my skin. That being said, the feeling is more important to me than the smell. Also, I have been wondering about the Avon Anew line…
    Azar xx


    • Hi Azar, thanks for the comment – I am a new convert to bright lipstick, so I hope to inspire others!

      If you like the feel of Revitalift, you might also like Clinique Repairwear Sculpting Night Cream, satisfyingly gloopy, no smell – Clinique are usually pretty tolerant of people requesting samples and this is a new reformulation so I imagine they are keen to promote.


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