Mood Scent 4: Mid Season Magic




Hey there APJ,

It’s Mood Scent 4 week. This is the first Mood Scent 4 that was my idea. It feels super special for me today. As we both got into Mid Seasons in the Northern Hemisphere and Southern I love that the temps are very similar. Fewer extremes and a much more mild adventure than the summer and winter we are both leaving behind. Mid Seasons are my favourite, so much choice for fragrance because there’s so much variation in weather.  So I’m picking five fragrances that work well for me in both Autumn and Spring.

So excited to be blogging with these three superstars again:  Esperanza L’Esperessence, Megan Megan In Sainte Maxime and Samantha I Scent You A Day. Check theirs out too.


Mood Scent 4: Mid Season Magic

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