Celestial Rose by Ramón Béjar 2014




Hello Rose Freaks,

Having had a boxed sample of this fragrance on my desk winking at me since Josie at OSSWALD NYC gave it to me as a GWP in 2014 I finally felt compelled today to open it and have a sniff.

You can come along on the ride too.

Celestial Rose by Ramón Béjar 2014


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Artemisia, bergamot
Heart: Turkish rose oil, geranium, peach
Base: Turkish rose, musk, amber

Rose, geranium, broken rose stem and torn leaves. Clean, clear rose that is very upper register.

OK, so the opening of Celestial Rose reminds me strongly of Perfumers Workshop Tea Rose. All of a sudden I’m a kid again and I can’t remember who it was but someone I knew wore it back then. It’s a funny sensation of memory because recently I was out with a drag girlfriend and she smelled of the most fabulous roses. Upon asking what she was wearing, expecting it to be a high end niche beauty she replied Perfumers Workshop Tea Rose. It smelled freaking amazing on her and all night I kept coming in for sniffs.


When I asked some mates one in particular agreed that it could be a reminder but told me to wait for the velvety, luxe dry down. Yes it went velvety and yes it is lovely but I still have the Perfumers Workshop Tea Rose playing in the background 5 hours on. Admittedly the whole fragrance has softened and become creamy musk and amber but still the roses are there catching my attention and singing softly.

Do I love Celestial Rose? Nope. I do really like it though. If you are after a luxurious 21st century version of Perfumers Workshop Tea Rose then this will definitely hit the spot. Add to that the spectacular bottle and maybe…… but nah. Not this one.

Further reading: EauMG
Feeling Sexy has $279/75ml (a special New To Australia price till Jan 31 2017)

How do you like your roses?
Portia xx

New York City with Jin, Kath & Portia 2014 + Photo Essay

Hiya APJ Crew,

We are home!! Three weeks whirlwind tour of the United States of America went by like a fabulous, crazy, fun filled, roller coaster ride. One of the most action packed and intense holidays of my life. So much so that when I look at my pics there are hardly any!! Basically these are all the shots I took. Though trying to keep these in chronological order I think they have moved around and it was all such a blur that I honestly can’t remember what happened when.

Starting with NYC because it was the easiest to grab photos from. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Portia xx

New York City with Jin, Kath & Portia 2014 + Photo Essay

At night we met up with Brian who helped us find our way to dinner on the tube. We went to Lombardis (?) Pizza and dined with the lovely Lucy R. It was an excellent way to meet NYC.


We thought it was important to see the Statue of Liberty so caught the Statten Island ferry early on Thanksgiving Day. It’s FREE! Got some great shots and had some fun and silly time together on the trip. I was a bit tired and grumpy at this point.



For Thanksgiving Dinner we had the buffet at The Roosevelt Hotel where we were staying. The Roosevelt is a great choice for a hotel in NYC if you want some where central and reasonably priced. DO NOT go there if you like to take baths, they are DISGUSTING and they flake & peel while you’re in them. We did get 2 upgrades because of the baths and ended up in a suite with a view ( the bath was still freaking shit though). Thanksgiving Dinner with the two most important people to me in the world, pretty special. We all gave thanks for each other and our incredibly blessed lives. BTW I had the best Apple Pie of my life here, nothing before it even prepared me for how incredible it was going to be.

The staff at the Roosevelt were excellent, at every point we were treated with courtesy and friendliness, I recommend you stay there if you like to shower.


Jin had a secret New York City agenda that we were unaware of until we arrived. He had to see Carrie Bradshaw’s stoop from later series of Sex and the City. While there he also wanted desperately to lean on the pole and have a Marlboro Light (even though he doesn’t smoke. This resulted in head spins and delirium). There was a very lovely young girl doing exactly that and Jin asked if he could have one of her ciggies. One happy boy…. Around the corner is the Magnolia Bakery where Carrie would sit and have cupcakes so off we went to indulge. We did get to Friends building but I forgot to take a picture.



All this stuff is right near Christopher Street, the home of the Gay Rights Movement. It was here that the famous Stonewall hotel was where the Lesbians and Black Drag Queens took on the NYC Police and rioted. Interestingly it was the day of Judy Garland’s funeral.



That evening we wandered through Central Park and got 40 minutes in the Guggenheim. I took them to the first floor where we saw some very interesting Impressionist works from the Thannhauser Collection, Wang Jianwei: Time Temple sculptural pieces and ZERO: Countdown to Tomorrow 1950s–60s. Clearly we didn’t spend a lot of time with them but it was nice to see a couple of impressionist works that were new to me, particularly a Picasso, Woman Ironing (La repasseuse): Paris, 1904.


Woman Ironing (La repasseuse) Paris, 1904 guggenheimPhoto Stolen Guggenheim (Problem using image, get in touch)

OSSWALD welcomed us with open arms. Josie and Clement were incredibly kind, helpful and funny. It was a fantastic get together. Birgit and Michael of Olfactoria’s Travels, Poodle who is one of our APJ North American correspondents, Brian, Gaia and Ori of The Non Blonde, Abdulla and Miryam (working for the Qatar consul in Dubai on their honeymoon), Francesca, Daisy of CoolCookStyle, Arielle from Scents of Self, Kevin Guyer (ex CHANEL), Patty (FleurDeLys) and others. I am so embarrassed to have forgotten a couple of names, please PM me with them because I would love to put you in.

What did I buy? Long have I had Cozé by Perfumerie Generale on my radar so I bought a 30ml (bravo for the smaller sizes Pierre G) and Liquer Charnelle by Huitieme Art in 50ml, also Pierre G.










Then we hit Bergdorf Goodman. I had a mission. The CHANEL counter. When I told the girl in CHANEL in Sydney the Pure Perfume is not a real term but a marketing invention she refused to serve me so I thought FUCK HER! Hideous creature! So it was a New York City must do. The Parfum &Eau are now happily in my collection. BLISS!



On our last day in NYC Carlos J Powell of the Goodsmellas and Peace, Love & Perfume and I organised to meet up in Brooklyn at Twisted Lily. We wanted to do a couple of LIVE Video Sniffs, check them out if you get a chance. we are complete freaking idiots. What a great time.

Eric who owns the store was friendly and welcoming and the range is excellent.

I met my next boyfriend too, Rich from Goodsmellas, hubba hubba!



Straight from Twisted Lily we returned to the Roosevelt Hotel, checked out and then I bought this signed Lithograph and we left the USA till next time. What a wonderful city NYC is, chock filled with Ah May Zing people and places. This is just a mini snapshot, we did SO MUCH MORE!

Be well crew,
Portia xx

IMG_3472All photos my own unless specified.