Celestial Rose by Ramón Béjar 2014




Hello Rose Freaks,

Having had a boxed sample of this fragrance on my desk winking at me since Josie at OSSWALD NYC gave it to me as a GWP in 2014 I finally felt compelled today to open it and have a sniff.

You can come along on the ride too.

Celestial Rose by Ramón Béjar 2014


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Artemisia, bergamot
Heart: Turkish rose oil, geranium, peach
Base: Turkish rose, musk, amber

Rose, geranium, broken rose stem and torn leaves. Clean, clear rose that is very upper register.

OK, so the opening of Celestial Rose reminds me strongly of Perfumers Workshop Tea Rose. All of a sudden I’m a kid again and I can’t remember who it was but someone I knew wore it back then. It’s a funny sensation of memory because recently I was out with a drag girlfriend and she smelled of the most fabulous roses. Upon asking what she was wearing, expecting it to be a high end niche beauty she replied Perfumers Workshop Tea Rose. It smelled freaking amazing on her and all night I kept coming in for sniffs.


When I asked some mates one in particular agreed that it could be a reminder but told me to wait for the velvety, luxe dry down. Yes it went velvety and yes it is lovely but I still have the Perfumers Workshop Tea Rose playing in the background 5 hours on. Admittedly the whole fragrance has softened and become creamy musk and amber but still the roses are there catching my attention and singing softly.

Do I love Celestial Rose? Nope. I do really like it though. If you are after a luxurious 21st century version of Perfumers Workshop Tea Rose then this will definitely hit the spot. Add to that the spectacular bottle and maybe…… but nah. Not this one.

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Feeling Sexy has $279/75ml (a special New To Australia price till Jan 31 2017)

How do you like your roses?
Portia xx

8 thoughts on “Celestial Rose by Ramón Béjar 2014

  1. Cafe Rose by Tom Ford and Rose Velours by Van Cleef & Arpels are my favourite roses so far. Although, I have none of them in my collection still(( But I have a tiny bottle of Bulgarian rose oil instead.


      • It’s exactly the same bottle as my mum used to have when I was a little gir! It was amazing to get it, so nostalgic! As for the smell, it’s a vvery intensive and thick rose, I don’t even know what can compare to it. Montale’s roses?)) I use it together with Montale’s Honey Oud, it makes a nice composition.


  2. Wow. You had something sitting on your desk for 18 months or so without opening it???????????????? In that gorgeous packaging!!!
    Having said hat, it seems you could save a great deal of coin by not buying this and buying a bottle of the Perfumers Workshop Tea Rose. I don’t like the PWTR on me , but I use it at work to deodorise my workplace. {a nursing home}
    The rose scent I do love is the vintage Crabtree & Evelyn ,named Evelyn. The modern version is less of a ‘smack’ of roses to my nose.


    • Hey SaffyIsHere,
      Yeah, I think the packaging was the problem to be honest. I liked looking at it, pristine and elegant. It did keep winking at me though.
      I wonder if evelyn has suffered IFRA bans or greedy suits?
      Portia x


  3. Hi gorgeous,
    I like my rose DARK and maybe a little dirty: L’Artisan Velour de Rose, the original Agent Provocateur and TDC Rose Poivree are rose centric fumes I enjoy. That said I do have a bottle of JHaG Miss. Charming for lighter moments.
    I know I have smelled Tea Rose but it was so long ago and I doubt I can tell if I smell it in the ‘wild’.
    XXX… T


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