Si Eau de Toilette by Giorgio Armani 2015


Kate Apted


G’day APJ folk!

We all have those unsung hero type scents that sit mid way on the shelf, rarely used. For a myriad of reasons, the scent keeps getting over looked. I see it and think, ‘Yeah, another day perhaps; not in the mood for it now.’ I even forget why I was attracted to the scent in the first place.

This morning I picked this hero up and sprayed.

Si Eau de Toilette by Giorgio Armani 2015

si 2

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Classic Patchouli Balmy by Von Eusersdorff 2018


Val the Cookie Queen


Hello Fragrant Fraggie Fiends,

This is a Patchouli Public Service Announcement

Classic Patchouli Balmy by Von Eusersdorff 2018

The Seven Year Jubilee Limited Edition

Patchouli essential oil can be an antidepressant, an aphrodisiac, a sedative, it can fill one with hope. It is not adored by all, but for those who do fall in love with it, the relationship usually Continue reading

World Peace, Hippies, Patchouli Oil and The Evolution of Human Consciousness

Post by Suzanne R Banks


We owe the Hippies from the 60′s a great deal more kudos than they receive today. They tapped into the energy of the coming of the new world age, and displayed a radical yet peaceful way of behaviour. It really was the first signs of the “dawning of the age of Aquarius” and 50 years later we, the common people, are really feeling the vibe in everyday life. The age of Aquarius is finally here and we are being summoned by the universe to improve, change, be kind to animals, be peaceful, add value to the world, be positive, look after the earth, tap into our spirituality and connect with people we have never met before. The scent of change in the 60′s was patchouli oil, and as a scent of peace, it is our oil now! It is an oil of the evolution of mankind.

World Peace, Hippies, Patchouli Oil and The Evolution of Human Consciousness

Peace Patchouli WikiCommonsPhoto Stolen WikiCommons

Patchouli oil on it’s own is not particularly lovely, but when used with others oils, really comes alive. It is a “base oil” meaning that is dark, deep and heavy and related to the base and second chakras. The base chakra “Muladhara” is about survival (food, nurturing, shelter) and the second chakra “Svadisthana” is about our scared sexuality.

So it’s easy to understand why the hippie culture used this amazing oil. It is “grounding” as it helps us place our attention on our lower chakras – the ones closest to the earth. It helps us place our feet firmly in this world now and creates an empathy toward the planet and all the beings who reside on this planet. I would even say patchouli oil is almost buddhist in its existence.

Peace Patchouli Chakras WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

The “free love” ethos of the hippie culture was supported by patchouli oil, and a need to connect with others in a deeply spiritual and sexual manner. It was all about the sharing the love and if we are to evolve beyond war, famine, politics and money we need to be peaceful and loving. We need patchouli oil!

Patchouli oil is also;

* great for skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis to help calm the symptoms

* wonderful to blend with other oils to help consolidate the scent and keep the formula in harmony

* a good oil to use on nail fungal infections – a drop straight from the bottle is best for this treatment

* an oil used to stimulate cell growth (like lavender) and therefore lovely in skin and hair care

Peace Patchouli fragrancebelleslettresPhoto Stolen fragrancebelleslettres


Hair Mask

Warm 6 teaspoons of olive oil, add the following essential oils, then massage into hair and scalp. you can sleep on a towel overnight so the oils really penetrate, or wash and condition after an hour.


Patchouli             4 drops

Lavender             6 drops

Orange                5 drops


Body Oil

A deep moisturising oil blend to promote peace and harmony in your environment. To 3 teaspoons of oil (almond, jojoba, sunflower, grape seed) add:

“Miss Universe”

Patchouli      2 drops

Rosewood   4 drops

Ylang Ylang  2 drops


Scent Your Space

In a traditional oil burner with a candle or an electric vapouriser add:

“Om, Baby”

Patchouli           5 drops

Mandarin          15 drops

Lemongrass       5 drops


Patchouli is peace.

Patchouli is worldly love.

Patchouli is the scent of the evolution of human consciousness.

Remember to use your intention when making a blend or using an essential oils as a perfume. You will be creating your life!

Suzanne R Banks

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Patchouli Noir Osmo by Sylvana Casoli for Il Profumo 2006


Guest Post by Val The Cookie Queen



Hi to all you new APJ  friends.

It was 1973 when I got my first full bottle of perfume.  Miss Dior.  Little knowing at the time of it´s ultra cool status.  Mum was a Guerlain/Chanel lady.  She taught me that it didn’t matter what I wore, as long as I smelled good and expensive! I also learned from her that as I got older, I would be able to wear more grown up perfumes.  Which was, of course the reason, that she would not let me spray my thirteen year old neck with copious amounts of Mitsouko.

Patchouli KalleoSoapsPhoto Stolen KalleoSoaps

This would explain why she was not a happy camper when I changed, to straight up patchouli oil in about 1976.  Scored from my local headshop, it was thick enough to need a paintbrush to apply it, and stained my neck a dark yellow.  She informed me that I smelled as if I had just stepped out of the local whorehouse. (I wonder to this day on what that was based.)  It was around the same time, as I walked through the streets of Bristol, with my boyfriend, (he too drenched in the stuff) that two bobbies on the beat stopped us.  They seemed to take great delight in informing us that people who didn’t take baths, and those who smoked wacky backy, were partial to patchouli oil.  Wow!  Brilliant that a scent could cause such a strong reaction.

So began a lifelong love of patchouli.  And the cops were right.  I became a perfume junkie.

I  don´t buy my oil from headshops any more.  There is just the one oil that I use.

PatchouliNoir LuckyScentPicture stolen from  Lucky Scent

LuckyScent lists just five notes in a line:
Mint, cedarwood, patchouli, poppy, vanilla

With my eyes closed, I inhale deeply.  I am transported back to another time.  It calms me, relaxes me, and gives me a feeling of well being.  And it´s legal.  (Despite wearing, owning, and loving many other fragrances, it is always the heavy patchouli smells that get me the compliments)  This stuff is soooo smooth an soft and gorgeous. It is perfect to layer with other fragrances as it is a fixative.  Patchouli belongs to the mint family, and the short lived hit of mint in this patchouli is fabulous.  The vanilla delectable.  The hint of cedarwood sublime.  A little goes a long way.  I have had my bottle for more than 5 years.  It only gets better.  It ages like a fine wine.

LuckyScent has 100ml/$165

Straight up patchouli.  You either love it or hate it.  As my girlfriend says, “Whatever blows your skirt!“  And Patchouli Noir blows mine sky high.

I had a splendid time with Portia and Jin in Vienna in January.  We went together to the Chanel Les Exclusifs counter, where I bought a bottle of Coromandel.  Finally. I wanted to write about it, Portia beat me to it. But as my daughter said to me ,what more can you say than: “It´s freaking awesome!“? Patchouli and Miss P???  Was I not warned it would get me into trouble?


Cookie Queen