Classic Patchouli Balmy by Von Eusersdorff 2018


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Hello Fragrant Fraggie Fiends,

This is a Patchouli Public Service Announcement

Classic Patchouli Balmy by Von Eusersdorff 2018

The Seven Year Jubilee Limited Edition

Patchouli essential oil can be an antidepressant, an aphrodisiac, a sedative, it can fill one with hope. It is not adored by all, but for those who do fall in love with it, the relationship usually lasts. I absolutely love the stuff. As I have mentioned before it used to drive my mother crazy, having to wash the thick dark oil off of my school uniform white shirts. It was already clear at aged 16 what direction I was heading in. It bears repeating that Mattel used patchouli in the plastic used to make the masters of the Universe figure, Stinkor, back in 1985. One wonders.

There is not a single one of the Von Eusersdorff fragrances that are not immaculate. Founding ancestors going back nearly three centuries, were trading in rare oils, herbs, spices, and petals. The complete collection is beautiful.

Classic Patchouli Balmy

Classic Patchouli Balmy Von Eusersdorff ParfumoParfumo

I am not usually keen on listing notes of perfumes side-by-side, but feel it justified with the new Classic Patchouli Balmy. Von Eusersdorff have pimped their divine Classic Patchouli as a seven year jubilee limited edition. It was created in smaller quantities, still in the traditional ways, by maturation and maceration, in Grasse.

Classic Patchouli. Bergamot. Patchouli. Vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood.
Classic Patchouli Balmy. Myrtle, cedar, Myrrh, black patchouli. Patchouli, tree moss, sandalwood. Musk, patchouli, vanilla.

You can skip over to my thoughts on Classic Patchouli if you feel so inclined.

Of course the two are similar, but there are clear differences.
The Balmy is creamier, softer and earthier, but under no circumstances is it a weaker formulation. It is rounder, dirtier, more patchoulier, with an elegant pinch of animalic. Both of them are fabulous.

Classic Patch is an elegant suit, crisp white shirt, stylish shoes, hidden tattoos.
Classic Patch Balmy is the fraternal twin, ripped jeans, t-shirt, flip-flops, muscles and tattoos.

But you know, wear whatever you want, be whoever you want, we’re flexible.

“While she looks at you so cooly
And her eyes shine like the moon in the sea
She comes in incense and patchouli
So you take her, to find what’s waiting inside
The year of the cat.“ Al Stewart.

Peace and Love
Bongs and Bussis

22 thoughts on “Classic Patchouli Balmy by Von Eusersdorff 2018

  1. Oooh the Balmy version sounds fab. Different patchs for different moods/occasions. Love the idea of the smart outfit with the hidden tattoos for the original, while the Balmy version is just hanging loose. Great description.
    Patchouli is such a comforting smell for me. It reminds me of finding myself.
    The Year of the Cat is an absolute classic.


    • Hi Tara! Patchouli is so comforting. It invokes a thousand memories. I love it most of all in the summer, the hotter the weather the better. Yeah, the two takes are different, very skillfully blended imo, to comeuppance with two different scents. Bussis. xxxxxxx


  2. I sprayed a Very Little of Patchouli Balmy early in the morning before heading out that day. I forgot all about it and went on with all that I had planned to do in the next 10 hours. Before dinner I had to meet up with a friend, so we met at a crowded, popular Café. When we were ready to leave and asked for a check that was when the couple next to us politely said to me; “Excuse me. May I ask what fragrance you are wearing? My wife wants to know so that she can buy it for me”. I asked if it was too strong, wondering had I sprayed too much on? The man said; “No. To the contrary. We smelled it as you sat down. It was so subtle and we liked it so much that we moved our chairs closer to you”? The wife and the man smiled and their eyes sparkled. I blushed. All along, here I was thinking that the Café was too crowded and I came to find out that my neighbors were just close because they were admiring my fainted scent of Von Eusersdorff’s New Classic Patchouli Balmy. What a Compliment! Oddly enough, I noticed that the man, who was wearing a shirt with his sleeves rolled up, had very interesting tattoo’s inked on his arms. Which makes me wonder after reading Valerie CQ Sperrer’s Review: Is there is a correlation between Balmy’s mysterious composition and Modern Day Hippies re-ivented as Millennial’s with Body Art?


    • Hey Darren! Totally cool to see you here, thanks for dropping by. I dunno if there is really connection between tattoos and the Balmy, or patchouli in general, there could well be. But I do know one thing, after 42 years of wearing patchouli, that it is people who walk a more creative path (read into that what you will!!) who love it. It says soooo much about a person. I’m getting a tattoo very soon. My first and my last. It will be on my ankle. Lots of love, way excited to see you sometime. Hugs. Val. xxxxxxx


  3. Val, this is such a sharp review! I’ve never heard of Von Eusersdorff before but your words made me want to try their perfumes, I’m a big fan of patchouli!
    A friend of mine wrote a song A patchouli-scented perfume (it sounds better in Russian), and I always wore a couple drops of pure patchouli oil when going to his gigs. That was before I became a fraghead 🙂


    • Hi there Diana! Nice of you to drop in. Yeah, all of their fragrances are perfect, they really are. Beautiful crafted scents. Ha! I used to wear lots and lots of drops of pure patchouli, as I mentioned. Made my mother absolutely nuts. Patchouli and a gig is as perfect as it gets. VE´s patchouli really are good, the real deal. Hope you get the chance sometime to sniff some of their work. Lots of love, Val. xxxxxx


  4. Help! I’m a patchouli addict!

    Where can you get these fragrances? I went to the Von Euserdorff web site and it’s just a single page with no order or location info.



    • Hi Alison. Hahahaha. Sounds like Patchouli Anonymous “Help, I am a patchouli addict!”
      You could write directly “info@Von” or send a PM on the Von Eusersdorff Facebook page, they will answer. You are correct, their Homepage is rather confusing! Are you reading this Darren? Feel free to tell them I suggested you contact them this way. Of course there is the First in Fragrance route too. But VE will give you a list of stores I am sure. If no joy, get back to me here. Love, Val xxxxx


  5. Hi Val, This patchouli sounds right up my ally. I will go downtown and see if I can find the brand here. Love the picture. Sandra xoxo


  6. Oh lord, this sounds divine. I hadn’t heard of them before either. I adore patchouli. Balmy sounds fun and gorgeous. But I think I need both.


    • Hey Jyotsna! Well, at least one. I dunno which one I would pick. If you adore proper patchouli, then either will satisfy. Keep your eyes open …. hope you find some. ❤️


  7. I love that louche photograph!

    (i’m another who has never heard of Von Eusersdorff before, but is now curious. The only patch of my youth would be the layer in Antaeus which I wore as a stroppy teenager. There’s a lot more these days.)


    • Hey Crikey. 😁
      Yes. Amazing I survived my uhm, youth. Von Eusersdorff are worth checking out. Everything just beautiful. Nice to see you. Love, Val cxxx


  8. You are fierce! Love that photo!

    I was eyeballing the Von Eursersdorff line a while ago when showing up heavily discounted online. Did not purchase any as I really don’t need another full bottle and I am apprehensive about blind buying in general. However, you make the line sound incredibly enticing! Have you ever tried the Myrrh ? I was curious about that one in particular.

    I do love patchouli and will wear it straight up….without apologies 🙂


    • Hey there CM. Forgive my late replay. Uhm, I did try the Myrrh a long time ago and would need to try it again to comment. I cannot remember, except that I did not grab a bottle, so ……. Yes, the line is excellent, Straight up, very good fragrances. Of course you do not need a full bottle. I think that VE still might do 10ml travel bottles. Or they did. Or maybe it was just a press size. Hmmmmm. Drop them a line! Buying blind is not smart, especially when it is a 100mls. Gotta run, I am babysitting 102 year old grandma and she is pitching a fit! Hugs. Xxxxxxx


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