Classic Patchouli by Von Eusersdorff 2011


Post by Val the Cookie Queen


I love patchouli. Always have done. I used to wear so much of it that it turned my neck a deep amber colour. I was once stopped by a couple of coppers as I walked through the streets of Bristol. The asked me if I was aware of what kind of people wore patchouli and suggested it could get me into trouble. No comment.

Many years later my love of patchouli remains, although I do not wear it as much as I did in those heady hippie punk days of the mid seventies. As my affair with perfume deepened and I started to read about the notes in perfumes, it was interesting to see how many fragrances that I would never dream of trying contained patchouli and I was quite surprised. As I delved in further I started to notice phrases like “clean patchouli”. STOP. I think not.

Random fact. In 1985 Mattel used patchouli oil in the plastic of Stinkor in the Masters of the Universe line of toys. Makes you wonder who designed them.

Classic Patchouli by Von Eusersdorff He Man Boynton FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

Classic Patchouli by Von Eusersdorff 2011

Classic Patchouli Von Eusersdorff FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot
Heart: Patchouli
Base: Vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood

Now guys, if proper patchouli is not your thing, then Von Eusersdorff´s Classic Patchouli will not change your mind. However if you have never tried proper patchouli then you absolutely must.

Von Eusersdorff´s Classic Patchouli is a dark, thick, rich, stylish, graceful, distinguished, dignified, classic hardcore patchouli. The patchouli rests on a bed of vanilla and tonka bean and sandalwood. There is a dash of bergamot in the opening. Beautifully blended and perfect for the heat. Patchouli and naked skin. For anyone except maybe the men in blue.

Classic Patchouli Von Eusersdorff ValPhoto Donated Val

“When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead
And the white knight is talking backwards
And the red queen´s off with her head
Remember what the dormouse said
Feed your head, feed your head.” Grace Slick. White Rabbit.

Thanks to Camille Henfling of Von Eusersdorff, I have the possibility to invite three of our APJ readers to give the Classic Patchouli a go below.

Summer Bussis

giveaway TheTruthAboutMummyPhoto Stolen TheTruthAboutMummy

Classic Patchouli GIVEAWAY


This week we will have 3 winners who will each receive:
1 x sample Classic Patchouli by Von Eusersdorff
P&H Anywhere in the world


Open to everyone worldwide who follows AustralianPerfumeJunkies via eMail, WordPress, Bloglovin or RSS. Please leave how you follow in the comments to be eligible. I must be able to check that you follow so if you have an email address on your gravatar that’s different to your follow address then please email me (portia underscore turbo @ yahoo dot com dot au) so I know. Yes, you can start following to enter, in fact it’s encouraged.

You must tell me how you follow APJ


Please tell us in the comments. What memories does patchouli trigger for you?

Extra Chance?
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Entries Close Friday 14th August 2015 10pm Australian EST and winners will be announced in a separate post.
Winner will be chosen by
The winner will have till Monday 17th August 2015 to get in touch (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with their address or the prize will go to someone else.
No responsibility taken for lost or damaged goods in transit.

33 thoughts on “Classic Patchouli by Von Eusersdorff 2011

  1. Hi Val, I don’t have any memory associations for patchouli. Whilst I can certainly recognise the note in other perfumes, I missed its hippy heyday by about a decade. I still love the note though. Email.


  2. Good lord my memories of patchouli definitely are of indian clothing , buying patchouli oil in surf dive n ski stores( in Australia) and smoking indian beedy cigarettes.
    its a classic 70’s summer scent .. really brings back memories .

    I follow via Facebook and newsletter.


  3. I follow by e mail and patchouli brings back memories of the little Indian clothing shop I used to love in my teens where I shopped for cheesecloth tops adorned with embroidery and shiny mirror type beading and tiny little vials of fragrances.There was always the smell of patchouli in this shop as the incense sticks burnt.That smell came home with you with anything you may have purchased there as well.Made me feel like a flower child every-time.


  4. If only you’d listened to those coppers, Val… 🙂

    Like others, I have happy patchouli oil memories from my teens. Clean patchouli is not a patch on the real thing (pun intended).

    Looking forward to trying my sample of this, so no need to enter me in the draw thanks.

    Oh and Grace Slick is awesome.


  5. As soon as you mentioned coppers and hippies, my mind went back to my teenage years and my father roundly condemning some boyfriend as a long haired patchouli wearer…and we all know what connotations THAT has!
    His other nickname was Jesus Christ. The boyfriend, not my father.
    I follow by email.


  6. I follow by e-mail. Patchouli reminded me of head shops in the ’70s. Now I think of it as a note in fragrances which adds a certain kind of richness. Thanks for the giveaway.


  7. Hi Val! I’m from the same era, and I also remember older folks scuttling across the street when we came towards them along the streets of London: muttering, heads bowed, purses clutched and mouths pinched with disapproval. It was an amazing time in my life, and the scent of patchouli brings to mind many wonderful memories. The amazing clothes: vintage and ethnic stuff from Kensington Market and Portobello Road, platform boots, head shops reeking from incense and oils, hennaed hair, outdoor parties in the parks open to everyone with music and dancing and debauchery of all sorts. I felt joyous and free and innocent despite it all.
    Thanks for the draw! I follow by email.


  8. Hi Val. In my teens I used to go to a rather bohemian area of the city, now since disney-ised sadly, and there was a little shop named Rani’s that sold Indian clothing. My best friend and I used to shop there all the time. There was definitely an exotic (to us) smell when you entered the store. I am thinking it was patchouli and sandalwood because anytime I smell those notes now it brings me back to Rani’s.

    I follow by email. Thank you so much for the lovely review and the draw.


  9. I follow by email. I’ll jump on the bandwagon with memories of Indian import shops where I got peasant blouses and gauze tops & fell in love with the smell they brought into the house. Child of the 70s. Always will be. Thanks for the draw.


  10. Hi, Val – I follow by email. Your description sounds so luscious. My ex-husband hated patchouli, and I adopted this and many of his opinions, as one sometimes does. Now I’m free and having fun discovering what I’m about and what I like. I would absolutely love to give patchouli a try. Thanks!
    ~ Fifi


  11. I can imagine you have fond memories of Patchouli, mine are zero and I do not like THE note very much on iTS own but I love to layer it with chocolate. Maybe a bit indulgent. Loved Reading your encounter in Bristol !


  12. Nothing wrong with Patchouli, I love Patchouli, in fact, I was stinking of Patchouli when I was a teenager. I still use Patchouli incense from time to time. There!
    By the way, I haven’t yet tried any of Von Eusersdorff line but I’ve been curious about a few from them. Which one(s) have you tried? Any recommendations?


  13. I follow via email. Patchouli. Well, that’s a story. I always HATED it. Still do when it is a dirty hippie smell. But I have found fragrances that incorporate it so well that I love it. Perris of Monte Carlo is one such. So, I ran across dried patchouli last week for $2.25 for a huge bag. I bought it and am making a tincture now in cheap vodka for use in a perfume spray. Old dogs can learn new tricks.


    • I follow by email. I have the same 70s memories as many others. I loved the handicrafts of Asia shops and spent many hours trawling through them, buying cheesecloth shirts, incense sticks, hand tooled leather accessories and owned a few of those little bottles of patchouli oil and Amber oil. loved the era.


  14. Well, my initial exposure to intense patchouli was at a Grateful Dead show in California. Scared me away from patchouli until I tried Coromandel. Instant love!!! Would be interesting to see how this one compares 🙂 I follow via e-mail.


  15. Hi there! I follow you via Facebook and link to your blog posts that way!
    Patchouli is synonymous with me leaving home, going to a big city and being a naughty teenager! It was part of my growing up process and holds many memories (mostly hazy I might add). 😉 thanks for the draw! I’m in the UK!


  16. like everyone else my strongest memories are from my late teens/early 20s, although for me that was in the 90s, when there was a bit of hippy revival. I loved hanging out in Indian import shops and burning incense.

    These days I quite like patchouli in perfumes but I don’t think I have ever really tried one that was base around patchouli. Would love to try it.

    I follow via email


  17. Patchouli was a key note in the first fragrance that moved me in the late 1990s, i.e. Givenchy Gentleman 🙂 I follow APJ through email. I am in the US


      • get the original Givenchy Gentleman (preferably something from 1990s or early 2000s) was later badly reformulated..the latest version which was lovable has that small silver cap and silver perfume label which wraps around the entire bottle…


    • Hi Fazal.
      So glad you mentioned Givenchy Gentleman… We have a similar experience.

      As per my message below I think H.O.T. Always by Bond No. 9 is, IMHO, the lost twin to Givenchy Gentleman. Do try it if you have easy access to it.


  18. I have no memories of patchouli from my teens, I guess I lived in a too small and remote town. I do have a bit of trouble with this note, but love to wear Coromandel on those days it behaves well on my skin. I like sandalwood and tonka bean in perfume, so please enter me in the draw. I follow via email.


    • Coromandel is lovely. It reminds me of Portia as we bought my bottle together when we first met! You are of course in my dead armadillo awaiting the draw which my daughter will make! xxx


  19. i follow by email.i don’t have any memories of patchouli but i am interested to try this perfume.i noticed they have a you like that note and have you tried this perfume.thanks for the giveaway : )


    • Hi Flowergirlbee! The Mimosa is absolutely beautiful. I can highly recommend trying it. What – no patchouli??!! Hmmmm. Hugs. xxxxxx


  20. I remembered the first time I smelled Thierry Mugler Angel and found it very disgusting. Somehow, I changed my mind & have been using Thierry Mugler Eau de Star on a daily basis, sometimes I use TM Angel. I have to admit that their patchouly + chocolate combo is perfect, but I still find Angel disgusting, lol.

    I followed by email. Thanks alot!


  21. Hey all of you! Thanks so much for taking time to comment. Definitely a hippie scent, no getting away from it really. I am just loading my dead armadillo up with all of your names on bits of paper. Peace. ❤️


  22. Hi Val.
    thank you for the review and the generous giveaway.
    While I don’t have a patchouli association like yours mine is similar to Fazal’s.
    Givenchy Gentleman was one of the two fragrances I bought for myself when I turned 16 in the late 80’s. I was shocked by it when I first tried it but I just couldn’t stop sniffing it when I tried it.
    I am lucky I still have a small bottle from probably the 90’s. I think H.O.T. Always by Bond No. 9 is, IMHO, the lost twin to Givenchy Gentleman. Do try it if you have easy access to it.

    I follow by email.
    XXX… Tim


  23. i am a new follower by email and patchouli triggers a woodsy and hippie boho scent for me .
    I love the scent of bergamot .
    tumblemumbo at


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