Ummagumma EdP by Bruno Fazzolari 2017


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Hello to all of you fragrant explorers out there!

Today, I’m bombastic with an intensely delightful new fragrance. My friend Andrew told me to try it – all he had to do was name drop the name of my favorite scent and I knew I had to go in head first! He said that since I love Shihan so much (fka Sensei), that I absolutely had to try….

Ummagumma EdP by Bruno Fazzolari 2017

Ummagumma Bruno Fazzolari FragranticaFragrantica

Luckyscent gives these featured accords:
Saffron, carnation, chocolate, tobacco, leather, labdanum, sandalwood, cedar, frankincense, tonka bean, and vanilla

On my skin, the complexity of the notes distills into a simpler interpretation: Whiskey and cocoa! It’s a beautifully dry fragrance that manages to be deliciously gourmand without actually being sweet. I feel like I’m sitting at an upscale nightclub, at the burnished mahogany bar, enjoying two fingers of Oban while the aroma of cocoa powdered tiramisu wafts seductively. The effect is luxurious, unique, and confident.

I don’t usually assign seasonal associations to fragrances because I just wear whatever I want whenever I want like a perfumed brat. However, with Ummagumma, I really must say that this is a snowy winter warmup fragrance. This is a scent you will want to enjoy when you’ve walked inside to warm your icy fingers near a crackling fireplace.

Ummagumma Bruno Fazzolari Ronald Musni chocolate ice cream cake & whiskey FlickrFlickr

From LuckyscentThis is an adult gourmand, a scent to be savored, evocatively sexy on men or women, young or old. Perhaps it’s not right to call it a gourmand at all- it’s a portal to yet another world that defies too-simple categorization while at the same time feeling immeasurably appropriate for the one category it firmly falls into- that of an original Bruno Fazzolari creation. Chocolate lovers, winter adventurers, and all who appreciate original art- don’t miss Ummagumma.

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Luckyscent has $125/30ml
Surrender To Chance has samples from $6.29/0.5ml

Have you tried Ummagumma yet? What’s your favorite new fragrance lately?

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2 thoughts on “Ummagumma EdP by Bruno Fazzolari 2017

  1. Sadly I did not get any chocolate, nor whiskey. It was just ambery incense and sandalwood on me. Still craving a great chocolate scent and wondering if SL Borneo is still any good…


  2. Both your review and Portia’s made this fragrance sound like one I needed to try. Some of the notes I always like in fragrance (specifically vanilla, alcohol, and tobacco) are included in this scent. However others listed occasionally cause me problems such as the leather note. I will definitely try a sample of this somewhere down the road, but I’m a little leary of whether I’ll actually like it. Guess that’s what samples are for 🙂


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