Parrot Perfume – Smell Like a Pionus


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Did you ever want to smell like someone or something else – a flower perhaps, a celebrity or a parrot? A parrot you say? Some of these birds can smell pretty foul (sorry). Many psittacines have distinct, oily, dusty, musky odors. If you have ever walked into a parrot shop or indoor aviary you know what I’m talking about – a kind of sweaty, hormonal scent. While some parrots have a pleasant version of this musk, others smell like wet, dirty socks.

Parrot Perfume – Smell Like a Pionus

Azar 4.9.16 Blue Headed Pionus #3

The parrot I want to smell like is Gomez, the beautiful Blue Headed Pionus (Pionus menstruus). Wild Pionus parrots hail from Central and South America and are common birds in their home range. The fragrance of each Pionus is unique and, like human scent, changes depending on individual chemistry, diet, environment and myriad other factors. Gomez has three distinct “perfumes” that I’ve noticed in our 14-year relationship.

The first is the musky odor – Gomez’ “I am pissed off.” smell or “I’m really horny!” smell or “You are wearing a red dress therefore I am going to bite you.” smell. Pionus are shy birds and don’t like change. New earrings, radically different clothing or unfamiliar scents will, with luck, result in warning wafts of musk.

Azar 4.9.16 Blue Headed Pionus #2

Gomez also has two beautiful fragrances that tell me he is happy or that something interesting is in view. The original Pleasant Pionus Perfume (PPP) is a honeyed, dusty floral with notes of mimosa, nuts, milk, iris and a light parrot musk. The second (PPP II) is a flanker and I believe an intentional reaction or response to a new fragrance I’ve been wearing lately. The other day I was hanging out near Gomez’ cage and smelled something very familiar – Note Fragrances Blood Orange Chocolat. Previously I detected a similarity between PPP and BOC but this time it was full blown Blood Orange Chocolat. I moved my nose closer to Gomez’ cage, calling his name in dulcet tones. Gomez wafted what was unmistakably the dry down phase of BOC. Had he, at some point, noticed me wearing Blood Orange Chocolate and reformulated his original PPP into PPPII to better communicate with me? Was my intelligent, albeit bird-brained companion, trying to augment his limited vocal vocabulary with scent-based inter- species communication?

Azar 4.9.16 Blue Headed Pionus #1

For several years I have been suggesting someone come up with a parrot perfume – perhaps one will show up sooner than later! Now I’m wondering if anyone is currently researching reciprocal, scent based inter-species communication? I’m also wondering what message Gomez was really trying to send to me via PPP II and what did my wearing Blood Orange Chocolat really mean to him.

Azar xx

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