Thierry and I have been trying organise this amazing deal for weeks and it’s finally come together. All you Australian perfume lovers are going to go WILD!! The City Perfume December 2018 Christmas Special.

Meet Portia at Merrylands Store
10am-12pm Sunday Dec 9 2018



WHEN: Saturday December 8 & Sunday December 9

WHERE: City Perfume Online or In Store


City Perfume Merrylands
level 1, Boutique 2034
McFarlane St
Merrylands NSW 2160
P: +61 2 9773 4202

City Perfume Wetherill Park
K16 Stockland Wetherill Park
561- 583 Polding St,
Wetherill Park NSW 2164
P: +61 2 9773 4202

City Perfume Bankstown
K I212 Bankstown Central Shopping Centre
North Terrace Bankstown NSW 2200
P: +61 2 9773 4202

20% Discount Coupon: APJVIP18

EXCLUSIONS: All CHANEL and SALE items are excluded. City Perfume reserve the right to cancel any orders which include CHANEL or SALE items. Make a separate order for these products.
Shipping within Australia only.

Go to it gang,

See you at Merrylands on Sunday.

Portia xx


Thierry and the City Perfume crew are friends of mine. They pay to advertise in the side column of APJ but this is a free, unpaid information post. We wanted YOU GUYS to get a really good deal on City Perfumes already excellent prices.

Libertine Warehouse Clearance Sale 2017




Hey APJ,

This is news for all the Sydney perfume peeps. You have no idea how amazing the Libertine Sale is till you’ve been to one.

Libertine Warehouse Clearance Sale 2017

Libertine Parfumerie is hosting their SYDNEY Warehouse Pop-Up SALE

🌟For 3 days only, save up to 75% on selected fragrances, testers, candles & body products 🌟

Thursday 1st of June 4 – 7pm
Friday 2nd of June 8:30am – 5pm
Saturday 3rd of June 9am – 1pm

Address: 1-3 Taylor St, Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010


Libertine Parfumerie Sydney Warehouse POP-UP Sale


Post by Portia


Hello Sydney Perfumistas,

Few events in the fragrant calendar are talked about with such reverence as the Libertine Parfumerie POP-UP Sale. The most incredible bargains abound and it’s all done in the gorgeous but tiny Surry Hills store. Get yourself down for some serious BARGAIN HUNTING!

See you there,
Portia xx

Libertine Parfumerie Sydney Warehouse POP-UP Sale


Libertine Parfumerie is hosting their SYDNEY Warehouse Pop-Up SALE!
Save up to 75% on selected fragrances, testers, candles and body products.

Friday 16th December 8.30am – 5.00pm
Saturday 17th December 9.00am – 1.00pm

Libertine Sydney Warehouse
1-3 Taylor Street Darlinghurst SYDNEY

SYDNEY Cosmax Sale 2016


Post by Portia


Heya Sydneysiders,

Every year COSMAX  has the most incredible sale. This year will be no different. I picked up a Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir extrait a couple of years ago for AUD$25 and every time I’m there I find gems that I thought were long discontinued.

This weekend!

Get to it,

Portia xxx


Libertine Parfumerie SYDNEY Warehouse Pop-Up Sale


Post by Portia


Woo Hoo APJ Crew,

If you are in Sydney next week then one thing you MUST do is get your sexy ass down to the Libertine Parfumerie SALE! The bargains are real and you will save a bundle. It’s a great time to get your Xmas shopping started, and of course to splurge on yourself.

Every day has different stock on sale so you might want to pop in multiple times.

See you there,

Portia xxx

Libertine Parfumerie SYDNEY Warehouse Pop-Up Sale


Our Libertine Parfumerie SYDNEY Warehouse Pop-Up Sale starts Thursday July 14th at 4pm.
For 3 days only, save up to 75% on selected fragrances, testers, candles, and body products.

Thursday 14th July 4pm – 7pm
Friday 15th July 8.30am – 5pm
Saturday 16th July 9am – 1pm

Pop is located at 1-3 Taylor Street, Darlinghurst
For enquiries phone 02 80024488 or


Alpha Musc by Liz Zorn for SOIVOHLE

Heya Perfume Junkies,

It’s no secret that I love the SOIVOHLE (pronounced See-Voh) range. It is an acronym Sending Out Inspired Vibrations Of Healthy Loving Energy and I think Liz Zorn a dashing artist genius. We have chatted about her and SOIVOHLE quite a bit on APJ. Right now Liz is selling off the Mixed Media section of the fraghrance business and is going to concentrate on the naturals. It’s a sad day here for me and I have bought back up bottles of two of my favourite SOIVOHLE fragrances, Rosa sur Reuse and Jasmine Summer. Really I do not want to live without them. Tonight we are going to look at another fragrtance I love from the range that is currently at CLEARANCE prices.

Alpha Musc by Liz Zorn for SOIVOHLE

Alpha Musc SOIVOHLEPhoto Stolen SOIVOHLE

SOIVOHLE gives these featured accords in one line:
Patchouli, Moss, Vanilla, Pepper, Champaca Leaf, Animalic Musks

I get a chocolate vanilla with fabulously freaky green tinge on opening with Alpha Musc, a burning, searing scent that skirts the edges of overkill, never quite reaching the too much level but dangerously close. It has  a resinous, thick, treacle-ish quality that feels like the air has become too thick to breathe into my nose and lungs, a sensation only Alpha Musc has ever given me. It’s sweet and sweaty, dry, dusty and dank and though it’s a very full fragrance that demands attention still it is quite sheer, sheer AND dense.

Alpha Musc SOIVOHLE Treacle Graeme Maclean FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

As the initial fireworks subside the whole fragrance dries out and the pepper, cracked and ground, gives the choc/vanilla a savoury edge that makes it zing beautifully. A toasted tobacco note, sweetly honeyed but dry and dessicated rolls in and alongside the pepper is so unusual that it really makes my nose stand to attention to see what’s going to happen next. You know the smell of your dogs paws, that yeasty/urinous/furry scent that is like almost nothing else on earth? Alpha Musc smells nothing like it but there is something that feels as if that scent is being referenced obliquely. As if the idea of dogs feet has been put there, an echo, a nod, a whisper of what the real thing smells like. It may even smell a little like a Musk Deer, but I’ll never know. I have smelled some 60+ year old musk tincture of Jean Kerleo’s that he used while at Patou, there are very faint echoes of it here.

Alpha Musc SOIVOHLE Musk Deer WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

I have a motor bike and I leave my helmet in a plastic airtight box on the back. Sometimes if I have been riding a lot and the weather is warm I get a real animal musk scent from it when I first get it from the box. It’s a bed head and healthy sweaty man combination, sweet and very slightly sour, and the musks and vanilla in Alpha Musc remind me very much of this funky scent but ever so soft on deep dry down after I awake next morning. It is tantalisingly human and quite sexy but very, very muted.

Alpha Musc SOIVOHLE Nude_man WikiCommonsPhoto Stolen WikiCommons

Where would I wear Alpha Musc? It is a wear anywhere, smell good, slightly feral comfort scent. Only in the first hour need you worry about skunking the severely anti fragrance types but everyone else will bask in your beautiful soft, naked, healthy skin sillage. About 3 hours mildly fragrant before heading towards close skin scent.

SOIVOHLE is clearing out Alpha Musc: Sample $2/ 11ml $25/ 50ml $50
You have to get it before it’s gone.
Which of the SOIVOHLEs do you know?
Portia xx


Hey Everyone,

Today is the last day of the massive SMELL BENT SALE. Sale ends midnight.robot

10 of their precious frag nectars are on sale at 50ml for $31.

Have fun shopping. They also have a fabulous sample section too.

Sorry there is not a fuller post today but Jin and I have taken our Aunty to watch the Sydney Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras. WOO HOO! So it’s MADNESSS.


Portia x

Photo stolen Smell Bent