Peony Melbourne SALE




Hey crew,

The Peony Melbourne is having a SALE! There’s some great stuff discounted including Creed, Olfactive Studio, Keiko Mecheri and Tom Daxon. Yes, I shopped.

PEONY Melbourne

Peony Melbourne SALE

Go have a look, FREE Australian Shipping over $300.

Peony Melbourne Sale<< JUMP

Portia xxx

6 thoughts on “Peony Melbourne SALE

  1. On a brief visit to Melbourne we made a special trip from North Fitzroy by train and bus (which took about ten years to come and another ten to straggle out to Hawthorne)to this lovely shop – but it was well worth it! The only other shop I’ve been to which is comparable in its deliciousness is the Perfume Shoppe (think that is the right name) in downtown Vancouver.


  2. Nice choices Portia; I got the OS discovery set at the last Peony sale. Just curious, which carrier is Peony using for shipping? I can’t find one willing to ship perfume; they all say “Dangerous Goods”.


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