Mitzah by Francois Demachy for Christian Dior 2010




Hey Crew,

I am so sorry but I have no bloody post for you tonight. Somehow we ended up without on a Friday night. I was wearing Mitzah tonight so here’s how it went.

Mitzah by Francois Demachy for Christian Dior 2010


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Coriander, rose, spices, cinnamon, labdanum, vanilla, honey, patchouli, incense

I love how Mitzah opens all hot smoky spices and incense. Honey gives a sweet animalic, tobacco feel and the patchouli & labdanum make me think of flesh, earth and leather.  A cracker of a perfume, swirling around itself, making me feel all glamorous and giving me the va va voom of a Gabor sister in her prime. This is not an intense journey through the perfume with mountainous peaks and troughs, while there are definite start middle and end notes it’s more of a progression. The kick at the start warms slowly and languidly through mildly sweet towards a honey ouded amber dry down. On a good day I get 8+ hours before Mitzah is lost. As the PR says elegant, feminine and mysterious, but I think not so feminine; a man could wear it very comfortably because it is spicy amber.

I was out to dinner with Ainslie Walker and her partner Ben. We have loved Mitzah since it was released and often talk about it. I wore it in Ainslie’s honour and funnily she almost wore it too. It was a lovely night full of good food and laughs.

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Have you ever swanned around in lashings of Mitzah?
Portia xx

19 thoughts on “Mitzah by Francois Demachy for Christian Dior 2010

  1. Thanks for a lovely evening!! I spritzed the bed with Mitzah as soon as I made it when I got in. As the sheets were fresh out of the dryer it was all warm and purry when I got in. I was thinking about you and Mitzah and this popped up in my feed!! 😍❤️💋Love you!! Xxx


    • Yeah, I completely hear you on that ClaudiaS,
      I have a few special Dcd babies that I use sparingly and for my own enjoyment.
      Portia xx


  2. Big Mitzah fan, I have two of the big honker bottles so I never run out! Got panicked when they discontinued it a while back. So glad it’s back, but reformulations are always a risk, so no regrets.


  3. Love Mitzah SO. MUCH. My online pal Tamsin “muled” me one the “UUUUUGE” bottles all the way across Europe, then mailed it when she got home to the East Coast, so I have a lifetimes supply in abottle you could use for weight training!! Love ot so much, and now I’m off to spritz it for this gorgeous spring morning!! xoxo


  4. I like Mitzah and got a bottle of it before the discontinuation scare. But somehow in the last couple of years I didn’t wear it much – and now it might be a little too warm for it. But I will wear it again in about 6 month 🙂


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