Donna by Trussardi 2011


Kate Apted


Hello APJ people!

Hey, it is almost spring. This is the time of the year I bring out the flowery scents that are a little higher pitched, less tinged with incense or honey, give the impression of warmer weather and longer days, and preempt the floral bounty we will shortly receive.

Donna by Trussardi 2011

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Yuzu, Citron, Water fruits
Heart: Orange blossom, Jasmine tea, Waterlily
Base: White patchouli, Cedar, Sandalwood, Vanilla

One such perfume is Donna by Trussardi. Released in 2011, it has nothing to do with the 80s version housed in the white plastic shell. This modern Donna brings forth all the flowery descriptions Mrs Bennett has of Mr Bingham upon meeting for the first time in Pride and Prejudice. In fact, the scent seems to fit with the delightfully Regent style portrayed in the BBC adaption from the 90s, though more Jane’s image than Lizzy’s or Lydia’s.

Donna is a pretty jasmine mixed with the fruity palatte of a mid summer sweet white wine. It is possibly a staid and matronly scent when compared to the niche and oud heavy releases of the same year. It does not surprise me there has been little discussion of Donna in the perfume community. Scents similar to it released recently have not attracted much favourable attention either.

Given that Donna is so different to the fruchoulis and rose-oud combinations popular lately, it struck me immediately as a light hearted, quirky fruity floral that I find more and more endearing with each wearing. I love that it is so ordinary and congenial. It is also a standout from the somewhat insipid women’s scents to have been released by Trussardi since.

Donna opens with a burst of citrusy yuzu and orange blossom. The jasmine is creamy and rich on this occassion with no trace of anything indolic. The dry down is quite similar to that of Woman by Ralph Lauren. If you have come across Bella Blanca, the new Oscar de la Renta, you’ll have an idea of what Donna is about. Donna, though, is more vicacious and fruity sweet. Chanel No.18 EDP has a zingy fruit that is in the same ball park as Donna.

The bottle is a classy looking porcelain sort of flacon. White with gild down its side seams and the lettering on the front. It is a heavy bottle, so don’t drop it! The downside to it is I cannot see the level of liquid left, as it is completely opaque.

I absolutely love wearing Donna on a very early morning when the birds are sensibly feeding and finding a shady spot to rest when the mid morning heat hits in the height of summer. Being alone with that creamy jasmine and citrusy fruit punch is a simple joy that makes life worth living. I can savour the little nuances that peek out as the scent develops and it seems so in tune with my surrounds.

I really must get a back up bottle of Donna. I know I’ll kick myself if I don’t.

What is early spring like where you live? Have you scents that you wear to anticipate spring’s arrival? What can you recommend I try from your spring wardrobe?

Sexy, Sassy, Springtime loving Kate!

SPRING! in Sydney + Australasian Artisan Botanical Perfume Expo


Post by Suzanne R Banks



Spring has arrived in Sydney. Here are a couple of the flowers in my area.

Suzanne R Banks Spring 16 #3Oh yeah my first spring flower woo hoo! Jasmine on the front verandah.

Suzanne R Banks Spring 16 #1Lovely wattle in Sydney

Suzanne R Banks Spring 16 #2Gorgeous wild freesias


Australasian Artisan Botanical Perfume Expo

October 23rd ~ Sydney

Australasian Artisan Botanical Perfume Expo October 23 2016


We are getting really excited about the inaugural Australasian Artisan Botanical Perfume Expo ~ October 23rd ~ Sydney. We are botanical perfumers from the southern hemisphere passionate about the beauty of natural, BOTANICAL perfumes. Be part of the revolution of natural fragrance, beauty, sensuality, health and wellbeing.

WHEN        Sunday, October 23, 2016 from 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM (AEDT)
WHERE      Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre – 16-18 Fitzroy Street
                   Kirribilli, NSW, 2061
** close the to Kirribilli train station with lovely cafes in the village.
A variety of teas to enjoy
Award winning dark chocolate mousse by Yalla (Gluten and preservative free)
fruit and more.
Gifts given out during the day by Lord Foppington
A door prize will be drawn at 2pm for one attendee to the value of $500 (Winner must be on site to receive the gift)


Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.
Suzanne XXXX

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CHANEL Spring-Summer 2015 Haute Couture Show – Short Edit


As you know I love fashion and adore Karl Lagerfeld at CHANEL. This is not one of his best seasons but there are some interesting things to note. Midriffs, jewel brights and soft pastels, long skirts still around, flat heels, big outlandish hats.


To be honest the set outperformed the frocks.

Enjoy this short look at SS 2015 CHANEL

Portia xx

CHANEL Spring-Summer 2015 Haute Couture Show – Short Edit

Karl Lagerfeld Interview – CHANEL S/S14 Ready-to-Wear

Hi Gang,

Karl Lagerfield has been inspiring and creating since before I went to Fashion School. His name is synonymous with innovation, elegance and lately with wearability: one of the most credible designers who I think will go down in history as one of the greats. Here he talks about the CHANEL Spring and Summer Ready To Wear collection for 2014. I like him and his take on fashion.

Coco CHANEL Jerine Lay  FlickrPhoto stolen Jerine Lay Flickr

Please enjoy.

Portia xx

CHANEL Karl Lagerfeld Interview

Spring-Summer 2014 Ready-to-Wear CHANEL show

Dionne’s Spring + Fall Top 5’s


Post by Dionne


Greetings, fellow ‘fumies,
Portia wrote a post a little while ago (Portia’s 2013 Spring Top 10) listing her top ten for spring/fall, and I was intrigued to learn that she reaches for the same fragrances for both seasons, since they have warm days and cool nights in common. My own list for the two seasons is not similar at all, so instead you’re going to get a shorter list for each season.

Dionne’s Spring + Fall Top 5’s

Spring WallpaperPinPhoto Stolen WallpaperPin


Ahhh, my favorite season! Maybe that’s because it’s so welcome after six months of winter, and since it’s such a short, ephemeral thing that lasts only a month I always feel a combination of hope and wistfulness. Spring is when I reach for my light florals, and that in itself is a special event. Most higher-pitched florals don’t play well with my skin, so this list represents perseverance and many, MANY samples.

Après l’Ondée by Guerlain

This is the pre-2011 formulation, when heliotrope still sang alongside the iris and violet. So gorgeous that if I was forced to choose only one Spring fragrance, this would be it.

Mimosa pour Moi by L’Artisan Parfumeur

I did a major sampling of the mimosa note, and out of about 14 contenders, this was my favorite. And oh, such a tender thing. Fuzzy yellow pom-poms in a bottle.

Heure Exquise by Annick Goutal

The prettiest of my green quartet, this floral green pulls off the trick of freshness and elegance at the same time. The highest praise my Scottish father-in-law would bestow on something was the phrase, “Oh, that’s just lovely,” and that’s what this is.

Le Temps d’une Fete by Parfums de Nicolai

Supposed to be a green floral, on my skin the green doesn’t really show up because narcissus and hyacinth in all their lush glory has completely taken over the conversation. Heady stuff and just a hint of naughty.

After My Own Heart by INeke

I adore the scent of lilacs so it’s no surprise my very first bottle after falling down the rabbit hole was After My Own Heart. I must respectfully disagree with Coco Chanel – sometimes I DO want to smell like a flower. And after comparing AMOH with the lilac bush outside my window…. oh yeah, I definitely do.

Autumn WallpaperPinPhoto Stolen WallpaperPin

FALL (Autumn)

It’s harder for me to choose specific Fall fragrances because I usually wear the same ones this season that I do in Winter, with one exception. My favorite perfumes are the spicier, warmer fragrances, and after a few months of fresh, floral, green or fruity options, I’m ready to give all my snugglies a go again.

Jour Ensolleilé by Sonoma Scent Studio

This is THE fall fragrance for me. Laurie Erickson combines orange blossom with tuberose and jasmine in a way that’s golden, and it’s the perfect match for the rich sunshine filtering through the trees.

Tilda Swinton Like this by Etat Libre d’Orange

Ginger, pumpkin, maple syrup and all things orange, this is the way celebuscents should be made.

Kyoto by Comme des Garcons

It turns out that incense + green tea + vetiver = a Zen state of mind. Calming and reflective.

Traversée du Bosphore by L’Artisan Parfumeur

At first smell, it’s sweet Turkish delight, but give it a whirl and you discover there’s some intelligence under the hood as well as the leather, saffron and tobacco come to the fore. It’s the Dolly Parton of gourmand fragrances.

Ormonde Woman by Ormonde Jayne

OK, now I’m really cheating, because this isn’t a Fall fragrance by any stretch; it’s my signature , my Holy Grail. It’s just that the Lady gets worn less in the summertime and I’ve missed her. Dark green forests wrapped in amber, a one of a kind.

spring-festival WallpaperPinPhoto Stolen WallpaperPin

SurrenderToChance has samples and decants of all of these beauties if you’d like to try any of them. Samples start from as little as $3/ml and they are a great way to test a fragrance.

So, what are your top five? Do you reach for the same thing in Spring and Autumn like Portia, or do you mix it up like me?

Spring Fling with Clayton Ilolahia 2012

Guest Post by Clayton

Spring Fling

Hi AustralianPerfumeJunkies. Last month I met with your cherished author and we decided to do a blog swap for a post on spring fragrance. For me it is a season of renewal. I love watching the trees that line the city streets, which were stripped of their deciduous clothing by winter, regain their green foliage and celebrate the spring season with bursts of colourful blooms. With nature providing so much visual imagery and scent, it is easy to see why spring is such an exciting season in the perfume industry.

When Portia and I discussed this idea of hijacking each other’s blogs to give a round up of spring suggestions, I had this in mind; I wanted my list to be more than just flowers, I wanted the list to be about seasonal renewal. Each fragrance I have chosen breathes new life into a familiar theme.


Tom Ford Jonquille de Nuit

Are jonquils the new tuberose? There is always a market for white flowers and for this 2012 release; Tom Ford explores a waxy white floral with green undertones. Jonquille de Nuit is a refreshing addition to any white floral lover’s collection amongst the jasmines, tuberoses and gardenias.


Chanel Coco Noir

Every time Coco is looking a little tired, Chanel dusts her off with a flanker. Chanel is describing their new Coco Noir as a luminous oriental. The twist comes at the start with a fresh burst of bitter citrus. As the floral heart moves on, the original Coco peeks out at you wrapped in powdery tonka bean.


Guerlain Homme L’Eau Boisée

I was a fan of the original and this latest offering by Guerlain is, in my opinion, the most interesting Guerlain Homme flanker yet. They’ve stripped out some of the sugary mojito juice in favour of an aromatic accord laced with wood. It’s an easy fragrance to wear, a great option for the aussie bloke (does he still exist?)


Parfums MDCI Chypre Palatin

Many perfume fans are lamenting the death of the Chypre style since IFRA regulated the use of oakmoss in perfume. Modern chypres lack the mossy base provided by their unregulated predecessors. For Chypre Palatin, perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour cleverly reworks the Chypre concept to overcome the obvious. It’s a paradox of classic and new ideas. While Chypre Palatin feels so familiar at the beginning, Duchaufour takes chypre to a whole new place as the fragrance evolves.


Christian Dior Eau Noire

While this is not a new fragrance it still continues to push the definition of a fougere. Described as an oriental fougere, Eau Noire was made for Dior by Francis Kurkdjian before he went off to do his own thing. It’s a kind of curried lavender, owing to the rich use of immortelle. I love to wear this in the warmer months.

Thanks for reading and I wish you all the very best for the spring season ahead. Let Portia and I know by commenting, if you have other suggestions for spring. Also, check out Portia’s list over at What Men Should Smell Like (


PS Here is a jump to our APJ Interview with Clayton if you would like to read further about this interesting, urbane, clever and sexy man.
All perfume pics from Fragrantica. Clayton supplied his portrait.