Donna by Trussardi 2011


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Hello APJ people!

Hey, it is almost spring. This is the time of the year I bring out the flowery scents that are a little higher pitched, less tinged with incense or honey, give the impression of warmer weather and longer days, and preempt the floral bounty we will shortly receive.

Donna by Trussardi 2011

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Yuzu, Citron, Water fruits
Heart: Orange blossom, Jasmine tea, Waterlily
Base: White patchouli, Cedar, Sandalwood, Vanilla

One such perfume is Donna by Trussardi. Released in 2011, it has nothing to do with the 80s version housed in the white plastic shell. This modern Donna brings forth all the flowery descriptions Mrs Bennett has of Mr Bingham upon meeting for the first time in Pride and Prejudice. In fact, the scent seems to fit with the delightfully Regent style portrayed in the BBC adaption from the 90s, though more Jane’s image than Lizzy’s or Lydia’s.

Donna is a pretty jasmine mixed with the fruity palatte of a mid summer sweet white wine. It is possibly a staid and matronly scent when compared to the niche and oud heavy releases of the same year. It does not surprise me there has been little discussion of Donna in the perfume community. Scents similar to it released recently have not attracted much favourable attention either.

Given that Donna is so different to the fruchoulis and rose-oud combinations popular lately, it struck me immediately as a light hearted, quirky fruity floral that I find more and more endearing with each wearing. I love that it is so ordinary and congenial. It is also a standout from the somewhat insipid women’s scents to have been released by Trussardi since.

Donna opens with a burst of citrusy yuzu and orange blossom. The jasmine is creamy and rich on this occassion with no trace of anything indolic. The dry down is quite similar to that of Woman by Ralph Lauren. If you have come across Bella Blanca, the new Oscar de la Renta, you’ll have an idea of what Donna is about. Donna, though, is more vicacious and fruity sweet. Chanel No.18 EDP has a zingy fruit that is in the same ball park as Donna.

The bottle is a classy looking porcelain sort of flacon. White with gild down its side seams and the lettering on the front. It is a heavy bottle, so don’t drop it! The downside to it is I cannot see the level of liquid left, as it is completely opaque.

I absolutely love wearing Donna on a very early morning when the birds are sensibly feeding and finding a shady spot to rest when the mid morning heat hits in the height of summer. Being alone with that creamy jasmine and citrusy fruit punch is a simple joy that makes life worth living. I can savour the little nuances that peek out as the scent develops and it seems so in tune with my surrounds.

I really must get a back up bottle of Donna. I know I’ll kick myself if I don’t.

What is early spring like where you live? Have you scents that you wear to anticipate spring’s arrival? What can you recommend I try from your spring wardrobe?

Sexy, Sassy, Springtime loving Kate!

14 thoughts on “Donna by Trussardi 2011

  1. I wear a lot of florals in spring, especially hyacinth, lily of the valley and others. I actually am in a heady but deep and vanillic floral today: The Body Shop Nigritella.

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  2. Early spring by me can be snowy and cold. Fragrances that I love for early spring- eau de Lierre, Tracy Reese, Nocturnes de Caron, my custom scent Brigitte ( lilac, violet, freesia, grapefruit, vanilla, sandalwood and musk), and Pacifica French Lilac. Years ago I wore Cristalle during this seasonal transition…in those days it was a true chypre. I am guessing vintage would be hard to come by these days.

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  3. I was curious about it though expected it to be a totally different composition. I love the original and this one seems maybe too feminine for me though I can see why it makes a great morning choice for you when the garden is in bloom and the birds are singing.

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  4. I thought Trussardi Donna rang a bell in my foggy brain.I’ve just checked my perfume list and I have it. Can’t remember what it’s like. Back to search in the perfume boxes !!!!!!

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  5. The notes of Donna sound like a pretty summer perfume. I had to look in my box of vintage minis, and I found the original Trussardi EDT from 1984 in the white plastic bottle. Like you said, no comparison to your review of Donna! I had to try it though, because I’m not very familiar with Trussardi perfumes. It is a very green chypre!
    Citrus and creamy jasmine sounds wonderful, and I like your timing for enjoying Donna, while sitting with the birds in the early morning.

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  6. As I was a huge fan of the original Trussardi Donna from the eighties and I still have a bottle of it, I was not impressed with the new version. You know, with almost the same bottle, the same name, I can’t help but expecting it to be similar. Well, it isn’t…as you said.
    My dearest perfume to welcome springtime is Clinique Wrappings and I use it in early spring for some thirty years now.

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    • Wrappings!!!! I bought it when it first came out! It was a Christmas holidays scent as that was exactly the time it debuted. For me it smells of Christmas trees for sale on the streets of Manhattan, roasted chestnuts from street vendors and the hustle and bustle of Macy’s on 34th Street. It is such a unique and special fragrance. I could see how it would wear beautifully in early spring.

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      • I just love your description, Brigitte 🙂 I know that it was meant to be a Christmas scent but to me it’s herbal as a spring meadow. If I had to wear one perfume for the rest of my life, this would be it (preferably the nineties version) 🙂


        • Oh yes! Definitely original formulation!!! And yes, it is an herbal spring scent but I guess I will always associate it with Christmas due to how it was advertised and marketed as well as when it came out. ( Also, Clinique only sells it during the Christmas holidays 🤣🤣)


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