Valentine's Day 2015

Hi there APJ Crew,

Don’t forget it is Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

Valentine’s Day 2015

If you are your only Valentine then treat yourself nice. Bathe and moisturise with your favourite, most luxurious lotions and potions, wear something that you love and take yourself and your book or interactive device down to a coffee shop and spend some quality time with you, a cuppa, some good reading (what a great time to get you blog reading up to date) and the knowledge that it’s only YOU that you need to please.

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For the rest of us, good luck picking something your partner likes, a place they feel special in for dinner and a card that doesn’t sound too cheesy. Valentine’s Day is so business oriented now that there is no way anyone will come out happy. I’m not a Scrooge but I like my special gestures to be spontaneous, not contrived and boxed.

Korea 2014 Jeju Love Seat Jin:Portia

What will Jin & I do? I don’t know. Jin is working all day and I’m looking at houses. When we get home I’ll probably order us some take away and we will watch a movie, maybe we’ll go out but the night of Valentine’s is HELL. Maybe I’ll give him an IOU? He knows I love him, that I’m proud to be his partner and that I genuinely enjoy his company 99% of the time. He gets (and gives) little mini gifts and dinners every week, we still hold hands in the movies and sometimes on the street. We love to plan stuff, do stuff, even arguing with him is fun, we laugh a lot. That’s enough for me.

What are you guys up to for Valentine’s Day 2015? Whatever you do, I hope it’s with a joyful heart.

Portia xx