Valentine's Day 2015

Hi there APJ Crew,

Don’t forget it is Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

Valentine’s Day 2015

If you are your only Valentine then treat yourself nice. Bathe and moisturise with your favourite, most luxurious lotions and potions, wear something that you love and take yourself and your book or interactive device down to a coffee shop and spend some quality time with you, a cuppa, some good reading (what a great time to get you blog reading up to date) and the knowledge that it’s only YOU that you need to please.

valentine PixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

For the rest of us, good luck picking something your partner likes, a place they feel special in for dinner and a card that doesn’t sound too cheesy. Valentine’s Day is so business oriented now that there is no way anyone will come out happy. I’m not a Scrooge but I like my special gestures to be spontaneous, not contrived and boxed.

Korea 2014 Jeju Love Seat Jin:Portia

What will Jin & I do? I don’t know. Jin is working all day and I’m looking at houses. When we get home I’ll probably order us some take away and we will watch a movie, maybe we’ll go out but the night of Valentine’s is HELL. Maybe I’ll give him an IOU? He knows I love him, that I’m proud to be his partner and that I genuinely enjoy his company 99% of the time. He gets (and gives) little mini gifts and dinners every week, we still hold hands in the movies and sometimes on the street. We love to plan stuff, do stuff, even arguing with him is fun, we laugh a lot. That’s enough for me.

What are you guys up to for Valentine’s Day 2015? Whatever you do, I hope it’s with a joyful heart.

Portia xx



27 thoughts on “Valentine's Day 2015

  1. Such a sweet post! It is a contrived holiday and I will have to work all day, but an extra day of love isn’t so bad. My husband and I will stay at home and relax after work. I hope you relax with Jin.


  2. Not really doing much for Valentine’s day–we just give little token presents. Irwin’s is stuck in the post office in Kent Connecticut, which we are avoiding because our house is surrounded by no kidding about 3 feet of snow. I think I’ll make a nice simple dinner, wearing one of my vanilla frags that he loves, and then we will catch up on the US version of House of Cards before Season 3 comes on. Happy Valentines, Portia and Jin ❤


  3. Happy Valentines You two! I love this post – it made me smile. We will have lunch together as a family as Carl needs to work in the afternoon and evening. Sean and I will probably do some doodling and then watch a movie. Perfect family day for me. xo


    • Excellent family day Sandra, you with the two most important men in the world to you. PERFECT!! Hug Sean from us please.
      Portia xx


  4. We weren’t planning anything for V-day and that’s a good thing because it looks like we’ll be snowed in again. Another foot of snow in the forecast. I’m hoping to catch up on some sleep because it’s been a rough few weeks. I’ll need the energy to shovel yet again.
    I hope you and Jin have a lovely day!


  5. We have tickets to see Craig Ferguson in Boston. It’s a 50 mile drive from my home in New Hampshire. Normally not a big deal but we have ANOTHER F-ING SNOW STORM coming tomorrow night. I’m looking forward to yelling at my husband the whole way home to SLOW DOWN followed by him getting mad because apparently yelling at him while he’s driving doesn’t help. Happy Valentine’s Day from New England:)!! Also – cute pic of you and Jin!


    • Ha Ha Ha! Now THAT’s true love. Be careful on the roads, don’t yell at him it could put him off. Maybe have a chat before you start out both ends.
      I’m so glad you noticed the pic. We love it too, taken in the honeymooners flower gardens on Jeju Island in South Korea. It was a beautiful day.
      Portia xx


  6. Great pic of you and Jin! The hubby and I will be staying home and cooking ourselves some delish Chinese food for supper and having a fire in the fireplace to curl up in front of with the dogs. Bliss!


  7. Portia, you are my secret cyber-life-coach. Just when I’m feeling wonky about my first V Day post-divorce, along comes your post saying just what I need to hear. You are such a special individual but I won’t enumerate all your great qualities, lest you get a big head that doesn’t fit in a photo or doorway! Hugs and wishes for continued happiness to you and Jin — and good luck with the house-looking!
    Much aloha, Fifi


    • Heya Fifi,
      Good luck with your day. We are all rooting for you. The FIRSTS are shithouse after a breakup.
      Treat yourself nice.
      Cyber hug.
      Portia xx


  8. Portia! What a fabulous picture of you and Jin! You are both glowing! Ron and I are both working but will go out to dinner followed by catching up on BCC mysteries on the telly, folowed by a well-needed jight of SLEEP!

    Happy Valentine’s Day ! xoxo


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