Gardenia by Aurelien Guichard for Robert Piguet 2014


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The word gardenia strikes terror in the heart of many. For a flower that has no perfume essence of its own and must be replicated by using other flower essences it has many variations and strengths. Most of these are dependent on the perfumers interpretation of what gardenia is. For some it always a bit too much and they shy away from anything called gardenia. Other times, when people smell a gardenia perfume the first comment made is “that’s not gardenia”. In that respect Gardenia will be no different.

Gardenia by Aurelien Guichard for Robert Piguet 2014

Gardenia Robert Piguet FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Gardenia, lily, ylang ylang
Heart: Madagascar vanilla
Base: Black leather, cashmeran, spice, woods

Gardenia opens with lilies and ylang-ylang. There a certain freshness to the top notes, a watery green-ness that stops it from veering into the big white floral territory of Fracas. It makes me think of a bouquet of flowers cut in the early morning after a spring rain. My nose detects a hint of gardenia every now and then but it’s not the headlining act here. After the top notes settle Gardenia is not as bold as you might think. I wouldn’t call it a big white floral either.

Gardenia Robert Piguet gardenia Flower oom_endro PixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

The freshness gives way to warmth. Cashmeran and leather start to appear. They are soft and seem almost powdery combined with the vanilla. The lily notes linger throughout the development and now have a little spice to them. It’s not a huge hit of spice but just that tiny bit that you sometimes smell in real lilies. Gardenia reminds me most of gardenias early on and later in the dry down. When I was extremely young I’d take the spent blossoms from my grandmothers gardenia and smoosh the petals into my arm hoping to transfer the scent. Even at the age of 4 I had the makings or a perfume nerd. Anyway, that’s what I’m reminded of in the dry down. Salty sweet skin with the barest hint of a fleshy floral petals.

Gardenia Robert Piguet Creamy Nude ContemoraryArts PixabayPicture Stolen Pixabay

I wish they had named this something different because I fear the name will deter people from sniffing. Anyone who is gardenia shy will just pass it by. Those who are looking for a true to life gardenia will sniff but perhaps it won’t be enough gardenia for them. I think men who tend to like florals would like this as well because I don’t think it smells too girly. It’s a lovely scent though so please do sniff if you see it.

Further reading: Ca Fleure Bon and Australian Perfume Junkies
Libertine Parfumerie has $239/100ml (with FREE Australian shipping)
Harrods has £150/100ml
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $7/ml

What is your favourite gardenia scent?


13 thoughts on “Gardenia by Aurelien Guichard for Robert Piguet 2014

  1. Hey there Poodle,
    I liked this one but wasn’t smitten, can’t quite remember why. Maybe I’ll revisit when I’m next in town.
    Portia x


  2. I will check it out. Anything with a touch of leather is at least worth a sniff. Leather in perfume I mean, no misunderstandings please. Yes, gardenia would put me off. Hugs. xxxx


    • No promises on this one then if you don’t like gardenia but it’s worth a try.
      Yes, leather is always worth a sniff isn’t it?
      I was thinking of you the other day when I got the urge to bake cookies. I’m no cookie queen though.


  3. Hi Poodle,
    You have convinced me to give this one another try. Yes, I believe, as you say, that it should not have been named “Gardenia”. I sampled but did not go back for more. RP’s Gardenia is missing that big indolic blast that characterizes my favorite gardenia – the old, original Tuvache Jungle Gardenia (a dark indolic/ bubblegum gardenia). Other favorite gardenias include Chanel Gardenia (not really a gardenia either), Micallef Gardenia (a woody gardenia), Annick Goutal Gardenia Passion, Michael Storer’s Stephanie and Olivine’s Olivine (both relatively realistic gardenias). I also really like the Monoi Tiara Tahiti oil. The company says that the fragrance of the tiara flower (Gardenia taitensis) is extracted by means of enfleurage.
    Azar xx


    • Yeah, if you’re looking for that fabulous, whacks you in the face with white floral oomph, this is not your perfume. I think they messed up with the name but they never asked my opinion. Those perfumes you listed are wonderful gardenias. There’s a few there I need to try.


  4. Just yesterday, I wore Isabey Gardenia. It’s creamy and smooth and makes my nose happy. The regular compliments I get don’t hurt either. It does need a light touch when spritzing though.


    • I think I had a sample of that one once and i liked it too. I love the differences in each gardenia perfume. Since there’s no real extract or oil that can be obtained from the flowers it’s all up to the perfumer to create the illusion of gardenia. It’s funny how some hit the target for me and others don’t. They are all open to interpretation I guess.


  5. My favourites are Arquiste’s Boutonniere No 7 – crisp and dry with mushroomy accents – so not a big white floral at all. Also Gardenia Grand Soir by Parfumerie Generale which is also quite crisp but with a soft musky milkpowdery drydown (sandalwood) which I swoon over.
    Big white florals – not my favourite gardenia genre – include Kai (but the tuberose takes over as in Gardenia Passion which is wrongly named in my view), Fleurs de Gardenia by Creed, and Gardenia Petale in the Van Cleef Collection Extraordinaire. There’s a huge OTT Gardenia by Roja Parfums (but most of his perfumes are huge!) I’d like to try the Demeter Gardenia as they do good photorealism!


    • Kai to me smells a lot more like lily of the valley than gardenia. I’m okay with that because I love lily of the valley too. I’m going to have to track down that Parfumerie Generale one. That sounds like a winner to me.


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