White by Antoine Lie for Puredistance 2015


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Hi folks! It’s Poodle again.

I wanted to love it, I did. I tried to. Sadly, White just wasn’t that into me.

White by Puredistance 2015

White by Antoine Lie

White Puredistance FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
French may rose, Venezuelan tonka absolute, Italian orris root absolute, Mysore sandalwood, Italian bergamot, musk, Haitian vetiver, Indonesian patchouli

Sometimes I get caught up in the hype around a product. By all accounts I should love Puredistance White. It’s supposed to be almost magical. Happiness bottled is what they promised me. One sniff and I’m going to be grinning from ear to ear. That’s what the press release said. That’s what the bloggers said. It took a while for me to get a sample but finally I did. I was almost afraid to try it for fear I would fall hard and then have to figure out how to save my pennies to buy a bottle. The only reason I didn’t blind buy is the price. (I do have limits on how much I’ll spend on blind buys.) When the sample arrived I gave myself a couple of good sprays from the sample vial and then sniffed.

Hmmm…did I get an instant shot of happiness?


No. Not exactly.

A few days later I tried again. My impressions were a bit different the second time and the third time I tried it but I can tell you with certainty this one is not for me.

The first spraying was sweet. Toothache sweet. I’ve never snorted any type of white powder but each time I brought my wrist to nose I couldn’t help but think of how this must be what it’s like to do lines of confectioners sugar. I like a lot of sweet perfumes but this wasn’t working for me. It was very dry, powdery, and saccharine. I couldn’t pick out any notes. It stayed linear and sugary and either faded away or my nose just stopped registering it. My guess is my wacky skin chemistry amplified the Tonka and orris root and turned them into a powdery sweet mess.

The next try was a bit different but still not much better. I got a bit of rose which was soured by the bergamot and again dusted with a dry, confectioners sugar. This was followed by the musk which was very clean and white.

I wish I could say all the wonderful things everyone else did but it seems that White and I were just not destined to be friends. I’m not blaming the perfume at all. I’m quite sure it’s made with the best ingredients and is totally quality like other Puredistance perfumes. It’s all me. My skin can take notes in perfumes that smell horrible on others and make them magical but it also can do the exact opposite which is what I think happened here. I know the rest of the world loves this fragrance but I do suggest you try before you buy just in case.

White Puredistance White Sugar PixabayPDI

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Do tell, what perfume just didn’t play nicely with you?


No 4 Natalie by Milton Lloyd 2014


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Hello my Fume Friends!

Milton-Lloyd is a UK based fragrance company offering fine fragrances at affordable prices. They do not spend money on fancy packaging or advertising and claim to put the money in the juice. I received a few of their perfumes to sample and review and found them to be as good as higher priced mainstream scents. Today let’s chat about No.4.

No 4 Natalie by Milton Lloyd 2014

No 4 by Natalie Milton Lloyd FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Red berries, iris
Heart: Floral notes, cedar
Base: Amber, woodsy notes, vanilla

Natalie seemed okay on paper so I spritzed it on before heading out the door to work. It reminded me of La Vie est Belle and a bunch of other similar perfumes. It’s classified as an oriental floral but I think it’s too sweet for that.

The opening is bright and bursting with sugared berries and cherries. Yes, it’s sweet. I will admit my tolerance for sweetness increased this past winter. Perhaps I was seeking comfort foods in my perfume closet rather than in the kitchen. Anyway, it’s a big cloud of pink and purple artificially flavored cotton candy but as long as you don’t overspray its not as bad as it sounds. In a short while, floral notes appear and neutralize some of the sugars. Thankfully the iris is not that nasty, rooty iris of my nightmares but rather a powdery, floral iris. It’s difficult to pick out individual floral notes but they’re there creating a suggestion of flowers in the candy floss. The top notes linger and soften over time and the woody notes appear. The base is an ambery vanilla which is not nearly as sweet and dessert-like as the whole thing began.

No 4 by Natalie Milton Lloyd red-currant-sweet-and-sour-berries colourboxColourBox

The fact that I could still smell it after arriving at the office was a good sign. Many scents barely make the ride. Within minutes of getting in I received my first compliment on my scent. I had to agree I did smell pretty good. I’m also saying that that was my first compliment because I received a total of 4 compliments on my fragrance that day. That’s 4 in only 5 hours. That was on Friday. On Monday I wore it again and got 3 compliments.

Natalie probably won’t be a hit with the hardcore fumies since niche lovers want things a bit more challenging but I could see this being a popular alternative to higher priced department store scents. Regardless of how you feel about perfumes with sugared berries, sweet florals, and vanilla cream people seem to love this type of perfume and react positively to it. There’s nothing exotic or complicated here and I find it incredibly easy to wear. It would be great for a teen if you didn’t want to break the bank on a fragrance. Lasted for hours on my skin so on the average person I imagine it would be an all day scent.

No 4 by Natalie Milton Lloyd tpa pixabayPixabay

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What’s your most complimented scent lately?


Ikat Jasmine by Firmenich for Aerin 2013


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Hey there fragrant juice junkies!

OMG! Jasmine! I love a good jasmine. You know those perfumes that are heavy on the jasmine that just make you swoon almost immediately? That almost narcotic blast of white floral that almost blinds you with intensity upon first sniff. A jasmine that makes your eyes roll back in your head as you are overcome by the indoles. A jasmine so intoxicating you’re convinced that you are that hot, sexy someone that you see in the perfume ads.

Well…sorry, this definitely is NOT that jasmine.

Ikat Jasmine by Aerin 2013

Ikat Jasmine by Firmenich

Ikat Jasmine Aerin Lauder FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Egyptian jasmine,jasmine sambac, tuberose, honeysuckle, sandalwood

Ikat Jasmine is described as “the embodiment of the modern woman”. That right there should give you a clue that this is not that kind of jasmine. It’s clean, fresh, terribly pretty and most definitely unoffensive. Very PC. It’s jasmine that has been washed, dried, plucked, and powdered. It’s all buttoned up to the neck. There’s no cleavage or too much leg showing. No dirty or exciting bits at all.

Ikat Jasmine Aerin Lauder Apron_1922 WikipediaWikipedia

Even at the start it’s a clean jasmine with some hint of citrus although it’s not listed in the notes. It’s settles in quickly and becomes somewhat office friendly on my skin. Within 30 minutes I’m barely able to smell it unless I get up close and sniff. If I wore this I don’t think anyone would think I’m wearing perfume. On me it smells more like a whiff of whatever functional scents I had used; shampoo, lotion, fabric softener, soap. It’s so soft that I can’t even pick it apart note-wise. It is what it is from start to finish. A clean whitish floral with a slight powdery aspect that fades to a faintly chemical wood base.

In an hour or so it’s basically gone on my scent eating skin. You may have different results.

Ikat Jasmine Aerin Lauder work-clothes PixabayPixabay

I know that this will be the perfect jasmine for many people who like that scrubbed up type of scent. Ikat Jasmine is just not my cup of tea. It’s not a bad perfume but I need a little more oomph and a bit more than 45 minutes of wear time to get excited. It might be nice as a candle scent. Beyond that I can’t really think of a thing to say about it. *sigh*

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So, what jasmine perfumes make you swoon? Or maybe, what perfumes bored you to tears? Oh, and don’t be upset if someone hates a favorite of yours. It happens. One man’s trash is another’s treasure even in perfumeland.

Until next time, my sweets.
Big hugs

Cardinal by James Heeley for Heeley 2006


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I went to a Catholic grammar school. Many of my childhood memories are of being in church. Damn, it seems like there was always a reason to have to go to mass. I have to admit I hated it. We’d even be taken to church during school hours to practice singing so that at mass Sr. Carmeline would be happy and convinced that we were loud enough for God to hear. She was a large, scary woman and had this giant bell she would ring to get our attention. The bell meant business, let me tell you, but that’s another story altogether.

During Lent there wasn’t much singing but we had to go to the Stations of the Cross every week. To a kid it was dreadfully boring, but I loved Lent because there was more incense. Incense was my favorite part of church by far. I still love my incense perfumes in times of stress and when I mentioned Cardinal in my last post Portia asked me to tell you more about it.

Avignon was a blind buy for me and I fell hard for it. It was all dark. brooding, churchy incense. It was love. On my quest to acquire more incense fragrances I stumbled upon Cardinal and found another to love.

Cardinal by Heeley 2006

Cardinal by James Heeley

Cardinal James Heeley FragranticaFragrantica

Heeley gives these featured accords:
White Linen . Baie Rose . Black Pepper
Labdanum . Frankincense . Myhr
Vetiver . Grey Amber . Patchouli

Cardinal is a church incense but it’s more like church on a sunny winter’s day. I remember sitting in church and it was usually cold. If you were strategic you’d try to sit near a window. You wanted to be in that ray of sunlight streaming through the stained glass. It would offer some warmth which was hard to come by in those big, old churches. Cardinal is a lot like that. It has dustiness and cold damp stone notes along with the incense but there’s also that visible ray of sunshine.

heeley-cardinal St.-Marys-Church Mount Pleasant granaryMount Pleasant Granary

It’s all about the aldehydes. They tend to brighten and freshen up a perfume and that’s exactly what they do here. Add to that the amber in the base and Cardinal becomes a much warmer, happier take on incense. My only complaint is with the lasting power. On my skin Cardinal isn’t a powerhouse and it doesn’t last very long. Some days I may get a couple hours out of it but not others. It does linger on clothing nicely. Your mileage may vary.

If you love Chanel No 22 as I do but have always wished the incense was a bit more pronounced then I think you might like Cardinal. If Avignon always seemed a bit too masculine to you then Cardinal’s floral notes and brightness might be just perfect. Yes, it’s still contemplative and calming but it’s also hopeful, like going into dimly lit church, lighting a candle, saying a prayer, and walking out into the sunshine.

Cardinal Heeley St. Augustine's Church, Hedon GeographGeograph.UK

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Have you tried it? Do you like it? What’s your favorite incense?


Meldrick the Whippet


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My whippet, Mel, was diagnosed with oral cancer last spring. You know the film called There Will Be Blood? I had my own version of that at home. When the vet says tumors are vascular and can bleed a lot, believe them. It grew slow and steady for months. As bad as it started to look the vet said things that grow slowly aren’t usually painful until they get too big. The body gradually adjusts. He said we’d know when it was time. When it started to grow quickly everything changed. The bleeding just got to the point where I couldn’t keep up with it. I was cleaning up constantly. You can’t bandage a mouth. His breath had been getting worse too. All I could smell was that and blood. He started having trouble eating. The tumor began growing out of his mouth. It was time. We made the call for that final trip to the vet. He was a fighter but it was time to stop battling. I’d like to think Mel understood.

Farewell Meldrick

Meldrick the Whippet

Up to then I had been coping with everything but I have to be honest and tell you caregiver fatigue is real and I was an emotional wreck towards the end. Anger, tears, frustration, more tears… every day. I turned to my perfumes for comfort and an attempt to smell something other than Mel’s mouth. I didn’t want to connect any favorite scents with watching my dog die so I used up samples during the daytime. I felt an odd sense of happiness with every empty vial. I was trying to do a “no buy” for other cosmetics as well and use things up. I think in retrospect I should have rewarded myself a bit more. I did eventually cave and buy a new lipstick. Or two. I always reach for incense in stressful times and Avignon and Cardinal were there for me as bedtime scents along with Baiser Vole which really works like an aromatherapy wonder on me. They’d take me to a happier place as I drifted off to sleep.

Watching that tumor grow was a constant reminder that some things are beyond our control. I now have an understanding of how a person can get diagnosed with cancer and die a few weeks later. I took photos of Mel 10 days apart and the change was scary. These things are aggressive and fast and there was nothing I could do to change it. Often, it’s that helpless feeling that tears you apart inside.

Meldrick the Whippet 1

The takeaway from this is if you’re caring for someone or something it IS hard and frustrating. It will wear you down if you’re not careful. Make time for yourself even if it’s just a few minutes before bedtime. Have a good cry if you need to. Treat yourself even if it’s just a cheap lipstick or perfume. Hug the ones you love. Find a way to hug yourself if there’s no one to hug you back.

Take care of yourselves my fragrant friends.


Milton-Lloyd Fragrances


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I recently received some fragrances from Milton-Lloyd. They are a UK based perfume company that specializes in good perfumes at great prices. In case you didn’t know it, I love a bargain. Sure, I have been known to spend a hefty amount on a bottle of juice but my heart sings when I find a good deal. I’m also not too snooty to think that only the expensive perfumes smell good. I’m also a fan of perfumes that remind me of other perfumes. Sometimes I like a scent but not enough to justify the price. If I find something similar for less I’m a happy girl.

Milton-Lloyd Fragrances

colour me pink Milton LloydMilton-Lloyd

Colour Me Pink PdT by Milton-Lloyd

Notes: white rose, almond blossom, lily, geranium, heliotrope, spice, vanilla, musk

Pink is a floral perfume that is incredibly soft on me. I’ve been wearing it as a bedtime scent because on my skin it’s just a subtle wash of fragrance. Your skin may react differently. It reminds me of those billowy vintage roses that smell of powder and spice but not really rose. I find it to be reminiscent of carnation probably from the lily and geranium notes. I do like this fragrance and the overall effect is like a bouquet rendered in watercolors. If you like perfumes on the soft side, think Pink.

Colour Me Purple Milton LloydMilton Lloyd

Colour Me Purple PdT by Milton-Lloyd

Notes: watery notes, bergamot, watermelon, violet, rose, jasmine, fruit, woods, vanilla, oakmoss, amber, patchouli

Purple is my least favorite of the bunch but Purple garnered quite a few compliments for me so I guess it smells better to everyone else. I like it but it isn’t love. It’s listed on the Milton-Lloyd site as a fruity chypre but to me it’s a watery, slightly sweet floral fruit-chouli. It’s not overly fruity surprisingly, and is a much more wearable perfume than a lot of others of this genre. Starts off a bit like an upscale shampoo but then settles into a pleasant floral. I couldn’t detect oakmoss. Smells like a lot of popular mainstream scents and the people I work with really liked it.

Colour Me Femme Gold Milton LloydMilton Lloyd

Colour Me Femme Gold PdT by Milton-Lloyd

Notes: citrus, neroli, raspberry, jasmine, lily, rose, caramel, honey, musk, patchouli

Femme Gold opens with a burst of juicy fruits then blooms with lily and jasmine. This one reminds me of another perfume but I can’t for the life of me think of which one it is. The name Femme Gold is fitting because all the notes are covered with golden honey and caramel. To my untrained nose it’s an oriental gourmand without a lot of spice. It is a bit sweet yet since it doesn’t smell like fruit salad I do like it. I’m a sucker for lilies too.

So tell me, have you tried any perfumes by Milton-Lloyd? Do you ever buy inexpensive perfumes or do you not even bother to sniff?


Coccobello by James Heeley for Heeley 2013


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It’s painfully cold out. I’m not going to say its freezing because we dropped below that about 30F degrees ago. The wind is making it feel worse but by the time you read this I will be slightly warmer I hope. I’ll be heading towards spring and you folks down under will be trying to hang on to your summer.

Coccobello by Heeley 2013

Coccobello by James Heeley

Coccobello James Heeley FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Palm leaf, gardenia
Heart: Coconut, sea salt, vanilla
Base: Virginia cedar, benzoin, sandalwood

I knew nothing of this scent when I received it in the mail. I glanced at the name and gave it a spray expecting something gourmand with either cocoa or coconut, something cozy to warm my heart. What I wasn’t expecting was a blast of green and saltiness. Oh sure, there’s some sweetness in there as well but instead of a warm fuzzy blanket, Coccobello is a trip to the beach.

Coccobello Heeley palm-leaf-background PublicDomainPublicDomain

Coccobello opens with the smell of crushed palm leaves. It’s potent and a bit harsh at first. Don’t go sticking your nose into it just yet or you might go running for the sink to wash. If you hate green notes the opening might be a little difficult but it doesn’t linger here for long before some other notes shine through. The coconut starts to emerge but it is also green and unsweetened. It’s not the coconut oozing with sugar that I’m used to smelling. There’s a faint gardenia note but it’s quite subdued and never enters big white floral territory. It adds sweetness but not in a sugary way. Now drench all that with salt water. I smell a hint of cedarwood as well. At no point do I think dessert, cocktails, or anything fruity which is the usual direction of beachy tropical perfumes.

Once my initial shock of it not being a sweet gourmand wore off I enjoyed Coccobello as a beach scent. As you wear it the perfume loses the sharpness of the palm note and takes on the aroma of sun warmed skin cooled by salty water. It calls to mind Bronze Goddess by Estée Lauder but Coccobello seems far more unisex to me. Guys, if you’re looking for a coconut scent that isn’t too girly this might be it. For those of you who find typical beach or tropical perfumes too sweet, fruity, flowery, or aquatic I think Coccobello might be worth a sniff. I will say again that that heavy green up front might be a deal breaker for quite a few folks. I know salt is also a love/hate note for a lot of you too. This is a grown up tropical scent and I think it deserves more attention than it gets but I can understand it will be challenging for some.

Coccobello Heeley tropical-beach skeeze PixabayPixabay

Coccobello reminds me of summer, suntan lotion, and the beach. Right now all of those things seem worlds away.

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What perfumes have you tried that were completely different from what you were expecting?