Christmas with Uncle Serge Lutens


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When people talk Christmas perfumes, Nuit de Noel always seems to come up. While lovely, I don’t think it smells the least bit like Christmas.

Enter Serge Lutens. He’s got your holiday moments bottled.

Christmas with Uncle Serge Lutens

Baby it’s cold outside. Spritz on L’eau Froide. This smells cold like a winter night. A night so chilly that it makes your nose burn so you pull your scarf up over your face and the smell of cold mixes with your warm breath and skin. Cool notes are balanced with pepper and ginger in this one.

Christmas decorationsPhoto Stolen Torange

On my skin Arabie smells like a traditional holiday candle. Or maybe potpourri. It’s warm with dried fruits and what I think of as mulling spices. I don’t really like wearing this but I do like smelling it if that makes sense. It doesn’t work on my skin but I love it on clothing and other people. If I had more than a sample I’d use it as a posh room spray.

Let’s deck the halls and put up the tree with Fille en Aiguilles. Quite possibly my favorite foresty scent. Pine needles, fir, and incense with a tiny touch of sweetness from the stewed fruits that Uncle Serge does so well. Reminiscent of a Christmas tree but the fruit notes and incense prevents it from smelling like an air freshener.

The tree’s up. Time for a cuppa. Five O’Clock au Gingembre is on the menu. Bergamot, ginger, and honey swirl together to warm you from the inside out. I don’t find this to be a true tea scent but rather more like tea time. Evokes the scent of spicy holiday tea blends that I can’t see to get enough of at this time of year.

Serge Lutens christmas-shaped-gingerbread-cookies FreeStockPhotosPhoto Stolen FreeStockPhotos

Love holiday baking? Break out the Jeux de Peau. Jam filled cookies, toasted yeasty bread with butter, syrupy fruitcakes… It’s like grandmas kitchen on steroids. Jeux de Peau starts buttery sweet but ends on a spicy note. It’s everything but the calories of the holiday dessert table.

We always went to midnight mass on Christmas and that’s what Amber Sultan makes me think of. It’s not really a churchy fragrance. It’s more about amber and spice notes. This reminds me of the swirl of perfumes that I’d smell in church. All the ladies wearing their very best for the holiday. A mix of fur coats, perfumes, and that undercurrent of incense that permeated the walls in every catholic church.

It’s late. The fire’s all but gone out and it’s getting chilly. Time to rest and dream about what Santa might bring you. How can you sleep with the clatter of reindeer on the roof? How about a little Gris Clair? This perfume has the scent of lavender and smokey notes. Not a light bedtime scent really, but with all the excitement and holiday stress you might need a big lavender.

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Surrender To Chance has all the Serge Lutens samples

What perfumes make you think of the holiday season?

A Merry and Fragrant Christmas to you all!

12 thoughts on “Christmas with Uncle Serge Lutens

  1. Heya Poodle,
    LOVE this. You may even have even pushed me to a triple spritz of Daim Blond.
    Portia xx


  2. Great post Poodle! I am so with you on Nuit de Noel. I will have an extra spritz of Ambre Sultan tonight. Thank you for the fun read. Sandra


  3. Hi Poodle,

    What a great post! You manage to put so many wonderful ideas into such a small space. Love it!

    I’ve been pondering this question too – scents that evoke the holidays. Anything related to evergreen trees will do it for me. I should be sniffing Fille en Aiguilles! Right now I am wearing a tiny bit of Atlas Cedar oil for health reasons. A couple of other perfumes that are tree-centric holiday reminders for me are Ellen Covey’s Wood Cut and Pirouette Essentials Wild Spruce and Tobacco. This latter is so versatile. It manages to be both cooling in summer and warming in winter (I can feel a post coming on…).

    Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season!

    Azar xx


    • Thanks for reading! Woodcut is wonderful! I think Blackbird would be good too although not for the trees but that juicy berry note reminds me of the cranberries and such that garnish a lot of dishes and decorations.
      I’m going to have to look for Wild Spruce and Tobacco. I bet I’d like it.


  4. Hi Poodle! Boudoir Vivienne Westwood makes me think of the holiday season. Maybe coriander, carnation and cardamom create this effect. But I like the smell from the bottle only and I don’t like it on my skin))


    • Funny you should mention Boudoir. I was considering a blind buy of it not too long ago. Isn’t it funny how some perfumes that we like we don’t like on us? I’ve given the puppy a little spritz of those now and then. She wears them better than I do.


  5. I enjoyed this post, Poodle. I was thinking about Christmas scent the other day and actually thought about Fille en Aiguilles would have been a great choice. Yes, “would have been”. I broke the decant bottle around this time last year and completely forgotten to replace it. I still remember the lovely smell on my work table for days… That definitely makes me think of the holiday season. 😉


    • I remember another blogger saying they had spilled their decant of Fille too. There are worse things one could spill. I have been wearing it quite a bit and was actually considering getting a backup bottle. It does smell very holiday but I really wear it year round.
      I hope you’re doing well Thinkingmagpie.


    • I really dont know. I have had two samples/decants of unknown vintages and both smelled the same to me but I didn’t smell it when it was first released so maybe someone else might chime in with an answer for you. Ambre Sultan reminds me a lot of Dior’s Mitzah actually. I haven’t put them wrist to wrist but each time I wear one I think of the other.


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