Cookie Queen in Vienna: December 2015: Photo Essay


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I have just returned from three days in one of my favourite cities. Time spent with my daughter and friends. Sniffing, shopping, eating delicious food.

Cookie Queen in Vienna: Photo Essay

December 2015

Vienna is a beautiful city, now uneasy and troubled. There is no way of ignoring the refugee crisis. Make no mistake, it is very uncomfortable.
Guerlain exchanged my broken bottle of Shalimar Extrait and I gave a man and his dog who found themselves having to beg, a little money. Perplexing.

Start with the Vienna Christmas Lights

Val Christmas lights #1

Val Christmas lights #2

Val Christmas lights #3

Val Christmas lights #4

Val Christmas lights #5

Val Christmas lights #6

Val Christmas lights #7

The Flower Shop in Stephanplatz

Flower shop Stephansplatz #1

Flower shop Stephansplatz #2

Flower shop Stephansplatz #3

Hannah: Blondes Wunder

Val  Hannah cunningly disguised as a student


Kiki: Vero ProfumoVal Kiki Vero Profumo


Neela Vermeire CreationsVal Neela Vermeire creations


DIOR HandbagVal DIOR HandbagInto the Vienna cobbled alleys

Val Vienna Alley


and churchVal Christmas Vienna


and refugeeVal Vienna Refudees

Good will to all

28 thoughts on “Cookie Queen in Vienna: December 2015: Photo Essay

  1. Hey there beautiful Val,
    I love this photo essay. You are getting me SO EXCITED! We’ll be in Vienna in 2 short months. UNBELIEVABLE!
    I’m surprised, no snow yet?
    Can’t wait to give you a big smooshy hug.
    Portia xx


    • Nope. No snow and no winter. Yet. maybe not at all. Who knows with the crazy weather patterns. I too am so looking forward to seeing you I cannot believe my luck. xxxxx


  2. Sorry to hear Vienna feels uncomfortable these days. That city has such a special place in my heart now. I hope the situation for all improves.

    I remember being stunned by the Christmas lights when B first posted pics of them and can see they’re still outstanding. I want to be there at this time of year one day.

    Hannah starts uni and looks immediately studious!


    • Hi Tara! It is very beautiful at Christmas, no question. As to whether it gets any better only time will tell. I think we are in it for the long haul. I see no immediate solution. 😦
      See you soon too!! xxx


  3. Absolutely stunning shots. The refugee one captures the Zeitgeist perfectly. He’s probably got all his worldly belongings in those bags. His adopting the brace position is a further poignant touch. Love Hannah’s glasses. Mine are currently broken and I cannot find any that suit.


  4. Beautiful Vienna.
    I miss being in these parts of Europe during the run up to Christmas and I hope that the New Year will bring some better ideas and more compassion for the refugees. Spirit of Christmas and all that…..


    • Hi Sabine. Yep I do love Christmas here. Although commercialized (unavoidable) it still has a beautiful peace around it that I find/found missing in the UK. That being said I do cover my tree with colored lights, so I guess a little tackiness remains!!! And yep – see you in January! xxx


  5. Thank you for sharing your trip, Val! Even though I know that Europe is absorbing an enormous amount of refugees right now, the situation seems so remote here in the US because we are so far away from their path. This was a poignant reminder that their lives are not so distant. Thank you.


    • Hello Daisy!! Christmas feels quite inappropriate this year. It feels remote in the village that I live but I know it is not. I have not been able to go into Germany my usual way over the last few months because of the blocks on the borders, causing long lines and waiting time. That really brings it home. So nice to see you here. I sniff my tonka beans very day. Bug hug. xxxxx


  6. Love your photo essay! Haven’t been to Vienna yet but that’s on my to do list. All the Christmas lights and cobbled streets… I can’t make to Vienna at the moment but I might go to Valencia to enjoy them. 😉
    I saw the massive refugee camp in Calais in France last month. It was a sad sight; people are living in an unbelievable condition…


    • I have never been to Spain and want to remedy that over the next couple of years. Warmer than Vienna! We can make plans March huh? xxxxxx


    • Lady Jane Grey,
      Could you please be available to meet in Feb? I keep coming back to meet you and you always are too busy.
      2016 please?
      Portia xx


    • Morning Anna maria. I sat there for about 10 minutes before I felt that it was acceptable to take a photograph. It touched me very deeply. Two worlds within one city. Them and us. I don´t care for it. xxx


      • Val,
        Anna-Maria is the girl meeting us in Vienna to go through Croatia & Italy. You’ll meet her in Feb.
        Portia xx


  7. I love Vienna and will visit it at Christmas time one day. Thank you for sharing the beauty with us.

    It would have been great if the World had been a better place for everybody – I just don’t know if it’s something that can be achieved.


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