No 4 Natalie by Milton Lloyd 2014


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Hello my Fume Friends!

Milton-Lloyd is a UK based fragrance company offering fine fragrances at affordable prices. They do not spend money on fancy packaging or advertising and claim to put the money in the juice. I received a few of their perfumes to sample and review and found them to be as good as higher priced mainstream scents. Today let’s chat about No.4.

No 4 Natalie by Milton Lloyd 2014

No 4 by Natalie Milton Lloyd FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Red berries, iris
Heart: Floral notes, cedar
Base: Amber, woodsy notes, vanilla

Natalie seemed okay on paper so I spritzed it on before heading out the door to work. It reminded me of La Vie est Belle and a bunch of other similar perfumes. It’s classified as an oriental floral but I think it’s too sweet for that.

The opening is bright and bursting with sugared berries and cherries. Yes, it’s sweet. I will admit my tolerance for sweetness increased this past winter. Perhaps I was seeking comfort foods in my perfume closet rather than in the kitchen. Anyway, it’s a big cloud of pink and purple artificially flavored cotton candy but as long as you don’t overspray its not as bad as it sounds. In a short while, floral notes appear and neutralize some of the sugars. Thankfully the iris is not that nasty, rooty iris of my nightmares but rather a powdery, floral iris. It’s difficult to pick out individual floral notes but they’re there creating a suggestion of flowers in the candy floss. The top notes linger and soften over time and the woody notes appear. The base is an ambery vanilla which is not nearly as sweet and dessert-like as the whole thing began.

No 4 by Natalie Milton Lloyd red-currant-sweet-and-sour-berries colourboxColourBox

The fact that I could still smell it after arriving at the office was a good sign. Many scents barely make the ride. Within minutes of getting in I received my first compliment on my scent. I had to agree I did smell pretty good. I’m also saying that that was my first compliment because I received a total of 4 compliments on my fragrance that day. That’s 4 in only 5 hours. That was on Friday. On Monday I wore it again and got 3 compliments.

Natalie probably won’t be a hit with the hardcore fumies since niche lovers want things a bit more challenging but I could see this being a popular alternative to higher priced department store scents. Regardless of how you feel about perfumes with sugared berries, sweet florals, and vanilla cream people seem to love this type of perfume and react positively to it. There’s nothing exotic or complicated here and I find it incredibly easy to wear. It would be great for a teen if you didn’t want to break the bank on a fragrance. Lasted for hours on my skin so on the average person I imagine it would be an all day scent.

No 4 by Natalie Milton Lloyd tpa pixabayPixabay

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Milton Lloyd has £14/83ml

What’s your most complimented scent lately?


11 thoughts on “No 4 Natalie by Milton Lloyd 2014

  1. Heya Poodle,
    A 4 compliment day is amazing. Sometimes the simple and inexpensive smell amazing, especially as you walk by. Quite regularly being told Britney Spears when I ask.
    Portia xx


    • I think Britney Spears is liked by a lot of people especially when they don’t know that’s what it is. I swear my least expensive scents are the ones that people notice most.


  2. Hi Poodle!

    I love it when I find something cheap and others enjoy it too! I also started gravitating towards some sweeter scents over the winter, and I’ve even been reaching for comfort scents this summer, too. It may be that I’ve become one of those older women who is bizarrely attracted to very “childish” stuff like glitter, so vanilla and cupcakes fit right in!
    A cheapie that I’ve been loving and that gets compliments is Demeter’s Honey which may replace my beloved Flower Show that I swear has been reformulated! I’m pissed and need to have a word with Demeter!

    Holly xo


    • Oh girlfriend, the more glitter and bling the better! I must admit that I’m the same way. Maybe we’re looking for a little bit of cheer too. The world is a wacky place lately.
      Demeter has some fun scents. I do like Honey. Sad to hear they changed your favorite. I wouldn’t have thought they would be culprits for reformulation. I don’t know why I thought that, I guess they all do it.


  3. While it sounds like a good buy, Natalie is a clear pass for me. It is everything I loathe starting with berries. My favorite cheapies are Bill Blass Black, Burberry Brit Rhythm (fie on all the lavender haters). Now I’m wearing Epic Woman, in between M. Milano, but I have to admit I do not get many compliments on Amouage or SL scents (my other addiction). I have received a few when I wear my Guerlains, esp. L’heure bleue. Oddly, one scent that I received compliments galore was my Versace Crystal Noir to which I was totally and completely anosmic. I sold it when it got to a half bottle because the pleasure was all other’s. Guerlain Ensens Mythique has been a compliment generator, and my beloved Vallee des Rois. But I wear the juice for myself. My fiance has no sense of smell or taste at all. So, he neither loves nor hates what I wear. It is quite nice to get stopped and asked what I’m wearing or complimented, but to me scent is my super power, accessory, and private pleasure too. Sometimes I don’t think my skin projects all that much.


    • Love Burberry Brit Rhythm. Good stuff. Isn’t it funny how the ones we love for ourselves don’t get noticed? How funny to get compliments on a perfume that you don’t even smell on yourself. I would have gotten rid of it too. Where’s the fun in that? I like to smell it. Like you, I wear it mostly for me and if others notice that’s great but not necessary for my enjoyment of it.


  4. Hey Poodle! Thanks for the great column about yet another inexpensive brand to discover, I love stuff like that. Have you tried any others from this range? DO tell!
    Lately it’s been Pure White Gardenia by Bodycology, a stellar gardenia scent that’s cheap as hell on Amazon! ($8.00 for a huge bottle). And since I’m wearing it almost daily, Boy by Chanel has gotten me a TON of compliments! Xoxo


    • Cheap is good sometimes. Cheap, good gardenia is even better.
      I did some mini reviews of 3 other scents by ML a while back which were nice. One I haven’t talked about yet is Summer Flowers which is a good dupe of Kenzo Flower but with a bit more flower, less powder, and more staying power. Dare I say, I prefer it to the Kenzo. Also, to my nose, Dark Kiss by Bath and Body Works is a reasonable substitute for an Angel wanna be.


  5. Hi Poodle!
    I enjoyed your previous post on the Milton LLoyd fragrances and this one too, of course!. Of those you’ve tried so far which one is your favorite in the line? There are so many it is hard to choose.
    Azar xxx


    • I like Summer Flowers because it smells like an amped up Kenzo Flower. Colour Me Pink was nice because it has a carnation-like spice to it. When the weather cools I’ll send you some samples. Hate mailing perfume in a heat wave.


  6. I’m looking for a Hermes Caleche smell a like…is there any fume junky friend with a good ‘nose’that can point me in the right direction


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