Shalimar EdC by Jaques Guerlain for Guerlain 1925


Val the Cookie Queen


Shalom APJ Shalimar Lovers!

I never had the slightest intention of writing about Shalimar. Suddenly I fell in love with the extrait last year and bought myself a bottle. Of course everyone said “ But the vintage is so much better, blah, blah, blah ….” Fingers in my ears, it might well be, I don´t care. Indeed I have a few drops of a vintage version which Portia kindly sent to me. Of course I LOVE it. Actually I was talking to Vero the other day about rare and vintage perfumes and the business they have become. I AM interested. Duh. But have no intentions of hunting old stuff down. Not prepared to pay the prices nor take the risk. I do own a couple of exquisite vintage fragrances but they came to me as gifts.

Amazon, eBay, Walgreens, Low Price Shoppers. No Shalimar Shame!

Shalimar EdC by Guerlain 1925 Val 2016

As I placed an order on Amazon a few weeks ago, an advertisement came up for Shalimar Eau de Cologne. Of course the NSA know all the perfumistas and stalk us by offering us Amazon perfume deals. This one was interesting though. I frantically Googled the EdC and came up with next to nothing. Except that it is only available through low price, super deal, bog standard drug stores and the big two, Amazon and eBay.

Shalimar EdC by Guerlain 1925 Val 2016 Geraniums

Thirty five euros including postage? Ordered. Nice bottle if nothing else. Shalimar was created as a tribute to the love story between Emperor Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal. After thirteen kids and dying in childbirth with the fourteenth, she left her husband devastated (but with enough offspring to take care of him I guess). He built the Taj Mahal in her memory but seriously, I guess we all know the story? Did you know Shalimar is named after the Gardens of Shalimar, Mumtaz´s favourite garden?

Shalimar EdC by Guerlain 1925

Shalimar EdC by Jaques Guerlain

Shalimar Eau De Cologne Guerlain FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, lemon, mandarin orange, cedar
Heart: Iris, patchouli, jasmine, vetiver, rose
Base: Leather, sandalwood, opoponax, civet, musk, vanilla, incense, Peru balsam, benzoin

It’s absolutely fantastic, Shalimar EdC. Gobsmacked to be honest. It knocks spots of the current EdP and EdT. It opens with a divinely cooling bergamot lemon zing, and I just want to drown in it. Delicious but not sweet. Iris and rose are there. Slightly smoky, leathery and a veil of such exquisite vanilla. Unlike the current EdP there is no patchouli in the base and it is all the better for it. Spraying it in abundance leaves you shimmering with Shalimar for hours. It has a lot in common with the current Shalimar Extrait, albeit a cologne with a the raunchy drydown. Absolutely fabulous.

Shalimar EdC by Guerlain 1925 Val 2016 Altmuenster Lake Austria

Shalimar EdC by Guerlain 1925 Val 2016 ViewThis is where Val lives, the view from her balcony

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FragranceNet has $50/75ml Before Coupon

Dislike Shalimar? Don´t bother. Nearly like it but not quite? Try the Shalimar EdC. Own the vintage version already? Tell me about it. This is hands down my favourite Shalimar and my take to the pool staple this year. Who would have thought of it?
Love Shalimar? Buy it.

Fourteen kids?

Aromatic Bussis

(Ed: Photos donated by Val. Thanks. XXOX)

32 thoughts on “Shalimar EdC by Jaques Guerlain for Guerlain 1925

  1. Wow, you are missing out on vintages. I have gotten vintage Caron, Guerlain, Dupres, etc for the same price as modern. And, it was worth it. The civet alone is worth it.


    • Hey Sabine! Do you have the EdC? Am I the only one who didn’t know about it? I could bath in it. I will order another one. See you soonish! Hugs. ❤️


  2. Hey there Val,
    Shalimar in any incarnation is alright by me. I especially love how this EdC wears. I think I’ll wear it tomorrow in your honour.
    Also, we need to organise a summer visit to Altmeunster.
    Portia xx


  3. I hope Amazon are ready for the stampede caused by your lemming-inducing post.
    I am in the “nearly but not quite” camp so am very tempted by this. I loved but never wore the edp, as you know, but can imagine the edc being more wearable for me. Plus the bottle is gorg and very vintage looking.
    I’m sure it’s superior but I can’t cope with the stress of vintage.


    • This is so much gorgeouser than the edp, you can hardly compare them. Absolutely wonderful. I do not believe for a second that vintage is automatically superior. I wonder if the EdC will be all gone when the discounters have sold out. I find no information saying that it is still being made. Weird. Bussis. ?


  4. Great buy Val! I have never encountered this version of Shalimar. Great perfumechoice for a summer day. Did you get this on the german amazon? Sandra xo


    • Welcome home Sandra! It is absolutely divine in the heat. Yep, German Amazon but I noticeit around on a lot of cheap sites, fluctuating in price, but all cheap. xxxxx


  5. Hi Val!

    I haven’t tried any iteration of Shalimar for years. I know I have samples of vintage floating in The Sample Sea, but a vague memory of an old-school medicinal cough-syrupy note that irked me is lurking in my brain. It’s good to know that you’ve found your Shalimar! Maybe the EdC will be the one for me…



    • Hello Holly! If you get the chance to try the EdC, then do. I would probably guess though that if it is in a bargain bin, there might be no tester. I couldn´t wear Shalimar for years, then suddenly ……… the joys of being a perfume addict huh! Lots of love Val xxxxxx


  6. Hi Val,
    I have several versions and ages of Shalimar. None were getting any air time at all until I noticed a comment you made a few weeks ago on APJ about the cologne. I took mine out (the one that looks exactly like yours) from the “let’s get rid of it” bin and gave it another try. I was surprised that I liked it. So I resurrected an older version of the same, in the same bottle but in a gold box with a white cap. Good too! What do you know! Lasts forever on clothing and blends well with just about anything else. It especially works with my super cheap Curve Kicks!
    Azar xxx


    • Hi Azar. I think all the cologne bottles are of the same style, but the boxes differ. Presumably according to the years when produced. I could find very little information on the cologne. It´s great when we rediscover something that we had given up on. Never say never. Love to B. Hugs from afar. xxxxxx


  7. So I am part of the Amazon (the German one) lemming stampede…this was on a ‘maybe when I find a good deal list’ for a while. Got it at the 35 euro and no shipping costs too. One of the regular commentors on BdJ always wears Shalimar EdC when she has a migraine, and as I suffer from those (thank heavens much less) I had an extra good reason. Medicinal! Thank you for reviewing!
    Did you ever review the latest Mona di Orio btw? I seem to remember you mentioning it after visiting the Esxence fair or I am mistaken?


    • Hahahahaha! Stampede? One never knows. I want order another bottle myself. As I mentioned, I have no clue if they are still making it or if these are leftovers, or if someone is brewing it up in a basement. I could well believe that the mind-blowing opening could relieve a headache, and then wrap you in a comforting haze of vanilla! I have not written about the MdO, but have plans to eventually. Bussis. xxxxxxxx


  8. Yes, yes, yes! I got my bottle of the Shalimar EdC at the local chain drugstore on sale. I had tried several times to like Shalimar at the department store perfume counter, both EdT and EdP, and it was just too heavy, too something. I just couldn’t like it, though I could appreciate its artistry. When I saw the new EdC on sale, I took the plunge. Wow! I finally love Shalimar! This is a great buy, imho, for a really enjoyable, quality fragrance with a great lineage.


    • Fantatsic! I have never even looked for perfume deals in drugstores, or the like. As I get older I start to widen my vision! I truly love the EdC, it´s like a new discovery. Who would have ever thought it? Amazon eh? Sometimes you just have to. Your blog is lovely btw – better late than never. So nice of you to drop by. Hugs. Val xxxxxx


  9. Shali was a “tough love” for me, until one day when it finally clicked and now I adore it! If you get a chance to try the new and simply named “Shalimar Cologne” that was released last year, do so! It’s a marvel of a classic summer-splash-kind-of-thingee, light and refreshing and absolutely addictive!


    • Hey Robert, nice to se you actively taking part. ? Hope you are feeling better. I have tried the new cologne but do not like it anywhere near as much as this EdC. It has too much of a patchouli drydown, similar to the current EdP. I prefer the extrait drydown, and the EdC is very similar. I remain gobsmacked. Massive hugs and love. Val xxxxxx


      • Much better, thanks Val! Now I have to do a comparison test with the edp and the edc, and honestly have never tried the extrait, but it’s now on my list, damn you! ? Thank god for good insurance, which will foot all the hospital bills AND the $28k helicopter ride! Leaves me some money for MORE perfume! Talk about an instant panacea! LOL! Xoxo


    • My very dear friend Dr Fox flies small planes, also when she is in Seattle, where her daughter lives. I know she would do you a much better deal on a helicopter. Similar enough to a plane huh? 😉


  10. Oh, I say, when you are smitten by something new we all sit up and take notice, as you are famously pingelig about your perfume!

    I was introduced to the Extrait by Liz M, and like that a lot, though I have to be in a Shalimar mood if you know what I mean. I have got samples of some of the lighter versions too, whose names escape me. Like Tara, for a long time I was in the ‘not quite there’ camp, partly because Shalimar seemed to be the lemon yin to Jicky’s lavender yang. And I do not like Jicky. But as with my tastes in so many styles of perfume, everything may be up for discussion.

    Lovely shots of your amazing view, and that ueber-memorable chest of drawers. 😉


    • If you are not quite there, but there is a bubbling under ability to love Shalimar, this might be the one. This is a sparkling interpretation. Although it is cologne, do not read that as weak and watery, it is anything but. I cannot wait to hear what LM thinks of it. And yes, my perfume chest is something I love and enjoy every single day. 🙂 xxxxxx


  11. You are a hazard to my pocketbook. I’m trying to resist buying this. I have some vintage which I never wear because once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. I had forgotten I had it because it’s not stored with the rest of my perfumes. Ugh… I love cheap and fabulous and this is both. Why do you torment me like this?


    • Poodle dearheart, I am not tormenting you at all. Although on saying that, if you do love Shalimar then I can see that you might see it this way. It was a gamble that paid off beyond all expectations and I just had to tell you. Next time you are in Walgreen´s or somewhere similar, have a look! Hugs. xxxx


  12. Shalimar Souffle is the only version I’ve been able to truly love with this classic scent – but I do love it. Ready to try the EdC…


  13. Hi Val, lovely review. I haven’t tried any of the older versions of Shalimar EdC, but I’ve been thinking of purchasing a small bottle of the current version. I like it. I have a bottle (2011) of the EDT, Shalimar is one of my first true loves.

    I have a few vintages, but only select ones. Luckily no bad experiences. 🙂

    xxx Tina G


  14. Exactly what Tara said! What a lemming post, and those should not be allowed 😉
    I’m definitely in the nearly but not quite there (yet), and it so bothers me because I should LOVE Shalimar; it’s an oriental, no it’s THE oriental, it’s leather it’s Guerlain! I know I’ll get it at some point. Perhaps with a bit of EdC?


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