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On my recent European travels I visited Krigler at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski, Berlin, located on the glorious boulevard of Unter de Linden. Unter mean ‘under’ and it is a reference to the majestic linden trees which line both sides of the road. The scent of linden flowers is reportedly deeply honeyed, and the dried flower is used as a tea. Apparently the young leaves of the linden tree and the seeds are also edible (according to the internet, so it must be true). My Berlin trip was in May, late spring, so I missed the flourish of little yellow blooms.

schone-linden-05-krigler TinaG #3

schone-linden-05-krigler TinaG #2

schone-linden-05-krigler TinaG #1

The sales assistant at Krigler was amazingly helpful & patient while this little desperately jet-lagged Aussie stumbled through the range. I picked up a few samples, one of which I thought was appropriate souvenir for my time in Berlin called Schöne Linden 05. (Schöne = beautiful). The suffixed digits in Krigler’s fragrance names refer to the year they were released. Schöne Linden was launched in celebration of the opening of their first store in Berlin in 1905, hence the “05”.

Schöne Linden 05 by Krigler 1905

Schöne Linden 05 Krigler ParfumoParfumo

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Violet Leaf, Mimosa, Lilac
Heart: Tuberose, Gardenia, Linden
Base: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Carnation

The opening of this fragrance is a beautifully balanced bouquet of spring flowers. I’m impressed by the softness of a powdery lilac which is underpinned by a green violet accord. This is struck through with a “yellow” floral note and surrounded by a fleshy gardenia and watery tuberose, the last two flowers ensuring that the fragrance has a full and lush sillage. I was lucky enough to come across loads of lilac in flower when in Germany and it is fabulous. I lingered passing every bush I encountered filling my nostrils with the sweet scent and thoroughly enjoying the blooms. So gorgeous.

schone-linden-05-krigler TinaG #6

schone-linden-05-krigler TinaG #7

schone-linden-05-krigler TinaG #5

Over the first 1.5 hours both the gardenia and tuberose become creamy but stay out of heavy indole territory, and I’m picking up an almond accord. ‘Lush’ is still the word which comes to mind. I feel like I’ve put on a diaphanous floral wrap that extends around me for at least a metre. Walking away from, and back into a room, the fragrance has lingered. It is warm and welcoming.

The part of this fragrance that I enjoy the most is the dry down – after 4 hours I get a thick, sticky honey note with a touch of sandalwood and a prism of green sparkling through. My skin amplifies sweetness, and I love honey as a basenote, so there are a couple of big wins for me here. The honey effect lasts for ages, I could still pick it up on my skin overnight.

schone-linden-05-krigler TinaG #4

Krigler has $245/50ml
Krigler sell samples US$18/2ml and do ship to Australia.

I was frustrated with the sample spray. Perhaps I got a faulty one but it leaked when spraying and I ended up with wet fingers. My tests were all mixes of sprays and dabs because of this. Lucky I liked it!

What is your favourite spring floral fragrance?

Till next time,
Tina G xx

(Ed: All photos donated by TinaG. Thanks, they’re lovely. XXXX)

17 thoughts on “Schöne Linden 05 by Krigler 1905

  1. Oh what a lovely bottle this is in. I have only heard the name Krigler. That’s as far as it goes. It sounds beautiful. I like linden and honey. Dunno about spring florals. I don’t have any though, unless Chamade counts?
    Great pics. Hugs. Val ❤️


  2. The Krigler sounds fabulous and I will have to try this. For now La Chasse aux Papillons by L’Artisan Parfumeur is my favourite springtime scent and has linden blossom.


    • Hi KatieSlat,
      La Chasse aux Papillons has linden? I’ll have to hunt down my sample & try!! Thanks! 🙂
      Tina G xx


    • Hi Poodle,
      Sounds like fun, they’ve got a great range. Maybe a decision for a future NY trip? 😉
      Thanks for dropping by.
      Tina G xx


  3. I tried this one and liked it. I’m not sure that I liked it enough to go for a bottle, but it was very pleasant.

    As a floral fan, I have many favorites in this genre – Jo Malone French Lime Blossom (also linden scent), Penhaligon’s Ostara, Dior Diorissimo – to name a few.


    • Hi Undina,
      Oh my gosh, I really enjoy Ostara! It’s a great daffodil. They are just starting to flowers here… Yay for spring.

      I’ll have to try the Jo Malone, I have easy access to them in Sydney City. And I have a fairly big knowledge gap when it comes to some of the feminine Diors. I’ll check out Diorissimo. Lovely. Thanks!

      Tina G xx


  4. Beautiful photos, Tina!
    I have a lovely soliflore lilac that I use in springtime only. It has long been discontinued but I still like it a lot. I use Sweet Anthems’s Lolita in the springtime, Diorissimo too.
    Azar xx


    • Hi Azar!
      Oh that’s two votes for Diorissimo. It’s on the list. And a soliflore lilac…. Gosh how gorgeous. What is its name? Although… Discontinued…. Boooo.
      xx Tina G


  5. Oh this sounds just how a spring floral should be, Tina. I have a gap in my collection for something in this category. I like to wear Champaca by Ormonde Jayne at springtime but it’s more of a green floral. Zeta by Tauer put me off linden because I found it urinous. Should try another one though.


    • Hey Tara!
      I really enjoyed wearing this one. The honey note in the linden was a joy, and I’m a fan of gardenia & tuberose, both of which were quite big in this but well done. I’ll have a think about other bouquet florals and maybe we can work out a to-try list. I think I’d like to find a good wisteria, too, if one exists….
      xx Tina G


  6. Oh, I had no idea they had all the Kriglers in Berlin, how exciting. There are several from the line I should like to test, definitely Schöne Linden would be amongst those as I love the scent of linden. My favourite is April Aromatics’ Unter den Linden. Thanks for the review.


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