Pink Sugar Sensual by Aqualina 2009


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Definition of Sensual: of or arousing gratification of the senses and physical, especially sexual, pleasure

I always think Pink Sugar is one of those perfumes whose target audience is the younger crowd, I’m talking tweens and teens. It seems odd to me to have a flanker called Sensual for that demographic but hey, what do I know?

Pink Sugar Sensual by Aqualina 2009

Pink Sugar Sensual Aquolina FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Black currant, tangerine, bergamot
Heart: Orange blossom, jasmine petals, tiare
Base: Vanilla, black sugar, sandalwood

I do know that the original Pink Sugar is a guilty pleasure for a lot of you. You’ve got a bottle or maybe a rollerball hidden on your perfume shelf and you never tell anyone about it for fear that’ll revoke your perfumista card. I received Pink Sugar Sensual as a gift. I like the original but don’t own it. I had hopes for Pink Sugar Sensual as being more grown up and less candy floss but my idea of sensual is not what this perfume is.

Bright, juicy sugar crusted mandarins, oranges, clementines…pick any orange citrus fruit. It’s in here. Citrus isn’t sensual to me but let’s see where this goes.

Not very far actually. The citrus and some other fruity notes linger a bit. It’s sweet and I don’t think there’s much that’s natural in this bottle so to sniff my skin up close it’s a bit harsh to me. Better to sniff from a safe distance. It’s not bad just not something I’d want to cuddle up with.

Pink Sugar Sensual by Aquolina Sugar_cubes WikiMediaWikiMedia

I know there are floral notes because the list tells me there are but honestly all I get is fruit. Eventually the vanilla becomes noticeable and tempers the juiciness. I don’t smell the licorice which others have mentioned in other reviews. I’m assuming that’s what the black sugar note might be but I really have to force myself to find any licorice.

I know I’m not making a strong case for this one. It’s really not terrible but in my opinion the original is more sensual than Sensual. If you’re looking for a sweet citrusy scent that is cheap and cheerful give this one a try. If you’ve got a fruity perfume like one of the Britney Spears or Taylor Swift perfumes you probably don’t need this. I’ll also add that at no point during wearing this do I feel sensual or want to writhe around on the floor in my unmentionables like the model in the ad. I’m sure the husband would be thrilled if it worked like that. Sadly, as I’m writing this I’m in my pajamas, bathrobe, and slippers, none of which match, and I’m not feeling the least bit sexy or sensual. Warm and comfy? Yes. Sensual? Not so much. We both agree that at least I smell reasonably good compared to some other things I’ve sampled recently.

Pink Sugar Sensual by Aquolina Greyerbaby FlickrPixabay

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FragranceNet has $28/100ml before Coupon

Have you tried this? Do you like Pink Sugar? Confess. I won’t judge.


10 thoughts on “Pink Sugar Sensual by Aqualina 2009

  1. Definitely one I will skip. I don’t have Pink Sugar as perfume but I will say I am addicted to Pink Sugar as a home fragrance. Weird right? Even weirder…. It smells incredible blended with peppermint. It puts me to bed every night.


    • I could totally see it as a home fragrance, even a candle maybe. I like sweet and foody scents for that. I think it would be great as a sleep scent too. I prefer the original Pink Sugar I think.


  2. I can’t tolerate anything else in this line but…uh…I have a bottle of Gold Sugar that I love to layer with spice scents. It adds an ambery overtone and a bit of sweetness. Thus layered, the Malle room spray Russian Nights becomes a lovely spice perfume.


    • I love finding good perfumes that layer well. I almost bought Gold but I thought Sensual would be more, well, sensual. I think Gold was more of what I was hoping for from the sounds of it.


  3. Hi Poodle,
    What a fun review! To answer your question – I have nothing to confess, at least regarding any of the Pink Sugars. But I’m not ashamed to admit that I do use several other fragrances that are aimed at the “immature” market. I find them a refreshing relief from pretension. Who wants to be so serious and oh so “in the know” all of the time anyway?
    Azar xx


    • There’s a lot to be said for cheap and cheerful perfumes. I agree that it’s nice to just smell good and not be challenged by your perfume. I love perfumes that take me on a journey but there are plenty of times where I just want to spray and get on with my life and maybe catch a pleasant whiff of it now and then.


  4. Hi Poodle! I never tried any of the Pink Sugars, but I’m glad to know that writhing is not mandatory when sampling. It certainly does get exhausting, doesn’t it? Especially when one lives alone and the elastic in the writhe-worthy unmentionables has desiccated. Not pleasant.
    I’ve only recently started to like dessert-like scents, although I can’t refer to them as “gourmands”. I got a free sample of Spiced Hot Cocoa from Nocturne Alchemy and that did it. Then I bought some elcheapo stuff from Demeter like Dark Chocolate (Black Forest cake) and Devil’s Food (milk chocolate cupcake frosting. I suspect in my dotage that I am regressing, and I am well on my way to being a bonafide Red Hat lady. I could be found at Ulta just last week eyeing glitter eyeshadow.


    • Holly, you are too funny! The closest I come to writhing is the other day I slipped on the slush outside and was laughing so hard I couldn’t get up again because I kept slipping.
      Chocolate is a weakness of mine too. I love a good chocolate note in perfume. Demeter have some great scents actually. No shame there.
      I think being close to Red Hat status means its perfectly acceptable to start wearing glitter shadows again. You are never too old to have fun, especially with makeup.


  5. I smelled blue sugar and hated it. Later when I saw the prices of it on ebay once it had been disctonued, i was shocked. It’s popularity really baffles me. I find nothing appealing from name to perfume to packaging. I mean what kind of name blue sugar, pink sugar is. What is next, blue salt, white sale, blue pepper, white pepper 🙂


    • I don’t quote understand the popularity either. For the most part it’s inexpensive but there are far better perfumes out there that can be found at good prices too. I didn’t know there was a Blue one. The ones I’ve tried are pleasant enough but I wouldn’t pay much for any of them.


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