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Mum´s in Vienna with Portia today so you are stuck with me.

Favourite Frags

Currently I use about five perfumes. Anymore than that and i couldn’t make a decision of what to use each morning/evening. Before i started to care about perfume, I clearly remember my Mom buying a Bvlgari perfume and thinking how ridiculous it was to spend that much money on a bottle of “smell good”. Does anyone really care about how you smell?!

Well how wrong I was! Several years later I fell down the rabbit hole. Perfume is for me first!
It’s not only the smell, it is the story and feeling that comes with it.

I prefer to use perfumes in cooler weather and so wear more in the winter season.

Right now I sport:

La Fille de Berlin Serge Lutens Fragrantica

Serge Lutens. La Fille de Berlin

Vero Profumo. Rubj Extrait

Chanel N°5 Eau Premiere Chanel fragranticaFragrantica

Chanel. Eau Premiere No 5

Elixir Charnel Gourmand Coquin Guerlain FragranticaFragrantica

Guerlain. Gourmande Coquin

Neela Vermeire Creations. Pichola

Lolita Lempicka de Lolita Lempicka (I have very little left, does anyone have some for me? I have been through five bottles since I was 14 years old. It was my first perfume.)

MAC Ed Schipul MAC makeup FlickrFlickr

Chasing Dreams

My dream since childhood is to work with makeup. A few weeks ago Sandra from Vienna took me into a MAC store and made me ask if they were hiring people. I got a business card.

To my surprise they called a week later and invited me to their recruitment day in Vienna. I was asked to bring my own model and brushes. I was the only unqualified person out of seven.

Within a week I received a call offering me a full-time job in the stand alone MAC store in Salzburg. Needless to say I burst into tears.

Blondes Wunder Jan 2016Blondes Wunder by Val

I am beyond excited and of course a little nervous, I can not believe they chose me!

I will keep you updated.

Love xoxo BlondesWunder

24 thoughts on “Perfume Favourites & Chasing Dreams

    • thanks a lot 🙂
      i am working in a blog about my first month working here. what i have experienced and so on 🙂 so you will have a furth look into the makeup world. 🙂


  1. Of course they hired you! MAC know talent when they see it and you are meant for Big Things. Wow, to beat 6 qualified make-up artists is really something though.

    I can imagine all your perfume picks suiting you wonderfully. I adore La Fille de Berlin and can imagine Pichola being beautiful on you.


  2. Love your fragrance selections, BlondesWunder!
    And how exciting about your new MAC gig!! Do you remember which perfume, if any, you were wearing for the interview?
    Azar xx


    • they are the best ?? love every single one of them.

      hm…i am pretty sure it was SL!! because i know i can wear it when i’m nervous without getting sick from it ?


  3. Wow congratulations on the hire! That’s such great news – way to follow your dreams! I haven’t tried many of your favorites, but I do love La Fille de Berlin.


  4. Congratulations! That was really brave of you to talk to them and go to the interview, and I hope it is as awesome as it sounds 🙂 Keep us updated!!


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