Une Nuit a Bali: Fragrance + Dry Oil


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Hello APJ! If you haven’t heard about the French beauty company Une Nuit á Bali, I’d like to give you a quick overview teaser of two of their products.

Une Nuit a Bali

I was intrigued by Une Nuit á Bali when I read a ÇaFleureBon review from the Esxence exhibition, March 2015. The products sounded lush and lovely, so I checked out their website and ordered sample packs of their 100% natural body products and testers of three of their fragrances – Fleur de Fleurs, Mr. Vetiver, and Suma Oriental.

Une Nuit a Bali: Fleur de Fleurs

Une Nuit a Bali Fleur de Fleurs FragranticaFragrantica

Une Nuit á Bali gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, saffron, grapefruit
Heart: Floral Jasmine, ylang-ylang, tuberose, glycine
Base: Benzoin Tears, sandalwood, vanilla, amber, oud wood

Fleur de Fleurs opens with a warm fresh jasmine and ylang-ylang, with a touch of milky tuberose and wispy citrus. Silage is a metre or more at this stage and it has garnered compliments from co-workers. As it settles the ylang-ylang becomes increasingly indolic and thicker. It reminds me of a summer day, when the humidity is high and wind absent, when thick blooming floral fragrances pool into invisible scented clouds.

At 2 hours the florals very gently and seductively meld together, the citrus notes retreat to reveal subtle dry woods with hints of amber and vanilla. Over the next few hours the fragrance softly fades leaving a sensual woody skin scent.

Une Nuit a Bali the-dry-body-oil Une Nuit a BaliUne Nuit á Bali

Une Nuit a Bali: The Dry Oil (L’Huile Sèche)

This dry oil is stunning. The jasmine note in this is so realistic. It is not simply ‘jasmine”, but very specifically, I clearly get the image in my head of the green moist jasmine stamen in the centre of the flower, and it is beautiful and exciting. The oil itself is easy to apply, soaks straight in, and does not leave any residue. The scent softens after about ½ hour and I find more of a ‘frangipani’ scent on my skin.

I’ve since discovered selected products of this range are available in Australia through Mecca Cosmetica online but there isn’t much opportunity for testing in store. If you were interested in testing, try the Une Nuit á Bali website. I found ordering samples through the web site very easy, reasonably priced, quick and they were thoughtfully presented.

Fleur des Fleurs Une Nuit a BaliUne Nuit á Bali

Have you ever brought a fragrance product after reading a review? What did you pick up?

Tina G xx

10 thoughts on “Une Nuit a Bali: Fragrance + Dry Oil

  1. Hey Tina!

    Lovely to see you. These sounds perfect for summer in Oz. I love a dry oil and this jasmine one sounds pretty special. I made a body cream using jasmine absolute once and it was gorgeous (if I do say so myself). There’s nothing like the real thing. Totally intoxicating.

    Most recently I got the Elemental Herbology set of mini bath oils after Lisa Eldridge vlogged about them. There’s one for each of the five elements and they’re great.


    • Hi Tara! Oh wow, I love the sound of your body cream, sounds fun and delicious. Yes these two are perfect for summer, and are well suited to Sydney’s humidity.

      Oh, I’ve not heard of that set – off to check out the vlog now! 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by.

      Tina G xx


    • Hey Portia, It is really fun to be back. I’ve got about five articles half written ‘cos there’s so many great new and vintage frags crossing my radar at the moment. Missing you heaps – have a wonderful time in Vienna.

      Lots of Love
      Tina G xx


  2. Fleur des Fleurs sounds lovely! I’m already feeling the first little pulls of the floral cravings I get every spring even though it’s far from spring here… Ylang is the flower I usually crave the most, there is just something about the sweet, narcotic, lush scent of it! And I have yet to find a perfume that completely satisfies my ylang cravings…

    I bought my first Slumberhouse sample pack based on some reviews on Memory of Scent and Smellythoughts. I think it was the latter reviews that really enticed me to buy the sample pack. (I searched, but that whole blog is gone… :¨( ) I just HAD TO HAVE IT! I remember how impossible it was for me to temper the craving. So I ordered the sample pack and, as they say, the rest is history. Slumberhouse is my absolute favorite house! I have ten bottles of Slumberhouse in my collection now and I’m ever collecting more, like a demented magpie! 😀


    • Hi LaDomna,

      Oh, yay… welcome to spring, and I love that first hint of it around even before it’s showing. Enjoy the change of seasons. Ylang Ylang is great, isn’t it – so lush. You know I’ve never tried and essential oil of Ylang, nor hunted down a solifore. May be the right time of year to expand my knowledge a bit.

      Slumberhouse! Fabulous – I only know a few of their fragrances but I have just ordered a sample set of theirs. Can’t wait. Frustrating that there are so many that I now can’t get easy access to… But that’s the way the fragrance cycle goes.

      Tina G xx


    • Hi Nemo,

      The packaging was carefully thought out – each of the fragrances (Fleur de Fleurs, Mr. Vetiver, and Suma Oriental) had their own hand-drawn / printed card with some details of the notes and story of the fragrance, and each of the body care items were individually bagged & carded. Was very fun to receive. 🙂

      Tina xx


  3. Hi Tina, back in the day I used to make blind purchases all the time based on online reviews. These days, I have to be more discerning. Une Nuit de Bali sounds very much like a fragrance house I’d enjoy. Thanks for introducing it to us!


    • Hi Willa, I do try not to blind-purchase, but I stil do… Not often bottles though, luckily. I’ve jumped on a few sample-wagons recently though. I’m not sure I have an off-switch, I’m just too curious.

      Keep an eye out for Une Nuit a Bali in Mecca, they seem to have different items in their displays each time I go in.

      Hope to see you again soon!

      Tina G xx


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