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I have been lucky enough to travel to the U.K. this December and as part of that trip I stopped over in Singapore. Although I would tell anyone this was to try and avoid the jet lag and to break up the ridiculous flight (and that is true,) the other part of the reason is because Singapore has such diverse and numerous shops, especially in the beauty department!

AF Beauty Travels to Singapore

Laneige cushion foundation

For a while, I have had my eye on the Korean brand Laneige, they are well known for their cushion foundation, but I had had such an average experience with the Lancôme version of the same, that I wasn’t sure that I wanted to risk spending money on the Laneige version – but I was enticed into the store when I saw their beauty app on their iPad in store.

It is called Beauty Mirror. It’s probably the best version of this sort of app I’ve ever seen, it does actually work like you’re applying makeup realistically, so much so that I probably thought I looked relatively decent by the time I finished, but really that was just what I’d “applied” In the app!! I was very impressed how accurate the colours were and how realistically they applied to my photo. I’d feel a lot more comfortable to take the risk to order colour specific items online with this app. The downside of the app (depending on your location or willingness to create another iTunes account) is that I’ve only found the app in the Korean iTunes Store. Still, I will probably make the effort to get it if I want to order more Laneige products.

Anyway, back to the actual goodies, after having a okay with the app I estimated the best colour foundation for me and asked the SA for some help. She offered me a slightly different colour, based on the fact that my skin is Caucasian as opposed to Asian, but reverted back to the original app recommendation which was a perfect match. They offer the same shades in three different formulations and she led me down the path of getting the anti ageing version, which I read as, “Lady you look old!”

Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream_EX

Anyway, insults aside, I have being using the product now for about a week, have used it as regular morning makeup and after the gym and both have been very successful. The coverage is considerably better than the Lancôme version I previously tried and I feel I could wear it comfortably without powder for a more natural look, or add powder for something more long lasting and set. That SA did advise me that the anti ageing version had more coverage than the original version, so perhaps that is part of the better outcome here.

Overall I’m super pleased I took the gamble on the product and now better understand the hype around these products. I’m planning to do some research on other Laneige products so I’m better prepared for my next travels and will know what to stock up on!

What are your key travel purchases?? Being perfumistas, do you even have time to browse the other items in duty free or are you caught only by what’s on offer in the perfume aisle?!!

4 thoughts on “AF Beauty Travels to Singapore

  1. Hi AF Beauty,

    Sounds like a good find! I’ve bookmarked Laneige so I can check out their products in more detail. I wonder if I can access the Korean iTunes store… what a great idea for an app.

    And to answer your question, I only tend to look for perfume and alcohol in duty free – I really should broaden my field of view!

    Tina G xx


  2. Hi AF,

    These days I rarely travel too far afield and when I do it seems I never have time to shop en route. That being said, I just have to comment on the Leneige BB cushion.

    I recently found this product and, after a false start on shade matching (#21 and #23 don’t work for me), I finally zeroed in on the simple “medium” shade offered here in the States. ( I certainly could have used that Beauty Mirror app!) Unfortunately Leneige doesn’t seem to make the “medium” color in anti-aging, but the look and feel of the formulation I have is pretty much perfect. I love it.

    I have also tried the Sulwahsoo and Missha M cushions and prefer Leneige. Thank you for another great write-up!

    Azar xx


    • Hey Azar, how did you get on with Sulwashoo? That’s another I’ve seen available in Singapore, but not here in Australia.

      I have just travelled through Singapore again, no time to shop in earnest, so bought some more Laneige on the plane, look out for a review shortly – I’m trying the Water Sleeping Mask. I wish they sold Laneige in Australia – it’s killing me that these great products are so far away!


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