Day to Day Perfumes (My Dailies)


Kate Apted


Hey there, APJers!

I had to go to trade school for 3 years as part of my apprenticeship. The guys in my class were the best thing about my time as an apprentice. They would talk about their cars, but more specifically, their dailies. It is their short hand for the cars they use on a daily basis; the ones they don’t invest lots of time and money in as a hobby, but are functional and reliable.

Day to Day Perfumes (My Dailies)

I have a selection of scents I call my dailies. I can wear these at any time, to any place and I know they will work. They are beautiful and well loved in their own right, yet I know I can call on them without having to worry about my emotional attachment (or lack of) to them. They provide a sweet ride without maintenance or expectation.


Photo by Kate Apted of her favourite daily fumes.

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Aventus For Her by Creed 2016


Post by Ainslie Walker


Hey fellow fragrant fanatics!

Have you ever tried NOT to fall in love? Perhaps we all have at some point in our lives; when we meet a kitten or puppy that we can’t keep for ourselves…or the obvious no-no: someone else’s partner. We fragrant fiends do this with perfume. Times you have zero spare money and you read about a fragrance that sounds PERFECT for you…when you enter a boutique, see a new brand and start sniffing, knowing full well you already own enough fragrant juices to fill a medium sized kids pool!

As I opened recently released Aventus For Her, THIS is what came to mind:

Aventus ‘disciples’ forever discuss the “panty dropping” aka sexually captivating nature of Creed’s Aventus. Mimicking wine-vintage buffs they discuss various batch codes being superior to others. To be honest I’ve never ‘got it.’ Released in 2010, Aventus is reported to be the best selling fragrance in Creed’s 250-year history. I find it a bit to macho for my liking, so my knickers remain up in its presence.

Is Aventus For Her cashing in on the aura surrounding its male counterpart and if so is that really so bad?…could it become as legendary?

Aventus For Her by Creed 2016

Wicked Games – Aventus For Her

Aventus for Her Creed FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Patchouli, green apple, bergamot, lemon, pink pepper, violet
Heart: Mysore sandalwood, rose, musk, styrax
Base: Peach, black currant, lilac, ylang-ylang, amber

On first whiff in Sydney’s Harold’s I recognised a watery green apple note I’ve enjoyed in Creed’s Aqua Originale Geranium Vetiver. I then waited for the infamous pineapple note Aventus is famous for. It didn’t come, yet the hairs in my olfactory system were standing to attention. Sweet yet fresh, I wanted to sniff again, a guilty pleasure…I was hoping not to fall in love. Light, fruity and playful were my first thoughts as I rushed out of the shopping centre.

Today I poured a small manufactures decant on my wrists, chest and a blotter and found myself engulfed in a nice feminine, fruit cloud for the initial hour or so which then turned sweeter to peach and rose, yet remained fresh and quite unisex. Somewhere amongst the first hour or so there was a flutter of powdery goodness. Finally all the ingredients settle into a lovely balanced composition, which then stays pleasantly linear for the rest of the wear.

Aventus for Her CREED Reid_Robert_Lewis_Girl_with_Flowers WikiCommonsWikiCommons

Where would I wear it? Daytime picnic. The Office. A boardroom meeting. A job interview. Seasons? Summer and spring. A nice scent for someone who’s just had a baby or has small children. Would I wear it on a date? I don’t think so – it’s pretty but not sexy or distinctive enough. Outfit? Jeans and blouse, maybe a little tom-boyish/masculine clothes or a cutesy cotton floral dress (girlie) with Dr Martin ankle boots (rock n roll). There’s innocence to this scent alongside a sense of strength.

To celebrate women and the launch of Aventus For Her, Creed has donated $25,000 to “Because I Am Girl”. A charity that empowers supports and educates young girls with programs addressing mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, raising standards in how girls treat themselves, each other and the world.

Aventus for Her CREED Floral Fabric Megan FlickrFlickr

Further reading: Colognoisseur
Libertine Parfumerie has $465/75ml
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $3/0.5ml

Overall I give it a thumbs up and will definitely wear it some more as the weather warms up. Have you tried it yet? How did you go?

Until next time, Ainslie XX

Zaha Hadid Architects – City of Dreams Hotel Tower Macau

Hey Y’All,

This is TOTALLY off topic. Here is a short video on how to make almost every other building built before look dated, retro and bland. From the woman who brought you the Cinese Changsha Meixihu International Culture & Arts Centre, the German BMW Central Building, the Taiwanese Guggenheim Museum and MANY others.

Zaha_hadid WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Zaha_hadid Galaxy SOHO - Iwan Baan FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

Zaha Hadid - New National Stadium Japan Competition Proposal 02 Japan Sport Council FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

cn_image.size.donna-karan-01-woman-bottlePhoto Stolen ArchitecturalDigest
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Melita points out below that Zaha Hadid also designed the Donna Karan Woman bottle. A lovely piece of art on its own.

Zaha Hadid is the first woman and first Muslim to win the Pritzker Architecture Prize. Wait till you see the gorgeous Hotel she has designed for Macau.

Portia xx

Zaha Hadid Architects - City of Dreams Hotel Tower Macau Casino_Lights WikipediaMacau Photo Stolen Wikipedia

Zaha Hadid Architects – City of Dreams Hotel Tower Macau

Afghan Woman Harvesting Orange Blossoms


Guest Post by Jordan River


Hey there Perfume Junkies,

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Following on from FeralJasmine’s story this week about Afghanistan Orange Blossom and the Jordan River, from The Fragrant Man, story about The Noble Rose: another of The 7 Virtues Beauty Inc. World changing economics in action through fragrance.
Portia xx

Afghan Woman Harvesting Orange Blossoms

In response to Ellen Covey’s comment on Make Perfume not War

Barb Stegemann from The 7 Virtues has supplied this photo of one of the women employed on this project.


Afghan woman harvesting orange blossoms for the perfume Afghanistan Orange Blossom by The 7 Virtues.
Her name is Rose Petals in the local language.

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